The main trends in wedding fashion and fashionable wedding dresses 2022

So, all the 2022 wedding collections have been reviewed, it’s time to get acquainted with the main trends in wedding fashion and find out what the most fashionable wedding dresses of 2022 are. In the world of bridal fashion, changes from season to season can be quite slow, but some finds, such as sparkling dresses, full skirts and capes, always prove to be in demand. Wedding trends are also influenced by fashion week trends, where clothing is a reflection of our real life at the moment; however, unlike ordinary fashion, the wedding image is still more from the world of fantasy.

Each fashion house, designer and wedding brand has its own style, its own so-called stylistic DNA. Therefore, every year on the catwalks of Bridal Fashion Weeks and in fashion collections we see wedding dresses of all styles: seductive mermaid dresses, deep necklines, discreet minimalist dresses, “princess dresses” with a full skirt, luxurious embroidery or lace, and romantic wedding dresses in bohemian and Greek style...

Fashionable wedding dresses 2022: main trends

Classic style, boho style, minimalism or glam – the 2022 wedding collections have a huge selection for every bride. And while some of the wedding dress trends that have become classics are still around, like long sheer sleeves and 3D floral embroidery, there are plenty of fresh new trends, too.

Of course, Meghan Markle's wedding dress has become a major wedding trend for 2022, so many designers have introduced their own versions of the Duchess of Sussex's wedding dress for 2022 brides. And wedding jumpsuits have become an original fashionable alternative to a wedding dress.

Fashion for plus size

Try to choose an outfit that suits your figure. Don't expect to lose weight in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Girls with curvy figures should remember that their main task is to emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

Designers have identified the following styles of plus size dresses:

  1. Mermaid. Suitable for those who have a pronounced difference between their waist and hips. The product should expand no earlier than mid-thigh. The lack of breasts is compensated by the correct cut of the bodice;
  2. Antique style. A high-waisted outfit will visually make the bride slimmer. The emphasis should be on the shoulders and chest. The lace bodice and original drapery will create a truly feminine look. You can sew a dress in the Empire style yourself from the following materials: satin, silk, chiffon. Antique style is an ideal option for pregnant girls. Empire style models are comfortable to wear and do not restrict movement; sewing such a wedding dress is also simple;
  3. Trapezoid. The outfits feature a one-piece cut. The size of the dress allows you to hide large hips and full legs. The top of the outfit can be either open or closed. The skirt in this dress flows smoothly from top to bottom. The transition effect is created by both heavy and light fabrics.

Information. Typically, brides choose long dresses for weddings. However, in recent years, short styles that are suitable for those with slender legs have also become in demand. This refers to models up to the knee and slightly lower. An outfit with a cascading descent is suitable for a summer wedding.

Trend – Short wedding dress

Similar to jumpsuits, wedding mini suits and mini dresses are the perfect choice for a second wedding dress. For 2022, designers have prepared stunning mini dresses for brides: sparkling and with feather trim and bright flowers.

Now that every wedding moment is on Instagram, designers are ready to help you shine at every moment of your wedding: the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, the morning of the bride and the afterparty. Short wedding dresses from Elie Saab, Viktor & Rolf and Vera Wang are great for all of the above, but the idea of ​​a short dress for the main event is also great.

Idan Cohen Bridal Fall 2019


Give preference to invitations with infographics about the newlyweds! Your acquaintance, the best moments of your holiday, special places and culinary preferences will tell your guests the story of your love before the wedding celebration

Let your invitation contain a map of the area where guests will live and a mini-guide to cultural institutions and places of interest. Read in detail about Wedding Invitations 2019

If it is still important for you to give small gifts to guests, then do not choose banal candies or magnets. Better yet, think about something more original and special that is related to your couple

For example, if the groom's marriage proposal was made in Italy, arrange a gift in the form of a souvenir - Italian pasta or sauce with a card attached to it, which explains the reason for such a gift.

Don't make a banal seating list! Arrange beautiful or funny printed photos of your guests and organize seating arrangements with them. Such a seating arrangement will look most advantageous if the photos are taken in the same color scheme, and the easiest way to do this is to convert them into black and white photos.

There is no need to number tables. It will be better if they have names that will have their own significance for young people. Favorite cities, book characters and maybe even confectionery, because it will be much more comfortable to be at a table called Greece than to sit at table number 3.

Trend – Lavender Color

White has long been an optional color for a wedding dress: many brides prefer champagne and powder pink. But on the 2022 catwalks a new, unusual for wedding fashion, a delicate shade of lavender appeared. The trend may have been inspired by Pantone's 2022 color of the year, ultraviolet, with pastel lavender wedding dresses appearing in many collections, including Vera Wang, Jenny Packham and Hayley Paige.

A little history

The desire to make one's clothes more beautiful has been inherent in man since ancient times. Lace making is an ancient art. The first attempts to make openwork weaving were made back in the days of the pharaohs. At that time, colored threads laid out in geometric patterns were used to decorate linen.

In Ancient Greece, gold threads were used to decorate clothing. Since fabrics were expensive back then, they began to make something like lace on the frayed edges of clothes. The protruding threads were twisted and sewn together, creating simple openwork patterns.

The lace that we are used to seeing now appeared at the end of the 15th century. Flanders is considered the birthplace of lace making; a little later, lace began to be woven in Italy. The difference between real lace is that the threads are intertwined without the use of a base fabric. The first laces were woven from silk and linen threads, later they began to use cotton ones. Nowadays, many types of lace are made from synthetic and mixed threads.

In former times, lace was very expensive, so it was available only to very rich people, but already in 1499, at the wedding of Anne of Brittany to Louis XII, the bride wore a dress with lace trim.

Modern princesses also prefer lace wedding dresses. Photos from the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which flew around the world, showed the bride's elegant and delicate dress with a lace bodice.

Trend - High Collar

A closed neck and high collar on a wedding dress have become fashionable in 2022. In the 2022 bridal collections, the mandarin collar and simplicity aesthetics cannot be ignored. Mandarin collars were everywhere this season, from a modern and sleek version at Monique Lhuillier to a lace version at Reem Acra and a '60s-inspired collar at Viktor & Rolf.

Image creation details

Black and white classics are considered a win-win option for choosing a formal outfit, but life has recently been successfully destroying this dogma. This is very clearly seen in the example of wedding fashion. Although at first glance it may seem that the changes are quite insignificant, in recent years there have been fewer and fewer brides in crisp white dresses.

To make the most of all the benefits of this color, it is necessary to take into account all the details when creating the image of the bride:

  1. The bride's bouquet should not consist only of flowers whose tone matches the tone of the dress (primarily beige roses and lilies), otherwise the bouquet will simply merge with the clothes and it will look extremely unfortunate. At the same time, the bride's shoes should have the same tone as the outfit, unless its length completely hides the shoes.
  2. Too bright and heavy makeup is not suitable for this outfit. It should be minimal, and the shade of makeup, like shoes, should match the color of the dress.
  3. The groom's shirt, ideally, should be the same shade as the bride's outfit.
  4. Jewelry made of gold and silver goes well with a dress in cream tones. This non-standard shade allows the bride to experiment with jewelry: those that were incompatible with the usual white dress often combine quite successfully with a cream one.

There are absolutely no restrictions when it comes to choosing a style; dresses of this color can be made in absolutely any style: empire, Greek, mermaid, fluffy, short. Depending on the choice of model, you can create completely different images: gentle, sexy, luxurious, modest, etc.

If we talk about fabric, then satin will highlight this color most effectively - in this case, the shiny shade creates a simply enchanting impression. But other fabrics will look just as good: silk, lace, organza, tulle and others.

The bride's bouquet

Bright colors against a cream background become even brighter: pink, cornflower blue, red, orange - any shades will look fresh, colorful, harmonious, and will only emphasize the noble color of your outfit.

What should makeup be like?

It is preferable to choose makeup using natural shades: translucent gloss on the lips, fuchsia and deep blue colors near the eyes, blush on the cheeks.

Groom's outfit

The groom's suit will best match the bride's image if you choose a milky, dark brown or olive option for it. The groom's shirt should ideally have the same shade as the bride's outfit, so when going to a store or atelier to buy a shirt, it would be good to take a sample of the dress fabric with you.

A tie for the groom can be chosen either in contrast, which will become an advantageous bright accent, or in a similar neutral delicate color. If the groom is a classicist who wants to wear a formal black suit, the bride should dilute her cream outfit with bright details, such as a belt, which will allow her to be the center of attention.

Trend – Metallic

Brides who dream of shining at their own wedding: this trend is especially created for you! We have never seen so much gold, silver and platinum in wedding collections. Although the glitter of gold and platinum on dresses has already been noticed in fashion in 2022. In the 2019 collections, we see how this trend is only growing: metallic shine on wedding dresses is present both on classic dresses and on narrow dresses with a slit, worthy of the carpet, and even on short dresses (after the wedding you can go to the disco) .

If you see in a dream on the eve of a wedding

Most often, brides dream of a festive bouquet before their wedding. Some people have dreams in which no one catches their bouquet. This dream does not mean anything bad. It indicates that any girl at the event can get married in the near future, not necessarily the one who catches the bouquet.

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Another nightmare that haunts brides before their wedding is a dream where all the guests laugh at a girl in a wedding dress. However, according to the dream book, such a dream should not cause the slightest anxiety in the girl. Laughter in a dream is not necessarily evidence of something bad. Laughing guests are a symbol of admiration for the beauty of the bride.

Attention! If the bride dreamed of a wedding dress before the wedding ceremony, then there is no need to worry. But if a black outfit appears in the dream, then the girl should think about whether she should connect her life with the chosen person. Black color symbolizes disagreement.

Grooms rarely have prophetic dreams before the celebration, despite the fact that they worry much more than females. Men's dreams before a wedding ceremony are difficult to interpret. As a rule, this is some kind of confusion that men don’t even remember.

Trend - Cape

For three years now, capes and capes have not gone out of fashion. This is because wedding capes and capes are a spectacular alternative to a veil. It is guaranteed to add romance and freshness to the bride's image. That's why brides and designers loved them so much that in 2022, capes and capes are back in trend.

Trend – Classic wedding dress

This wedding trend is definitely influenced by the Royal Wedding effect again. Brides of 2022 will have a huge selection of classic wedding dresses with full, voluminous skirts reminiscent of 19th century ball gowns. Many designers, even those famous for their original and revealing wedding dresses like Galia Lahav, are returning to the classics this season.

For plus size ladies

Among the fashion trends of 2022 wedding dresses are the following:

A-line styles or a combination of a corset (bodice) and a fluffy hem hide figure flaws - emphasize the waist, hide extra centimeters on the stomach, brighten up wide hips; Curvy women can boast about their breast size - and in no case should it be hidden

Necklines, corsets, decorated bodices are literally created for them to emphasize their size and playfully draw the attention of others to the right place; It is not necessary to choose floor-length dresses; correctly selected styles of short dresses (length just below the knee) will emphasize the waist and brighten up heavy hips.

Fishtail model

Interesting: Beautiful dresses for plus size fashionistas!

Clue. When wearing tight wedding dresses, you should wear shapewear underwear. Perhaps the lady will not be very comfortable in it, but she will definitely be confident in her irresistibility. And the dress will fit perfectly.

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Trend – Flowers

A bride's outfit decorated with embroidered flowers: what could be more familiar? But for 2022 brides, designers have strewn wedding dresses with large, voluminous buds and petals, which are completely different from the 3-D floral appliqués of past seasons.

Trend - Sleeves

Wedding fashion 2022 is rich in original sleeves, especially if these sleeves are long. For a summer wedding, it is better to choose sleeves made of transparent embroidered tulle, such as the airy sleeves in the 2022 wedding collection from Galia Lahav. For those brides who require not only a beautiful appearance, but also some kind of protection from the cool air, in 2022 they will easily find dresses with long original sleeves, decorated with lace, embroidery or with an intricate cut.


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