How to dress for a wedding for a man: ideas for a stylish look

A wedding is not only a solemn, but also an important day. At such a formal event, everything must be perfect. This primarily concerns the appearance of both the bride and groom. Looking your best is an important goal for newlyweds on their long-awaited wedding day. Moreover, in this case, every piece of clothing plays a role. Let's look at how to choose a men's shirt for this significant event to look perfect. After all, the overall impression of the groom’s appearance will depend on the shirt.

Material for a wedding shirt

First of all, when purchasing a shirt for the groom, you need to pay attention to the quality of the fabric. It should be made from natural materials such as cotton. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy an expensive shirt from famous designers. It is quite possible to choose high-quality and beautiful clothes in the mid-price range that will make a good impression on others.

At the same time, you shouldn’t save too much on buying a shirt. In any case, purchasing such a versatile piece of clothing will pay off in the future. After all, the shirt can be worn not only to a wedding, but also to other special events, as well as important business meetings.

Superstitions and signs

Lately the forum has become full of threads on the topic of superstitions. I just came across such a collection.

SIGNS Guests are not allowed to wear black to a wedding. The last night before the wedding, the bride and groom must spend separately. When the groom takes the bride from her parents' house, he should never look back. The bride should not allow her friends to stand in front of her in front of the mirror, so that they do not take her loved one away. Giving a photo before the wedding means separation. Sweeping the table with your hand means the husband (wife) will be bald (oh). The husband needs to sleep a lot before the wedding - sleep his cross-eyed wife. Sitting on the corner of the table means not getting married for seven years. Knitting any clothes for your lover before the wedding is a sign of betrayal and separation. A bride looking in the mirror in her wedding dress means minor troubles. Crossing the threshold, crossing the path of the bride and groom means trouble and a quarrel between the spouses. Whoever (the bride or groom) crosses the threshold of the house first will be the head of the family. Washing the threshold in the house after the bride leaves means that the bride will soon return to her parents (the breakdown of the marriage). If the groom cuts his hair on the eve of the wedding or wedding, the children will be sick. You can't get married on a leap year.

Wedding omens related to the registry office: It is a bad omen to take a walk before going to the registry office. After the ransom and before the registry office, no one should pass between the bride and groom, so their clothes are secured with a pin. The parents of the bride and groom should not be present at the registry office. The more confusing the road that the young people travel, the happier their family life will be. In ancient times, “wedding trains” chose the most winding paths to the church.

Wedding signs associated with witnesses: If the witnesses at the wedding are divorced, this means the newlyweds will divorce. If the witnesses are married, it is also unfortunate. If one witness is married to another, the witnesses' marriage will break up.

Wedding signs associated with wedding rings: Wedding rings must certainly be smooth (classic), and not pretentious, with stones, notches - then the life of the newlyweds will be smooth. Losing a wedding ring means the breakdown of a marriage, separation. Letting someone try on a wedding ring means an unhappy fate. After the couple has exchanged rings, the bride should not take the empty box. It must be given to the young girl present at the wedding. According to the existing belief, the one who takes the box from under the wedding rings will marry next. If you want a stone to decorate your ring, remember: a ruby ​​means passionate love, an emerald means tender love, and a diamond means long-lasting love.

Wedding signs related to jewelry: You cannot wear pearls to a wedding. This brings the bride to tears. You can't wear jewelry to a wedding, you have to wear costume jewelry. You cannot wear rings other than the engagement ring on your wedding day.

Wedding signs associated with the bride's dress: They say that the bride's dress should be just a dress, and not a corset with a skirt, otherwise there will be a separate life. The bride's dress should be white. The groom should not see the bride's dress before the wedding. You cannot sell a wedding dress. It must be kept throughout your life so that the marriage does not break up. The bride should not wear her wedding dress over her legs, but only over her head. It is not recommended to rent a dress or buy a used one. Save now and you will stay out of debt for the rest of your life. The dress must be new. On the hem of the dress, the bride should make several stitches with blue threads to protect against the evil eye.

Wedding signs associated with the color of the bride's dress: White dress is a symbol of God's Grace. Silver (gray) dress - short-term marriage. A red dress is a conflict marriage. A blue dress means a quick cooling of the spouses. Blue dress - the husband will have mistresses. A green dress is a moneyless marriage. Yellow dress - they will live exactly six years. The color of gold is a rich marriage. Brown dress - they will share what they earn. Black dress - early to be widowed. Pink dress - long lasting love.

Wedding signs associated with the color of the groom's suit: Black suit - marriage for love. A gray suit means a hasty marriage, but mostly a long one. White suit - the groom will suffer. A blue suit means your husband will cheat. Blue suit - squabbles over money. A green suit is a waste of people's laughter. A red suit signifies the groom's short life. A brown suit is a strict husband.

Wedding signs associated with other elements of clothing: Getting married in a hat means divorce. Getting married in a short veil means sick children. Getting married without a veil means suffering and deception. If the groom is wearing a bow tie, he will cheat.

Wedding signs related to shoes: If the groom is wearing boots, he will fight. If the groom wears gray, light or white shoes, he will have fragile health and a short life. You can't get married in sandals - life will be barefoot. If a heel breaks on your wedding day, family life will be “lame.”

Wedding signs associated with gifts: It is not customary to give forks, spoons and knives as gifts for a wedding. Such a gift is considered a bad omen. Roses, especially red ones, should not be given as a wedding gift.

Wedding signs associated with a wedding: If the bride puts on a wedding dress before the wedding, the wedding will not take place. (Russian sign). It was believed: if you put on a dress, you get married. No one should cross the path of the bride and groom going to the wedding. Whoever's candle burns out faster during the wedding will die first. If the bride, standing under the aisle, drops her scarf, it means that her husband will die and she will be a widow. If you accidentally drop your wedding ring before putting it on your finger, this means separation. A suddenly extinguished wedding candle foreshadows a difficult life in marriage or an early death.

Wedding omens related to the day or time of the wedding: Getting married on the 13th is a bad omen. Marriages concluded in the afternoon are considered more successful. In order to be happy in marriage, the bride must cry on her wedding day. Rain or snow on your wedding day is fortunate.

Wedding omens associated with the months: January - early to become a widower. February - living in harmony. March - living on someone else's side. April - enjoy varying success. May - see betrayal in your own home. Or else, toil. June - the honeymoon will last a lifetime. July - to preserve sweet and sour memories of your life. August - the husband will be both a lover and a friend. September is a quiet and calm life. October - life will be hard and difficult. November is a very rich month. December - the stars of love will shine brighter and brighter every year.

Types and styles of men's shirts

Men's shirts for weddings come in the following types and styles:

  • classic (fitted or straight cut);
  • with or without a shirtfront;
  • with cuffs for cufflinks or with buttons.

The choice of shirt is determined only by the personal taste wishes of the groom. However, it should be remembered that if you prefer a shirt with cuffs under cufflinks, the length of its sleeves should be approximately 2-3 cm below the sleeves of the jacket. This is necessary so that the cufflinks themselves can be seen. As for the bib shirt, it is usually worn with a bow tie.

Classic wedding

Many newlyweds prefer to have a traditional wedding. Ransom, loaf, photos with city sights and, of course, the predominance of white in clothes. If you are a classic lover, then be sure to find a white shirt.

It would seem that it could be easier? This item of white clothing is sold everywhere in huge quantities. The main problem is finding a snow-white shirt, and this is the color you need to look good. Often they come in dirty shades, looking washed out or worn. You also need to decide on the cut, choose tapered or straight.

Nowadays, beige colors are also considered classic, but white is considered traditional. Paired with a black tuxedo, a snow-white shirt looks incredible.

Shirt collar

Particular attention should be paid to the collar of the shirt. How to determine its size? There should be a small gap (about 1 cm) between the neck and the collar. It is necessary that it fits the neck, but not too tightly. In addition, it is best to choose a shirt with a not very wide and fairly high collar, since then it will be easier to choose a tie to match it.

It should be noted that the choice of collar for a wedding shirt depends on whether the groom is wearing a regular tie or a bow tie. The most common types in this case are:

  • Stand collar. This is perhaps the most successful option when choosing a bow tie. This collar will perfectly complement not only a classic suit or tuxedo, but even a tailcoat.
  • Kent collar. This species is distinguished by its moderate size, medium-sized neck and deferred pointed edges. A Kent collar will look great with a tie.
  • Shark collar. Its distinctive feature is that the ends are spread in different directions. Moreover, the shark collar goes perfectly with a classic tie, a bow tie, and even a plastron.

Basic selection rules

A wedding is a formal event, and it has rules, in particular a dress code. Here are some of the guidelines to follow when choosing a shirt:

  • it must match the size;
  • the groom should feel comfortable in it;
  • its ideal size is considered to be one in which the distance between the collar and neck is 1 centimeter;
  • the collar should be high, but not wide, then it will be easier to choose a suitable tie;
  • choose long sleeves; short ones are not suitable for a wedding event;
  • cuffs should protrude 1-2 cm from the jacket;
  • the material of the shirt should not wrinkle much;
  • the color palette of the entire suit is sure to match the bride’s outfit;
  • its color must match the suit;
  • Despite the fact that the color of the jacket, trousers and shirt may be the same, their shades should be different.

Using these simple rules, you will choose the perfect wedding shirt for yourself, feel comfortable and look perfect.

Wedding shirt color

Until recently, grooms' shirts were exclusively white. This is due to the fact that this color scheme is considered neutral and almost all shades are suitable for it. However, modern fashion trends offer consumers a wide choice of different colors. Now you can choose a shirt that will match the shade of the bride's dress (for example, blue, red or cream) or certain elements of its decoration. In addition, in some cases, a shirt can become an effective addition to the future wife’s bouquet (peach, pink, purple, etc.).

The easiest option is to choose a shirt to match your wedding suit. The only main thing is that all items of clothing do not merge with each other. You should choose a shirt that is darker or lighter than the jacket and trousers, but in no case the same color. Shades of pink and blue will perfectly match the color schemes of the same group. But we must not forget about contrast - different colors of the same tone. It is important to note that a classic white or light shirt requires a brighter suit (gray, blue, black). Contrasts are welcome! In this case, the image will turn out to be truly festive and very solemn.

Another important point that you need to pay special attention to. Be careful with designs and patterns on wedding shirts. Stylists recommend not to get carried away with such options, since they are difficult to combine, which can result in a tasteless look. The exception in this case is light shirts with pinstripes, which have recently become especially popular for weddings. In addition, you should not choose shirts with pockets. They make the shirt less formal and more suitable for everyday wear.

When choosing additional items of clothing, the groom should take into account the color of the shirt and jacket. You should not give preference to ties that are several tones different from the shirt. This can disrupt the overall harmony of the style.

Complementing the groom's image

The groom's outfit will not look complete if you do not pay attention to small details and accessories, such as suspenders, tie, boutonniere, cufflinks and even socks.

Accessories and decorative elements

The tie can be long, short or in the form of a “butterfly”. It is selected in contrast to the main color of the outfit, while it can stand out with original patterns.

The boutonniere is not chosen to match the suit; this element should be contrasting and attract attention, the same applies to the handkerchief in the breast pocket.

Large flowers are suitable for shirts in light colors, and colored outfits are complemented with small flowers.

Suspenders are original in their appearance, but they must match the tone of the tie without straying from the overall color scheme. They are diluted with original connectors in the form of hearts and other geometric shapes.

Which hairstyle should you choose?

Considering the lightness of the image of the groom in a shirt, you can pay more attention to the hairstyle. Styled hair, a neat mustache and even a beard look good with this outfit, drawing more attention to the groom’s personality and creating a “gentlemanly” image.

Wedding shoes – the right type of shoes for a wedding

Shoes should be quite formal for such a celebration.
The best choice for such formal events would be black oxfords. Shoes should have the simplest shape with a minimum number of stitches and decorations. It is better that the top with laces for the laces is closed at the bottom, like Oxford shoes. This gives the shoe a simple and elegant shape.

In summer, you can optionally wear classic, elegant moccasins, so-called penny loafers made of smooth leather. Suede would be too informal for the occasion. Black shoes are considered best for formal occasions. They go with navy blue and gray trousers, which are the colors we usually choose for weddings.

Brown shoes are a risky choice and some people consider it inappropriate. On the other hand, if we are already choosing a less formal wardrobe, for example with beige chinos or light gray ones, then black shoes will not work. Don't forget to polish your shoes thoroughly. The tips and heels should be well polished. By working a little on the gloss, add shine to the entire stylization.

When is a blue suit appropriate?

In order for the groom's blue suit to look impressive and harmonious, it is important not only that it fits perfectly on the groom's figure, but also that it is selected taking into account many factors:

  1. The blue color suits and pleases you - the main and basic rule! If you rarely wore blue things before your wedding, then you shouldn’t even start, it means it’s simply not your color. Don't forget to ask the bride if she likes the color blue, so as not to give her an unpleasant surprise at the reception!
  2. If you decide to organize a classic celebration or wedding in blue, then, of course, the ideal option for the groom will be a blue wedding suit.
  3. If the bride's image contains blue elements, for example, shoes or a belt on a dress. You will get a beautiful and interesting color tandem!

Stylized models

A classic blue wedding suit always attracts attention. This elegant outfit is suitable for a ceremony in a retro, modern or vintage style.

Lavender jackets and loose trousers made of crushed linen are suitable for the festive Provence style. Fashionable wine ceremonies require special paraphernalia and allow the use of exquisite fig-colored tuxedos, complemented by a wine-colored tie.

For a wedding in a rustic style, a stripped-down ensemble based on blue trousers, a blue vest and a mustard or sand jacket is acceptable.

Today, romantic wedding ceremonies in the style of wanderings and travel are welcomed. A mandatory attribute of such a celebration will be costumes, complemented by practical accessories - scarves, wristwatches and bags resembling suitcases.

Signs for the groom after the wedding

Even after being married and having lived for a year, you shouldn’t relax. There are certain signs that are worth knowing about even after the marriage registration or wedding is completed.

  • To live happily with his chosen one, a man must carry her in his arms into his home. However, if they have already lived in this house or apartment, then the sign will not work, and therefore it is worth thinking about a hotel room or a rented apartment

When planning a wedding, lovers dream of a friendly and strong family, love for centuries and a life of abundance. Alas, sometimes these dreams are shattered by the realities of life. Of course, family happiness depends on the spouses themselves, but why not listen to wedding signs and superstitions, especially those that prophesy harmony in the family.

The groom is much less worried about the upcoming celebration than the bride, so wedding signs and superstitions related to it. But in order to avoid serious problems in the future, to maintain love and mutual understanding, it is necessary to pay attention to superstitions. This does not mean that you need to be completely obsessed with observing traditions; the main thing here is to celebrate calmly, with a pure soul and bright thoughts, so that the holiday will be remembered for a long time, and the memories will warm you in difficult moments.

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