Gifts for wedding guests for competitions: 30 fun, inexpensive ideas

Any competitions and quizzes assume that a person will receive something in return for his efforts. This is normal, because no one wants to waste their energy on useless actions, and many understand this. But often newlyweds forget to take care of the prizes, and gifts for wedding competitions are bought at the last minute, after the toastmaster reminds them about them.

To prevent this from happening, you need to decide in advance what gifts the guests will be rewarded with. After all, small gifts require careful search and selection, so you should decide what style they will be in.

Tips for choosing gifts for guests

The tradition of giving gifts to guests at your own wedding dates back to Ancient Rus'. According to custom, the bride prepared gifts in advance for the groom's close relatives: she sewed and embroidered scarves, shawls and tablecloths for the future mother-in-law and the boyfriend's sisters, shirts and muslin for the future husband and his brothers. The future husband also did not remain in debt and gave gifts to the bride’s relatives. The richer the betrothed's gifts were, the more enviable the groom was considered.

Today, gifts for wedding competitions to guests are designed to please their recipients and lift their spirits. Interesting and practical, they make you want to take part and win the competition. However, when choosing a prize, there are several important points to consider:

  1. Take into account the age category. It is clear that gifts for young people are not entirely appropriate to give to representatives of the older generation.
  2. Don't buy expensive things. The main recipients of gifts at a wedding celebration are young people. This is a tradition and it’s the way it is. Gifts to guests for competitions are a pleasant bonus to the feast. If a guest is given something significant for his usual participation in a competition, then the person will develop a sense of obligation to the donor. Also, saving on cost is especially important if the planned budget for the event is not too large.

You can create a gift right at the wedding by making a unique keychain out of a wine cork

  1. When buying inexpensive gifts, do not forget about the quality of the item. In any store you can find nice, inexpensive little things of good quality. This is especially true for rewards for children and food products.
  2. It is advisable to prepare gifts for wedding competitions in quantities slightly larger than you plan to give. This must be done in case the competition goes to several participants at once.
  3. If you are planning a themed party, then the idea of ​​the gift and its design should not stand out from the overall picture of the holiday.
  4. It would be great if the rewards for participating in different competitions were different. Thus, each guest will receive a pleasant unexpected surprise. This forethought will also come in handy if the same person participates in several competitions.

How to choose the right gift for guests

Guests need to approach the choice of a present with all responsibility. Since no one wants to leave a “bad mark” from this celebration, both for themselves and for the guests. Therefore, before buying or making a gift, you should decide what theme the wedding will relate to.

Under no circumstances should you give pots of fresh flowers if the celebration is planned in glamor style. Or homemade cakes, if the celebration is urban style.

The time of year when the marriage takes place is also taken into account.

  • A warm scarf or a hot drink is perfect for winter.
  • For summer, Vietnamese slippers, glasses and sunscreen will come in handy.
  • Next, what needs to be taken into account before choosing a gift is the taste preferences of the guests, as well as awareness of whether any of them have an allergic reaction.

It wouldn’t hurt to find out the age of those invited, because it wouldn’t be very nice to offer an elderly person an alcoholic cocktail or a board game.

And the main thing you need to know when choosing gifts is that they should be chosen with soul and taking into account all the preferences of the guests. After all, human attention works wonders, leaving a warm mark in the hearts of guests for many years.

Funny gifts

Ideal for a youth party. It is imperative to ensure that the gift is not offensive or offensive to the recipient. Funny souvenirs include:

  • bright colorful tie
  • a postcard
    with an interesting phrase or congratulation;
  • refrigerator magnets
    with jokes;
  • mugs
    of interesting shapes or with emerging pictures;
  • bubble
  • firecrackers
    mini fireworks
  • medals


At a wedding, it is important not to forget about gifts for the bride and groom.

An ice tray is a practical and useful gift for the winner of the competition.
Surprise socks are a gift for a guest participating in a competition at a wedding.
A set of graphite pencils in a classic style is a gift for participating in an intellectual competition.

Some prizes in this category are good because they can be used immediately at the celebration. For example, set off fireworks, scatter confetti, arrange a fun photo shoot with soap bubbles or an original tie. And it will still lift your spirits even more

Romantic gifts

This category of awards includes cute gifts that are imbued with the spirit of love and tenderness. Such gifts will be associated with a special event and will remind you of the newlyweds. Romantic gifts include:

  • souvenirs in the shape of hearts
    and in the style of a wedding;
  • figurines of angels
    , bride and groom;
  • magnets
    with a wedding theme or a photograph of the newlyweds;
  • soft toys
    (teddy bears are very popular);
  • photo frames
  • interesting keychains
  • beautiful candles
  • books
    of love poetry;
  • music discs
    with slow compositions.

It’s better to pack gifts in an original box - it’s stylish and beautiful

Sweet gifts

No wedding celebration is complete without a huge amount of sweet dishes. Cakes, pies, sweets, fruits. Therefore, the sweet prize for winning the competition should stand out from the crowd of goodies. Firstly, special attention should be paid to the design or wrapper. Secondly, it needs to be presented beautifully and interestingly. And thirdly, the ingredients for such a trophy must be of good quality. The reward can be:

  • Chocolate
    made to order. With a memorable date and wedding symbols. If it is not possible to make bars to order, you can buy regular chocolate. Then replace the store-bought wrapper with one specially printed for the celebration with a photo of the newlyweds and other attributes.
  • Beautifully packaged candies
  • Cookie
    . You can bake it yourself or make it to order. So that these are not just cookies, they can be made in the shape of hearts. Or put a surprise filling inside.
  • Jam jars
  • Candied fruit
  • Bonbonnieres
    with "Raffaella".
  • Marmalade
    in a festive box.

For the groom!

The bride can please her chosen one with an interesting present, and we will tell you which one.

An always useful hot cup stand would be a nice surprise gift for wedding guests.
Beer cooling stones are an unexpected gift that will delight any guest.
An erotic coloring book is a suitable gift for the winner of a piquant competition.

Wedding gift souvenirs for guests: non-standard ideas

A cheap gift does not mean an ordinary one. Use your imagination and surprise your guests with originality.

Small sketches drawn directly by the bride and groom look very original. These mini-pictures are small gifts for wedding guests and can be placed in a frame or on a small stand in the form of an easel.

Standard mini-bottles can be filled with olive oil rather than alcohol. Sprigs of herbs and miniature peppercorns placed directly in the oil will help add originality to such a surprise.

Stationery will also work, but only with themed prints or designs. A notebook with a photo of the newlyweds on the cover will become your favorite notebook. Pens and pencils with original inscriptions and engravings will also come in handy.

Find miniature flasks and personalize them. Such personalized containers will appeal to the male guests. And for the ladies, you can present nail polish that will be the color of your wedding. There is never too much makeup. Compact mirrors also look original.

You can make a paper flower for each guest and place it directly on the plate. After the ceremony, the guest will be able to take such a gift with him. Decorative hearts look unusual. It can be slate, wood, ceramics.

If you place a photo or an inscription with the wedding date on such a heart, you can use it not only as decoration, but also as an unusual gift for guests.

Order antique keys for guests, but instead of the “tongue”, let them be the names of friends.

If this option seems too intricate, order personalized engraving for ordinary antique souvenir keys.

Original gifts

A wedding certificate will be a reward that will not be devoid of interest.

You can play anything. This could be a congratulation from the newlyweds, a dance with the bride
an invitation to dinner
prepared by the bride,
a barbecue from the groom
and much more. It will be very interesting if, at the end of the competitions, an auction is held among the owners of certificates or lotteries and a more significant prize is drawn.

Small bottles of alcohol

, as gifts for wedding competitions for guests, will be very original and relevant. It can be whiskey, cognac, champagne, rum, brandy. 100-200 ml of alcohol will be enough for a prize. It is advisable to pack the bottle beautifully or tie it with a ribbon. Instead of a factory label, stick on a pre-prepared one, on which there will be a photo of the bride and groom, the wedding date and other memorable paraphernalia.

As a prize, you can present a plant in a small pot

. These could be succulents or cacti. Violet and azalea look beautiful. Such a gift, with proper care, will delight its owner for several years.

A small bag of dragees is a tasty and pleasant gift


. It is important to give a photo of the newlyweds. But such a gift is pleasant to receive only to close friends or relatives. It is not necessary to take photos from the wedding. These could be earlier photographs from travel or walks, funny and interesting moments from the life of a couple. You can also take or find photographs of one of the guests. It is worth considering that such a gift is strictly personalized. And it will be received positively among friends.

Ideas for original gifts for wedding guests


Cocoa, marshmallows, cookies, a jar of honey, homemade jam or a set of handmade sweets - there are plenty of options for any season and wedding style. You can not limit yourself to just sweet options and choose unusual varieties of tea or coffee, olive oil with spices, granola, popcorn, or even sets of spices for mulled wine for an autumn wedding.

  • Honey
  • Jam
  • Cookie
  • Candies
  • Meringue or marshmallow
  • Handmade chocolate
  • Cupcakes
  • Marshmallow
  • Cocoa
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Spices
  • Homemade adjika
  • Exotic sauce
  • Granola
  • Herbal oil
  • Popcorn
  • Desserts in jars
  • Baking kits
  • Fresh baguette or buns
  • Homemade lemonade
  • Kinder Surprise


A pleasant and beautiful gift option is small bouquets and boutonnieres or beautiful props for photos at your event. All this creates a general mood and complements the images of guests in wedding photos.

  • Boutonniere
  • Wreath
  • Flower bracelet
  • Photo props
  • Thematic icons


Cups or glasses, glasses or plates with engraving will delight your friends every day. An equally pleasant gift option would be a home fragrance, a set of unusual cosmetics, handmade soap or a sachet with herbs.

  • Glasses (required - a pair)
  • Glasses with engraving
  • Cups with calligraphy
  • Dinner plates
  • Fragrant sachet
  • Wooden stands or trays
  • Aroma diffuser for home
  • Bathroom cosmetics set
  • Handmade soap
  • Reusable wine stoppers
  • Flask or thermal mug with engraving
  • Cooking sets
  • Photo frames
  • Cosmetic bag
  • Mirror
  • Tie clips
  • Teapot


Worry about the health of your loved ones and do it - order sets of vitamins and hangover medicine. Believe me, they will really be grateful to you for such gifts for wedding guests from the newlyweds!

  • Hangover cure
  • Vitamins
  • Unusual mineral water


If you are planning a summer wedding outdoors, give your guests hats or glasses to protect them from the sun; you can prepare mosquito repellent for the evening celebration. And for dancing on the grass or tired feet, slippers, flip-flops or special pads for heels will be a nice bonus.

  • Straw hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun umbrellas
  • Handkerchiefs or napkins
  • Insect spray
  • Lip balm
  • Fans
  • Slippers
  • Heel pads
  • Cocktail signs


A good idea for weddings that take place in spring or autumn is a small bottle of champagne, wine or spirits. And if you want to give a piece of coziness, prepare a blanket or gloves for each guest that will keep you warm both during the holiday and after it.

  • Plaid
  • Cape
  • Gloves
  • Hand warmer
  • Mini bottle with alcohol
  • Instant cocktail kits


Succulents, flowers and even small trees that can be kept in the house are original memorable gifts for wedding guests.

  • Succulents
  • Indoor flowers
  • Fruit tree seedlings
  • Bonsai for home


Please your loved ones with a very individual approach and order personalized cartoons for them or select small souvenirs for which you yourself will write messages of gratitude.

For example, antique keys or brooches with tags can serve as cards on a seating board.

  • Calligraphic thank you letters
  • Personal notes to guests
  • Souvenirs with tags
  • Collage with joint photos
  • 3D printed guest portraits
  • Personal book for everyone - with a dedicatory signature
  • Beautiful designer cards
  • Guest portraits


Record a selection of romantic music for your friends, come up with funny certificates like “Ticket for a walk with newlyweds in a hot air balloon”, “Certificate for an adventure in the company of newlyweds”.

  • Certificates
  • A selection of romantic music
  • A selection of memorable songs for your friends
  • Recording a message of gratitude to guests
  • Open date movie tickets
  • Restaurant certificate for a couple


Little guests should not be left without attention either. Delight them with fun, tasty and enjoyable gifts that will keep them entertained both at the wedding and at home.

  • Coloring pages
  • Creator's Kit
  • Constructor
  • Sweets
  • Open date cinema tickets


Magnets, symbolic mini figurines and photos of the newlyweds - yes, all this can be ordered quite inexpensively, but this will not convey your personal attitude towards the person. Unless, for example, you decided to make a selection of the coolest photos together and arrange them in this way.

If you don’t want to prepare gifts for your wedding guests with your own hands, use some very unconventional ideas from our list:

  • Bubble
  • Christmas decorations
  • Tambourine
  • Garden plant seeds
  • A bottle of wine from your wedding year
  • Horseshoe for good luck
  • Compass
  • Matches
  • Opener
  • Suitcase tag
  • Utility knife
  • Eco bag
  • Commemorative coin
  • Evil eye pendant
  • Pocket board game
  • Fishing set
  • Personalized golf or tennis ball
  • Painless bat
  • Vintage straight razor


  1. You should not give unnecessary things - try to make the gift pleasant or, at least, tasty.
  2. Choose gifts according to the season, because presenting sunglasses or spring flower seeds in late autumn is quite strange.
  3. It is better to abandon the idea of ​​​​giving guests jewelry - unless you are 100% sure of the taste of your loved ones, otherwise give the girls small bouquets or wreaths.
  4. It is customary to give glasses, coffee or tea cups in pairs. Therefore, if your budget does not allow this, it is better to prepare a bottle of wine or a Turkish coffee set.
  5. Do not give animals as gifts - puppies or kittens may look cute in the photo, but if your friends have nowhere to keep a pet or are allergic to wool, you are not presenting them with a good mood, but with unnecessary worries.

Small, but thoughtfully chosen or hand-made souvenirs will be more appropriate than standard sets bought in a store.

When organizing a wedding, remember that even the smallest details, like mini-notes to guests on seating cards or a touching greeting for friends in the welcome zone, already create the mood from the first minutes. Yes, it is quite possible to buy gifts for wedding guests from the newlyweds and you should not put this item first in your wedding planner. The main thing is to show care and gratitude for the fact that your loved ones shared the ceremony and holiday with you, and the price and size of the bonbonnieres are not so important.

If you have just set a date and don’t know where to start preparing for your wedding, use the . Having your own wedding website with convenient tools will make wedding planning much easier. On the site you can not only tell about your holiday or invite all the guests, but also interview them without long calls and correspondence, and also conveniently communicate with all wedding specialists.

Author of the article: Olga Zalata, designer for creating wedding websites OneLovestory

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Practical gifts

Practical small gifts for competitions will delight serious and homely people. This can be any inexpensive item purchased at hardware or stationery stores. Practical gifts can be divided into several categories:

  1. Office
    . This includes small notebooks, bookmarks, pens, rulers, erasers, and pencils.
  2. For Bath
    . These are small pieces of soap, bath salts, foam, washcloth, gel, and a new toothbrush.
  3. For kitchen
    . Small items that any housewife will be happy with: a small towel, a corkscrew, a set of napkins, a mug, a bottle opener, a refrigerator magnet.
  4. Just practical little things
    . Photo album, candles, photo frames, boxes, car air fresheners, mouse pad and much more.

For those closest to you!

When choosing gifts for guests, it is important not to forget about gifts for the parents of the bride and groom.

The Tank construction set is an interesting gift for the winner of children's competitions at a wedding.
An eye pillow with flax seeds is an unexpected but interesting prize in a wedding competition.
Practical gifts are always in place, such will be the prize - a box for wires.

Such prizes are very suitable for any age category. Some items in this group are suitable only for men or only for women. This fact should be taken into account. It would be nice if the same notebook, pen, washcloth or mouse pad had an unusual shape or design.

Useful gifts for wedding guests can also be budget-friendly

The ideal option would be an individual gift for each guest. But young people can agree to such feats if those invited are limited to only the closest ones and the total number of guests does not exceed 15–20 people.

For a big wedding, working out individual useful gifts is quite problematic and expensive. Therefore, it is better to use standard useful gift ideas.

Give your guests baking dishes. Silicone molds are not expensive, look original and are always needed in the household. Kitchen trifles. There is plenty of room for choice here. These can be tea strainers, openers, and stoppers for wine bottles.

Guests are given miniature jars for spices, coasters for cups, and just teaspoons. If you add themed packaging to such a gift, no one will focus on its price.

Household items will also work. These can be molds for ice or ice cream.

You can give a set of measuring cups or measuring spoons, a roller for removing lint from clothes, or an unusual soap dish.

A paper calendar will be a useful and original gift. To design it, use thematic photos. In such a calendar, you can immediately note not only the wedding date, but also other important dates, such as birthdays of guests or calendar holidays dedicated to the family: Family Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day.

Try to ensure that gifts for guests are either of the same type or from the same price category. It will not be nice if someone gets a useful or expensive thing, and someone gets a useless trinket.

Therefore, for personalized gifts at a wedding, they try to purchase all the gifts the same. They can differ only in individual inscriptions or engraving.

DIY gifts

If time permits, you can make gifts for wedding competitions for guests yourself. If done correctly, this can save you some money. The main thing is that the purchase of material for the prize does not cost many times more than the cost of inexpensive souvenirs. With your own hands you can create:

  • Handmade soap
  • knitted or sewn soft toy

  • homemade herbal sachet
  • card
    with wishes;
  • painted cookies

  • wooden figurines
  • bijouterie
  • small drawn pictures in homemade frames

Traditional wedding gifts are a little more expensive: original and inexpensive for guests

Bonbonnieres are a common option for wedding compliments. They put sweets and baked goods in them.

Here you will have to spend money on the packaging itself and, of course, the contents. You can buy ready-made cookies or gingerbreads, muffins or cupcakes, chocolate-covered nuts or marmalade, just candy or any other sweets.

If you wish, you can prepare the baked goods yourself or order from a professional pastry chef.

The recipes attached to such baked goods also look original.

Consider a photo frame.

They can be used as signs when seating guests, and after the ceremony, guests can take them as a souvenir.

Cups are also suitable, but not ordinary tea cups, but with a portrait of the newlyweds or original inscriptions, the wedding date.

You can also order chameleon cups, on which the design will appear after the dishes are heated.

Instant photo. A very unusual and touching gift for guests. Of course, it’s impossible to entrust such a task to a professional photographer.

But younger brothers and sisters can easily be charged with the responsibility of “catching” the original moments at the wedding.

Take care of a good printer so that such surprises can be immediately printed and given to the guest. The memories of such moments will be unforgettable. Since the main photos will be made in a more strict style and worked out to the smallest detail by a professional.

Candles are a beautiful and affordable gift option for guests. These can be miniature tea candles, which are placed in a common container with the lights off. Or candles in the form of figures of the bride and groom or other characters. You can even make your own candles by adding aromatic essential oils to the wax.

Touching bells. These miniature bells will be a wonderful reminder of your wedding if you put unusual designs or engravings on them.

In the same way, you can decorate souvenir horseshoes, which are also suitable as a guest compliment.

Look for bookmarks with hearts or try making one yourself.

For children

It is much easier to please children with gifts than it is for adults. The main criteria when choosing awards for competitions for young guests are bright or sweet. If the event program includes children's competitions, the prize for them may be:

  • Sweets
    . The meaning of the sweet prize is such that you can take it with you. There are many options here: a set of sweets or cookies, a small chocolate bar, a wafer in glaze or dragee.

A flowerpot with a small violet as a gift for a guest will show how important his participation is to you

  • Kids toys
    . In this option, special attention should be paid to the quality of the material. Also avoid traumatic objects and toys with small parts. The following are suitable rewards for the competition: a small doll, a car, a ball, a pistol, soft toys.
  • A bright and unusual surprise will be balloons
    , helium or foil, in the shape of an animal, flower or cartoon character.
  • Children's books
    coloring books
    . Albums, pencils, colored pens.
  • Children's cosmetics
    . It is better not to buy, as children's skin is very sensitive and prone to allergies. But if you still choose this type of gift for children, you should choose a hypoallergenic product from a well-known manufacturer.

Based on the age characteristics of the guests, it is desirable that not a single child is left without a gift.

New relative! A gift for your son-in-law should be memorable, and we will tell you how to choose the best present.

Intangible gifts

This category includes prizes that do not require material costs. The main thing is to be smart and approach the issue with a bit of humor. Examples of such gifts for wedding competitions could be:

  • dance with the bride
  • the right to choose a musical composition
    during dancing;
  • inviting newlyweds to
    wedding anniversaries;
  • have a drink
    the newlyweds
A set of cool statuses for your desktop is a prize that everyone will want to win.
Salvador Dali's perpetual calendar is the perfect prize for the most difficult competition.
An anti-stress joke toy that will make all the guests laugh and delight the winner of the competition.

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