11th wedding anniversary

In the old days, a husband and wife in Rus' were considered true spouses if they lived in happiness and harmony for all 11 years. Only in this case could they be said to have gone through fire, water, and copper pipes. The eleventh wedding anniversary is called steel. This is a very strong metal, symbolizing the strength and inviolability of the union. Steel itself is not very attractive, but even despite this, it can be transformed after processing, attract attention and become bright and shiny. The union of spouses, like this metal, becomes more beautiful and stronger when the wife and husband go through all the tests prepared for them by fate together, hand in hand.

By this time, the family usually manages to have children and their own house or apartment. A steel wedding, according to tradition, means renewal, so all new purchases, rearrangement of furniture, and interior decoration are welcomed. You can even make repairs or reconstruction for this holiday.

This wedding anniversary is celebrated in different ways: you can have a themed celebration, or a traditional one. The original design of the wedding will be metal products on the table, as well as accessories that have a metallic color or shade. They go well with any other colors - turquoise, orange, white, blue, green, burgundy. The room can be decorated with balloons, garlands, fabric, original compositions of contrasting colors, and any retro items that suit the spirit of this amazing holiday.

All guests invited to the celebration strive to choose a pleasant or useful, functional or cool, desirable or attractive gift for the spouses. On this day, you can give not only themed gifts made of steel, but also any other gifts in this color:

  • glasses;
  • cutlery set;
  • candlesticks;
  • a set of frying pans;
  • silverware;
  • photo frame;
  • modular picture;
  • set of teapots;
  • metal horseshoe;
  • fridge;
  • action camera;
  • monopod;
  • training apparatus.

Now in modern stores you can easily find a gift suitable for spouses: from a TV to figurines decorating the interior, the main thing is to know the preferences of the married couple and take into account the things or devices they already have.

Gift for husband

What to give your husband for his 11th wedding anniversary? The gift should be symbolic and pleasant - for example, you can give absolutely any item made of steel, namely:

  • The wife can give something made of steel. For example, a blade or sword, etc.;
  • Avid hunters or fishermen will undoubtedly like a knife, a flask with a set of shot glasses;
  • For a male entrepreneur, a steel ballpoint pen can be a valuable gift.

How else can you give a gift to your husband?

  • Make one of the most relevant desires for men who smoke come true at all times and give accessories for smokers. A cigarette case or lighter given on such a day will undoubtedly become part of your spouse’s daily life;
  • A watch or household appliance will also be more likely to be received with a bang;
  • For housework, you can give a set of tools.

Being married for 11 years, in addition to the above , even the most insignificant gifts will do . These can be keychains, bottle openers or all kinds of steel talismans . They will be a good item for a gift. An original option would be a joint family photo in a steel frame . If the choice fell on a gift that has nothing to do with steel, then it can be beautifully packaged in special paper, matching the color of the steel.

Symbolic and inexpensive gifts

It is not necessary to give something expensive, or you can complement the main gift with something cute and pleasant.

  • Paired rings or pendants with a dedicatory inscription for each other are a wonderful and memorable gift that can be worn without taking them off.
  • Steel soap, which removes odors, should be in a soap dish in the kitchen so that everyone can wash their hands after garlic, fish or other “fragrant” foods.

steel soap

  • A steel shoehorn on a steel chain for the hallway to put on your shoes comfortably.
  • Razors with a set of high-quality blades, from a good company. When buying women's, pay attention to special models with a bag cover.
  • A set of steel photo holders in which you can insert family photos, hang them on the wall and admire them.
  • A flash drive will never be superfluous, it’s what you always need. On sale, look for stylish gift options in steel cases.

Gift for wife

While many women are asking the question: “What should I give my husband?”, men, in turn, are asking the question: “What should I give my wife for her eleventh anniversary of marriage?” So, a wedding anniversary gift should be thoughtful and memorable. For this reason, you should start choosing a gift in advance and, when preparing for the same date, think through everything in advance, not forgetting the symbolism of gifts for a steel wedding.

  • A win-win gift for a wedding anniversary can be household items made from a metal case. These include: a microwave oven or an electric kettle;
  • You can also give interior elements to your wife for 11 years. A jewelry box or flower vase is the best option in this case;
  • You can give all kinds of baking dishes, sets, tea sieve;
  • A gift for women's needs will be especially pleasant. Originally shaped mirror, hairpins, etc.

Any of the items for donation can be engraved. I’m sure your wife will appreciate such a reverent attitude towards herself.

Steel wedding: what to give to your beloved wife?

The main gift for a woman on any occasion has always been flowers. At a steel wedding, there is a wonderful tradition of giving your wife a bouquet of 11 flowers.

It is worth following this ritual, but try to choose a bouquet of flowers that are guaranteed not to wither within 11 days.

According to tradition, the bouquet must remain fresh for at least 11 days, which promises the “young” happiness and harmony in the future.

Therefore, approach the choice of a flower gift thoughtfully, so that the gift does not become a reason for disappointment and resentment in the future. Remember, chrysanthemums and dahlias, roses and gladioli, carnations and majors will delight the eye for a long time. And don't take risks with peonies, tulips, and daffodils.

Don't forget about a material gift for your beloved wife for a steel wedding.

Please your woman with silver jewelry. This metal shines no worse than polished steel. Therefore, a ring, ring or earrings with a bracelet will be a completely symbolic gift for your wife on her 11th anniversary.

White gold jewelry will also work.

Well, if your lady prefers only classic yellow gold, don't deprive her of such joy. Just don’t forget to pack such a gift for your wife in a steel box, which can also act as an independent gift.

An original steel jewelry stand is also suitable as a gift. It can be made in the form of a woman’s hand, unusual hooks or a tree, an abstract figure.

You can choose a designer item with steel decoration. This could be a bag, a belt, a smartphone case, or a wallet.

A gift for a wife on her 11th wedding does not have to be material. Daily hassles, the bustle of life, caring for her husband and children take up a lot of her time, giving her absolutely no opportunity to relax.

Give your woman relaxation and pleasure. Send your loved one to the spa by giving her a certificate for the holiday.

Just don’t limit a woman to banal procedures that she allows herself regularly, but offer really expensive, pleasant events in the form of a massage with oils, chocolate wrap.

For children

11th wedding anniversary</p>

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