Options for wedding congratulations for a niece or nephew from an aunt

A wedding is a holiday to which first of all the closest and dearest people are invited. It's not just parents and grandparents. Of course, the sisters and brothers of the parents of the bride and groom must be present at the wedding. The groom's aunt, being the sister of one of the parents, will have to say congratulations, express wishes and say a few parting words to her nephew.

This needs to be done in an original way, without forcing the newlyweds to listen to the same thing several times, and the guests to get bored and look forward to the end of the performance. The most interesting wedding congratulations to a nephew from an aunt can be expressed in the form of a song, a comic or touching poem, or even a short funny story. All of them will be original and unforgettable if the aunt expresses in her own words all the feelings and emotions that excite her.

Wedding congratulations from aunt

For the wedding of a nephew or niece, you need to prepare not only gifts or money. Words play a very important role here. Therefore, every uncle can easily congratulate his nephew or niece who is getting married on their wedding. In this collection we have collected several such congratulations and warm words.

*** Niece, my beloved, I congratulate you on your wedding day today. Today your family was born. I wish it to be strong for you!

You walk hand in hand together, Look in the same direction, keep your love. Let the storks bring you children - Beautiful girls and smart boys!

*** Gold rings shine on your fingers. I congratulate you, young people, at your wedding.

Please accept kind wishes from your aunt, Always love each other tenderly and devotedly.

Make all your dreams come true, Talk to each other more often about love.

I wish the young people that your union is strong, and that storks bring children to your family.

*** I would like to wish the bride and groom that they will always be together in everything, that you will become closer to each other, and you will accept a toast from your aunt:

I wish you great and bright happiness, so that there is a lot of joy and a lot of love, May you travel around the world! I wish you a friendly and strong family!

*** Today I am cheerful, I am happy today, I drank sweet vodka - Sweeter than lemonade.

I’ll look at the young people: The heart beats sweetly. This sweet day is called “Wedding”.

On behalf of myself and my family, congratulations from Aunt! Well, when will you finally pour me some Gorka?! Bitterly!

*** Happy wonderful wedding day, with wonderful joy! Let life be glorious, bright, interesting. I, like your aunt, wish only good things, To live in abundance, without knowing troubles or worries.

Let there be harmony and happiness in a wonderful family, Let everything work out in the best possible way, Your relationships will be very strong, And let the children be born soon!

*** Everyone has come to congratulate you, All your relatives are gathered today. May you live in love and never know grief!

Well, like an aunt, I wish that you would give birth to children and invite me to babysit the babies.

Don’t swear, don’t fight, If you quarrel, make peace. You keep your feelings, take care of your happiness!

*** You have legitimized love, Having now created your family, And on such a day I wish that together we believe in a dream.

Harmony kept the house, Support for living in it, Solved difficulties together, Divided happiness in half.

Auntie wishes from herself Good luck, tenderness, warmth, So that love always blooms, So that the family prospers!

*** For your wedding, you will accept congratulations from your aunt. Live your life in goodness, love and joy.

I wish the young to cherish and preserve Love, I wish you to give birth to beautiful children.

I wish you to build a Lucky Seven. And say to each other more often: “I love!”

*** The wedding seems to be in full swing. So it will be just right. Aunt of the young is on a roll, listen to her now.

Without wasting words, I want to wish you only love, because I know for sure that you can fly with it.

And wealth is acquired. Therefore, I will tell you again: The main value in marriage is love!

*** Today is a magical day for me - I have added more relatives to my family. You took an oath of fidelity to yourself and keep this feeling carefully.

Live, dear ones, to the fullest: Give happiness and love to the fullest. After all, a strong family is very important, the desire to hug again and again!

My door is always open for you, I agree to a lot for your sake. I wish you to live without tears and without losses, Appreciate every moment and in good times!

*** You drained the glass of intoxication so that in five decades you can celebrate a golden wedding and live the whole century without grief and without troubles! We heartily congratulate you, May you live long and carefree. Fate has united you now forever, forever. And may there be no trace of Discord between you all the years. And no matter how difficult your life would be, Two hearts were inseparable. So be happy always! And all we can do is - ? Exclaim together: Bitter! Bitterly!

*** Let's raise our full glasses at our wedding table. And, as expected, first we will make a toast in honor of the young ones. With all our hearts we wish them, As they did long ago, That their love may be as strong as this good wine; So that life would be their full cup, from which happiness would not diminish; May our bride and groom live together in love for a hundred years!

*** We wish the young with all our hearts fidelity to the grave, And so that age does not rush, And so that there is prosperity in the house, And whoever puts something somewhere, So that both know...

*** Congratulations to you, newlyweds, on this correct, responsible step, and the bride is so beautiful and feminine! And the groom is excited, tense. Don’t worry in vain, We all already see your feelings - They are beautiful like the sun, Only living together is an art. We wish you to comprehend it With a person dear to your heart!! And with all our hearts we congratulate you on the excellent changes in your destiny!

*** My niece is the most beautiful of all today: She is gentle, sweet and radiant! And on a wedding day, there is probably no happier Bride, so beloved and beautiful! Newlyweds, dear, dear ones, Let me wish you a lot of light, That all your days were golden, And a sea of ​​joy, love, success! I wish you to enjoy life, live every moment in love and happiness! So that there is no desire to be angry, but only to rejoice and love!

*** Just recently you were a sweet girl, but in this long-awaited moment - You are a good bride! Your slim figure attracts, And your smile is the door to heaven! And the groom knows about this, He is like a king today! I wish you, dear ones, to drink the cup with happiness, so that you can live golden days together in joy!

*** Accept congratulations from your aunt: Newlyweds, live your life wisely, then everything that you expect from it will come to your warm home with goodness. Don’t lose trust in each other, Don’t cloud your feelings with suspicion, Love with your heart and, of course, respect! Then you will be the happiest person in the world! Let there be a lot of light in your home, So that the sonorous laughter of children does not cease in it, And be the happiest person on the planet - This is what our God wished for man!

*** Advice and love - everyone will wish you. I will just say in addition: May the sun and stars above you not go out, May happiness drive away sadness and misfortune. May love never leave you, May fate give you healthy children. And let only good things happen! Nephew, you are my family!

*** Today I am cheerful, I am happy today, I drank sweet vodka, Sweeter than lemonade. I look at the young people, My heart beats sweetly, This sweet day is called a Wedding. From myself, from all my relatives, Aunt congratulates! Well, when will you finally pour me some Gorka?! Bitterly!

*** Today, in festive decoration, in the ardor and riot of colors, drunkenness, the Groom leads his bride on a long journey from her childhood. Let this path be happy, And let the couple always be beautiful And wise for years, So that trouble bypasses your home! Let happiness knock on your house, May joy only happen to you! And may health be like a business card, And may there be a lot of money like postcards!

Close people

After parents, uncles and aunts are often the closest relatives. For them, a brother or sister’s child can be as beloved as their own, or their best friend if the nephews are not much younger than them. Therefore, at such a celebration as a wedding, they worry no less than the newlyweds, they rejoice and want to say the most sincere and warm words. You must overcome the excitement yourself, but you can make a good toast or find a ready-made beautiful congratulations to your niece on her wedding day here.

Real wealth

A person may have more than one status: daughter, sister, friend, colleague, but today, dear, (insert name), you have become a wife. I would like to wish that life will not let you forget that family is most important. Parents, loved ones, husband, children, they are real wealth that not everyone knows how to save. Trust your chosen one, accept his strengths and weaknesses, so that peace and love always reign in the house. May your life only become brighter, and may your joy never end. Always find time for hugs, smiles, so that you never lose this precious connection. Congratulations to you!

Remember the main thing

I wanted to come up with a congratulations to my niece on her wedding day in my own words, so don’t judge too harshly. You are very lucky - you were able to learn what love is and created a wonderful union. Let him be the best and most reliable. Love and mutual understanding will become a source of strength, thanks to which all obstacles will be only minor hindrances. You are young, but the true art is to preserve youth in your soul. Try not to lose it, appreciate each other, do not forget about pleasant little things and kind words. Then married life will only delight you. I would like to wish you love, fun, and a marriage filled with colors.

A beautiful toast in your own words to your aunt from the bride

The niece definitely has something to say to her aunt. She is always kind and respectful to her.

In addition, very often she brings delicious gifts and treats everything her relative does with great love.

  1. My dear aunt, Today you became a wife. But you are still loved by me and my family. Thank you, aunt, for all the years that you spent with me and you were never sad. I want to wish you to become happier soon. And let the little children Come to your new home.
  2. Angelina and Ivan, you got married today. This is joy, this is happiness, two families have united. And I want to wish you never to lose heart. And let it always be. With you is only a guiding star.
  3. My dear aunt, You make everyone happier. And today also uncle. I became more beautiful thanks to you. Illuminating everyone with your light, you are kind and beautiful. Well, I will still be your girl.

Amazing day

I had to think for a long time about what a wedding greeting should be for my niece. And as a representative of the older generation, I want to pass on the experience that I managed to accumulate. Remember this day, but not only the beautiful cars, the hall and the cake. What is important is the thrill when the groom first saw the bride in a dress, the way he shouted: “I love you” throughout the entire entrance, the noise of a column of cars that announced that a wedding procession was driving through the city, the excitement during registration, the cherished “yes” , tears in your eyes, one last name spoken for the first time for two. Today, the newlyweds will hear many beautiful words, but they tend to fade from memory, while the sensations will warm the soul even after years. Enjoy every day like today!

Two are like the Universe

Today life sparkled with new colors for my niece! You have become a wife, which means you have found a person with whom you are ready to go together. This is one of the most valuable events in life. Joys, sorrows, victories and disappointments - you have to share all this between two. I wish you to never stop finding the beautiful in each other, appreciating and respecting each other. Let the sparkle of your wedding rings illuminate every new day. To “Bitter!” you only heard at the anniversary celebration. Be a wise wife, and may your husband always protect you!

Close friends

Dear, (insert desired name)! The time has come to hear congratulations on the wedding of your niece from your aunt. It sounds so serious, although you and I know that we were more like sisters-girlfriends. When your mother showed you for the first time, the smile never left your face. More than once we have watched films where at the end there was a magnificent and beautiful wedding. And we always imagined how this celebration would go for each of us. Today is the day when at least one dream came true for you. May you and your husband continue to realize a million more of them. Be happiness for each other, warm with hugs, comfort with kisses, love sincerely. Let's drink to a wonderful day, a wonderful couple, the best guests! Let this be a great start to your married life!

Touching congratulations to the niece

Aunts and uncles sometimes take an active part in the development and upbringing of their relatives. Because their parents are busy, they often replace their mothers and fathers for some time.

Therefore, for them, the marriage of their niece is a bit of a shock, because just recently she was a baby who had to be followed in kindergarten, doing her homework at school and telling her what is best to wear to prom. Now she is a grown girl, preparing to become someone's wife.

When the niece comes to visit with an invitation to a family celebration, the aunt and uncle, after she leaves, begin to puzzle over what to do.

What needs to be prepared.

This is convenient, since nowadays newlyweds often organize the celebration on their own, so they urgently need funds in order to start a new independent life with dignity.

If you absolutely do not want to give money, then
it is best to ask the young people in advance what they need .
It is no coincidence that in Europe there is a tradition according to which the bride sends out a so-called wish-list to all those invited to the celebration in advance and everyone notes what they are ready to buy from the prepared list. Instead of flowers, you can make a more original gift and, for example, give a photo shoot or a hot air balloon flight. It will be very romantic and unique. In addition, on the one hand, you will give money, pleasing the young people, and on the other hand, you will present memorable gifts.

Words must come from the heart

All congratulations according to the method of organization are divided into two groups - in prose and in verse. Possessing poetic talent, Auntie will easily create an original and unique toast that all guests will remember.

Congratulations in prose will be no less beautiful. This form will allow you to express your feelings sincerely, especially if poetry is not your strong point.

It doesn’t matter what type of congratulations you prefer for your niece’s wedding, the main thing is sincerity. It is not necessary to resort to pretentious and pompous speeches; let the toast contain simple, but kind and pleasant words. Such a congratulation will affect every guest.

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