Beautiful wedding hairstyles with veil, photos and features

The wedding veil is probably the most important symbol of a wedding dress; without it, the image looks boring and unfinished. The veil is considered not only a symbol of purity and purity, but also a talisman against evil spirits and the evil eye. Today, the modern generation does not believe in signs and prejudices, however, the veil is still popular in wedding fashion. A veil suits all girls without exception, as long as you need to choose the right hairstyle for your face type and dress style. Wedding hairstyles with a veil emphasize the gentle, sweet and aristocratic image of the bride.

Features of bride's hairstyles with a veil

A hairstyle with a veil will help make the bride's image even more perfect. True, there is a danger that styling in combination with a veil will look too complicated and cumbersome. In addition, this hairstyle is quite difficult to do: sometimes it takes more than an hour and a half to create. In order not to make a mistake with styling, you need to know a few nuances, as well as navigate the types of this accessory.

Types of veils

  • Single-tier
    This is the most laconic simple veil. Classic hairstyles suit her: curls, loose hair, and everyone’s favorite low buns.
  • Two-tiered
    Usually chosen for a fluffy crinoline dress. Combines with curled curls, Hollywood-style hairstyles, as well as hairstyles using a tiara.
  • Multi-tiered
    A very long and luxurious veil, which is most often used during weddings. Goes well with complex styling and weaving.
  • Short
    Brides choose this type of veil for a laconic dress or baby-dollar style outfits. Miniature veils and nets are suitable for retro-style hairstyles, as well as for short haircuts.

How to choose a veil for the bride's face type and figure

  • Girls with a round face
    should choose a smooth short veil. The styling should be high to visually elongate the proportions.
  • For those with a square face shape,
    it is best to pay attention to a fairly long veil - no shorter than the elbows. The hairstyle should be voluminous and feminine: curls or lush curls.

  • Most wedding hairstyles and accessories suit women with oval and triangular faces However, do not forget that massive volumetric styling is still contraindicated for you.
  • For those with wide hips and a voluminous lower body,
    it is better to choose a short, fluffy veil. It will make the silhouette more harmonious.
  • Lush breasts and a protruding tummy
    are best disguised with a long translucent veil.
  • Plus size girls
    should choose laconic options of the minimum size - mesh or veils - as a voluminous veil visually expands the figure.
  • Petite brides
    can opt for a medium-length veil, as this accessory can visually slightly reduce their height.
  • If you have wide shoulders
    , then it is better to choose a veil that is elbow-length or lower.
  • Never wear a veil to a length that you don't think is ideal
    . A hip-length veil is contraindicated for curvy hips. The same goes for the waistline or bust.

How to choose a veil for different hair lengths?

  • Long
    With long flowing hair, the longest veil looks ideal - very feminine and luxurious.
  • Medium
    Hair of medium length goes well with models made in absolutely any style.
  • Short
    To create
    wedding hairstyles for short hair, it is better to choose miniature veils or do without a veil altogether, replacing it with a spectacular comb or a beautiful hairpin with floral motifs.
  • With bangs With this type of hairstyle, open options that are attached to the back of the head or on a bun look best.

How to beat bangs

Formal hairstyles go well with bangs of various shapes - long, short, straight, asymmetrical or choppy. Such styling has virtually no restrictions, harmoniously combined with loose or collected curls. The bangs can be straightened with an iron, beautifully laid to one side, braided, or formed into charming waves in a retro style. In addition, bangs help to make facial features more harmonious if the forehead is too high or low.

Long bangs are divided into two parts and neatly laid on the sides. Oblique bangs on one side in a wedding hairstyle.

Advice! When styling your bangs, do not forget to pay attention to the shape of your face, as bangs can significantly correct existing imperfections. For example, the ideal solution for girls with a round face would be an asymmetrical bang, combed to one side, while those with a rectangular face shape are advised to take care of a sufficient amount of bangs.

The bangs can be combed away from the face, fixed with hairspray and decorated with a stylish wedding decoration or flower. But such decoration should be approached with caution if you decide to use a veil. In this case, flowers or hairpins can make the hairstyle look “overloaded.”

Wedding hairstyle with straight bangs

How to choose a hairstyle for a veil?

The most important thing when choosing a veil and hairstyle is to focus on the dress itself. Only after purchasing a wedding dress can you think through the remaining details of the image.

For a tight outfit

A medium-length veil is suitable, which, in turn, goes well with bob haircuts or curled shoulder-length curls.
A floor-length wedding veil
is usually chosen for long dresses without a train. The hairstyle in this case should be as simple as possible: a low bun or slightly curled short strands.

Tip: in addition to the design of the veil and the type of hairstyle, do not forget to also coordinate the makeup and other details with the overall appearance: jewelry, shoes and accessories.

Lush veil 2021 photo fashion news

Beautiful, curvy, but not very long, shown in the Oscar de la Renta catwalk. The master knows a lot about feminine elegance, combining it with real elite chic. A veil pulled down over the face and covering the upper half of the body goes very well with a bustier dress that exposes the shoulders. In addition, its edge is designed in such a way that the veil creates the effect of soft, voluminous flounces, which are incredibly popular in 2022.

A long, voluminous veil that falls below the waist is secured at the top of the head, and a stunning fashion composition is pulled over the forehead. It is based on a decorative flower, which is decorated with a large short mesh and thin veil material, also whipped into a beautiful flower. Only a brave bride who is not afraid to become the center of attention at her wedding would dare to wear such a veil. Of course, such an original lush veil requires a very simple dress with a smooth texture and a minimum of jewelry.

The collections of fashion designers miraculously combine the short length of the veil, the absence of additional jewelry, but at the same time an even more shocking accessory. This is due to the way it is worn, which makes the veil look airy, fluffed up like a cloud. She covers her face and decorates her hair with voluminous thin tulle, which at the same time gracefully hides underneath. Such a lush veil should be combined with a dress of identical fabric texture.

How to attach a veil to your hair

Depending on the type of veil, there are several options for attaching it to the hairstyle. For example, a mantilla

- a wide and long veil with lace or pearls - has the appearance of a cape and simply covers the bride’s head.
A classic veil
can be sewn to a special comb, which is most often used to decorate buns and various types of weaving.
In addition, the veil can be secured using bobby pins . They can be used to secure an accessory if the bride preferred loose curls and decoration in the form of a tiara.


The first thing that is important to remember: the veil must match the wedding dress in texture, color, style, and decorative elements. The accessory can be decorated with rhinestones, beads, lace ribbons, beautiful embroidery or braid.
A veil embroidered with pearls looks rich. Typically, an important element of the bride’s image is made of nylon, crepe de Chine, thin lace or organza. Second: when adding a veil to your hair, don’t forget that it draws attention to the face, so the makeup should be perfect and match the image, and the face should be fresh and clean.
Interesting! In ancient times, it was believed that a veil protected the bride from the evil eye.
Now it's just a cute and elegant detail of a wedding look. The variety of wedding veil models is not limited to traditional options. Every year more and more unusual and interesting models appear. For example, a mantilla, a pirate veil or an accessory in the form of a hood.

Wedding hairstyle with veil and long flowing hair

One of the most popular and relatively simple types of wedding hairstyle is loose hair. They are given a romantic and feminine look with the help of a styler: the ends are curled and lightly combed on the top for a volume effect. In addition, most often this hairstyle is secured with elegant hairpins or bobby pins.

With loose hair, a cape veil, a classic veil gathered at the base, and a veil on the comb look great. The length of the accessory is selected in accordance with the length of the curls: the veil must completely cover them. The only exceptions are retro style options - veils and hats with mesh.

When choosing a veil, a modern bride takes into account the following:

  1. Length of the veil. It is selected according to the style of the dress, modern trends and, of course, comfort, because if there is an outdoor wedding ceremony or outdoor celebration, then a long veil will quickly tear and get dirty, and will only get in the way.
  1. Wedding hairstyle. Not every hairstyle will look good with one type of wedding veil or another: one model is designed to completely hide the hair, so a full hairstyle will be inappropriate; The bride's other veil is attached under the hairstyle, so it should be more flowing and not fluffy, so as not to distract attention from the hair.
  1. The style of the veil and its compatibility with the dress. Long flowing dresses will be complemented by a long veil or a waist-length veil. But with short or tight-fitting wedding dresses, a short fluffy veil or a wedding hat with a veil will look great.

Wedding hairstyle ideas with veil and tied up hair


Low and relaxed or high and tight, the choice of bun style depends solely on the design of the wedding dress.

For any option, a veil with lace or a smooth medium-length veil is perfect. In addition, you should follow the rule: the more magnificent and spectacular the veil, the easier the styling.

Weaving and braids

The weave goes well with almost any laconic veil. For wedding hairstyles, you can choose a French braid, a fishtail, a basket, as well as buns with complex weaving.

We select a veil depending on the type of face and figure

There are several basic recommendations that a girl should consider when choosing a headdress for her wedding dress. You need to really look at your shortcomings and body features.

Then you can choose the ideal option:

  1. For ladies with square features, a voluminous hairstyle and a shoulder-length veil are suitable. The material is soft and lightweight.
  2. those with a round face , a piece of jewelry that slightly covers the face along the cheek line is suitable. This will narrow the lines of the face.
  3. A wide and curvy accessory will suit those with a narrow face .
  4. Those with oval features are luckier. They give complete freedom of choice.
  5. Long clothing will help hide extra pounds and make your appearance more elegant and sophisticated.
  6. To narrow the hip line , the veil should end at the level of the elbows or fingers.
  7. The choice depends on height . If the girl is short, then it is recommended to choose a short and single-layer model. For tall brides, long ones with openwork ribbons and various laces are suitable.

A correctly selected image will create the necessary mystery and emphasize the solemnity of the event.

Recommends watching the video:

Romantic wedding hairstyles with veil and jewelry

With flowers

This type of decor usually involves an outfit and overall look in the rustic or boho-chic styles that are popular today. A romantic look can be easily created using light waves or hairstyles with braided elements. The key detail of the look will be a wreath of flowers or a decoration in the form of a bud - both options go well with a veil of any length. Floral motifs look especially beautiful in versions with small lace details.

With a diadem or tiara

An option for real princesses is a hairstyle with curls or a lush bun, decorated with a sparkling tiara. For inspiration, you can turn to the outfits of Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and other royals.

Hair styling options with a tiara go well with a long lace veil and train.

Fashion trends 2022

Every bride wants to be not just beautiful, but also a fashionable, modern girl. Therefore, at a wedding, more than anywhere else, it is important to choose an outfit and hairstyle based on the trends of the latest season. Only a lady who follows the trends of the last year can become the main character at her ball. And for the bride this is a must.

This season there is a special focus on individuality. There are a huge number of fashionable styling options; you should choose what suits the created area of ​​beauty, femininity and elegance.

The hit of 2022 is the long mantilla veil, which has a lace frame. In this case, the best option is a high bun. It gives the appearance of sophistication and aristocracy. The newlywed will be the center of attention and the habits of a countess or lady from high society will not interfere.

The element in the form of a cap is popular. Loose, romantic, airy curls are suitable for him.

A common occurrence this season is to replace the classics with a beautiful wreath of fresh flowers.

A wedding day is not just a celebration. One of the brightest moments in a person's life. The weaker sex wants to look as beautiful as possible, everything should look perfect. Every strand of hair and fold radiates solemnity and elegance.

A complete formal appearance in such a situation depends on minor details. When visiting the hairdresser the day before, you need to choose a hairstyle that will completely transform your face and make the newlywed a model of grace and radiance.

This can be done like this:

Wedding hairstyles with long veils


Eternal classics - lush curls, spectacular Hollywood-style curls or bohemian waves - in combination with a long floor-length veil, it looks simply incomparable!

Especially if your choice fell on a dress with lace trim.

Greek style

Complex hairstyles in the Greek style with braiding and additional extensions are best combined with the simplest smooth veil.

Tip: don’t overload your wedding look with additional details!

Short veil 2021 photo new options

A single-layer short veil lends itself to many different wedding hairstyles. It goes well with both tall, smooth hairstyles and those based on curls. And if you have long hair, you can use various weaves. A single-tier veil goes well with a less airy dress.

But a two-tiered short veil will go well with a fluffy dress. It adds volume to the hairstyle, and therefore a fluffy skirt is a great addition. But the main thing here is not to overload your hair; curled curls will look good. A two-tiered veil is suitable for a wedding ceremony, where one tier can be thrown over the face, the other tier will cover the hair.

A three-tiered veil is suitable for those who want to create a truly royal look. Because this version of a multi-tiered veil is combined with luxurious dresses, and here the wedding hairstyle should be appropriate. You can use curls, weaves, and curls on your hair.

Stylish wedding hairstyles with a short veil

With fleece

With a graceful short veil, it's easy to create cute and charming retro looks. Loose hair with a backcomb on the top, a babette in the spirit of Brigitte Bardot and grandiose volume in the style of the 80s will look especially impressive.


A simple and beloved hairstyle can look very feminine and romantic. If desired, the master will create an elegant hair bow on the head, use double-sided weaving, or beautifully arrange the hair along the parting.

Veil style.

The veil can be one, two or multi-layered. If each layer has its own length, then the veil is called cascading. If you want to attract attention to your hairstyle, you should choose a simple, single-layer bride's veil. This veil looks gentle, and for a ballroom silhouette, the “length to the fingertips” is ideal. A cascade veil is good for girls who are significantly shorter than their chosen ones; otherwise, such a choice will not be in favor of the bride. If the chosen veil for a tall and slender bride is quite voluminous, it should be under the hairstyle itself to preserve the romance of the image.

Brides who want to cover their face need a two-layer veil. If its assembly is done in the center, it is called “Angel Wings”, along the fold line it is called a pouf veil. In order not to look ridiculous, you need to remember that either the veil or the dress should be fluffy, just one, but not both. Otherwise, the bride will become like a snowdrift. For dresses with close-fitting silhouettes, you need a flowing veil, for ballroom dresses, a simple one.

Original wedding hairstyles with veil and bangs


Various types of ponytails go well with straight or oblique bangs. For the best effect, ask your hair stylist to slightly curl the tip of your ponytail with a curling iron.


If you want to create a boho bridal look, then a braided headband or French braid is your option. The most important thing is that the bangs look thick, but at the same time a little careless.

Stylist tips for styling

When creating a wedding hairstyle with a veil, do not forget to use strong hold products. You will have to wear this hairstyle for most of the day, perhaps not without changing outfits, which means that the veil will have to be removed in such a way as not to spoil the overall look.

SalonSecret experts recommend the following products for perfect wedding hair:

  • Extra-strong fixation spray varnish Extra Full Freezing Spray, Matrix Leaves no traces or residue on the hair, dries very quickly, and therefore is ideal for fixing hairstyles on a special day.
  • Extra-strong hold modeling spray for hair Shape Maker, Matrix What’s good is that after application, the hairstyle can be remodeled and changed throughout the day. Plus, the spray creates texture on the hair, which is great for creating curls.
  • Full Volume Extra Mousse, L'Oréal Professionnel To create stunning root volume. At the same time, the styling turns out to be flexible and natural - not a hint of glued curls!
  • Spray Quick Tease 15, Redken An indispensable assistant when creating complex hairstyles using backcombing. The styling retains its volume and hold throughout the day.

Methods of attaching a veil.

There are several ways to attach a veil. The choice depends on the shape of the neckline and hairstyle. A multi-layer veil is often attached above the hairstyle, and a single-layer one - under it. However, the main thing is how it suits the bride best. For girls with round faces, the hairstyle method is suitable, as it will visually elongate the oval and slim the figure. If the girl is taller than the chosen one, then in order to appear shorter, the veil should also be attached under her hair. For a Greek-style outfit, this method of attachment is ideal. It is also worth using it for those brides who, until the last moment, cannot decide whether they need a veil: in this case, attaching it under the hair will make the veil invisible, and it will not irritate the girl.

The veil can simply lie on the hair, attached with invisible pins. For girls with short hair, it is possible to fasten it in the Spanish style, with ribbons. Then the attachment point must be masked with varnish, a comb, a hairpin or a flower from the bride’s bouquet. A veil has always been considered an indispensable attribute of the bride. She failed to remain a fashionable headdress at all times, for example, the last century boldly replaced the veil with hats and veils, but the current century has returned it to the status of the main decoration, because fashion is cyclical. At prom, a girl strives to look like a princess, so why shouldn’t she look like a real queen at her own wedding? And a carefully thought out outfit, a veil and a happy smile shining on the bride’s face will help with this.

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