The best models of elegant and beautiful dresses for a wedding as a guest

Wedding clothing for guests is a fairly extensive topic for discussion. Although the elements of the image of the guests are characterized by evening fashion, not all elegant dresses and suits can be worn to a wedding for various reasons. Not all 2021 trends will be suitable as bridesmaid dresses, but many of them will definitely suit your taste.

The team of the portal will tell you about the main trends of 2021 in wedding clothing for guests, not only women, but also men. We will also tell you which trends should be used carefully, since not all current solutions are suitable for a wedding.

General recommendations

Info! Evening attire for a wedding should, first of all, be appropriate. For example, if there is a dress code at the celebration, it is best to choose dresses made in dark shades. For a cocktail party, an excellent solution would be clothes that are slightly above the knee or up to it.

Often, a wedding celebration involves choosing a specific palette of shades that matches the decoration of the venue or matches the bride. In this situation, the preferred color is indicated directly in the invitation.

When choosing outfits, the time of year is also taken into account. For example, wardrobe items with an open neckline and bare shoulders are suitable for summer. If the celebration is scheduled for winter, the top should be closed. Clothes can be light, but not white. This color is the prerogative of the bride. Also, do not give preference to black models and overly dark tones.

Evening dresses for this event are selected taking into account the age of the guests. If young ladies can even choose doll outfits, then mature women are better off giving preference to closed, laconic models.

Dresses for girls for a wedding acting as a bridesmaid, it is recommended to give preference to gentle, fairly light colors that set off the snow-white outfit of the main hero of the occasion.

What should a bridesmaid/best man wear to a wedding?

Having adopted Western traditions, modern newlyweds, as a rule, tell their bridesmaids and groomsmen in advance what color and style of outfit they should wear for the ceremony. However, if the time for the celebration is approaching and they are silent, most likely the choice is yours. In any case, it would be useful to find out the general color scheme of the wedding, and then everything depends on your taste and imagination.

The main thing to remember is that a bridesmaid or witness is first and foremost the main assistant, and only then a guest at the celebration. Therefore, the outfit should not be too long, so as not to get tangled in it with the newlywed. A knee-length or midi skirt is the best option. Choose lightweight fabrics in light, subtle colors, such as chiffon or lined lace. This will emphasize youth and grace without adding age, as heavy, dense materials such as velvet can do. Floral prints are now in trend: petals flowing along the hem will add lightness and innocence.

The best man or witness is also the groom’s right hand, and they should be in harmony in color scheme. You don’t have to dress exactly like the newlywed; it’s enough to take one color from his suit and buy, for example, a tie, and combine the rest of the look around this element. You can order identical boutonnieres, but only the one the witness has will be smaller and more modest.

Suitable styles for your body type

Wedding guest dresses should be chosen taking into account the type of female figure. For example, if a woman has an apple , classic and Greek style outfits would be an excellent solution. Short evening dresses for weddings are not advisable. It is better if the outfit is slightly below the knee. Maxi options are also suitable. To visually narrow your waist, you should choose a model with an A-line silhouette.

Thanks to flowing materials, the waistline is visually reduced in volume. True, there should be no decorative elements in the abdominal area. Otherwise, emphasis will be created on the problem area.

For those with an inverted triangle body shape, it is extremely important to balance your hips and shoulders. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a wedding dress for such ladies with an A-line silhouette , where the main emphasis is on the waist. The skirt can be fluffy or slightly flared. Options with a peplum are also perfect.

Clothes for ladies with a pear are selected in such a way as to reduce the volume of the hips. In this case, an excellent solution would be bateau cutouts and accents created in the upper part. Additional volume should be created in the shoulders. For example, frills, flounces and sleeves in the form of lanterns will look original.

For a rectangular body type, fitted outfits are suitable. A belt will help highlight the waist area. They can be either wide or narrow. Scented options are also suitable. They help create the most elegant, feminine image.

hourglass figure , choosing beautiful wardrobe items is the easiest way. In fact, in this case there are no restrictions. The cut can be absolutely anything. Decorative elements can be located in any part of the product.

Lace dresses

What will not cease to be fashionable in 2022 is, of course, lace. A lace dress adds femininity, allows you to disguise some figure imperfections, and makes the look light and romantic. Ruffles and bows, present in the 2022 trends, will also be a good choice. A lace dress should be chosen taking into account modern trends, choosing it to suit your individual style.

Suitable shades based on color type

The wedding dress for guests should match their color type. For example, those with a “winter” appearance have light, even porcelain-like skin. They have dark hair and their eyes can be light or dark. Such women should pay attention to the cold palette:

  • sea ​​wave;
  • scarlet;
  • rich purple;
  • ruby.

It is best if wedding dresses are chosen in an emerald shade. Winter ladies should avoid a warm palette. Pastel colors, brown, pink and carrot tones will not work in this case. You need to be especially wary of the orange palette. When using it, a woman will take on a tired, even painful appearance.

Ladies with the “autumn” have bronze skin. Their hair can be golden or deep red. Eye color is usually in a warm palette. Dresses for engagement, as well as wedding celebrations, for such women can be chosen in red. The following shades would also be appropriate:

  • lime;
  • champagne;
  • peach;
  • honey;
  • bright orange.

Summer girls are distinguished by their natural skin tone with a pinkish undertone. Their hair is ashen or light brown. The eyes are usually green, pale blue, with a grayish tint, or gray. It is recommended for such ladies to choose cold colors . An excellent option is slightly muted, soft shades. It is forbidden to use coral and yellow-green.

Women with the “spring” have light eyes and skin. Their hair is light brown or blond. It is recommended that such girls choose an evening dress for a wedding in a light pink, orange, blue or red color palette. Cream, lilac and beige shades also deserve attention.

Fitting dress

This is the perfect cut for every woman who wants to highlight her beautiful body. A fitted dress is very feminine, sensual and reveals the best features of your figure.

Review of the best models

The styles of dresses for a wedding should be studied in advance in the photo. This will make choosing the right option much easier. For example, the “gatsby” option deserves attention. The cut in this case is straight and the waist is slightly narrowed. The neckline is quite deep and the back is open. Often the outfit is decorated with embroidery, fringe, stones or feathers. Such models allow you to visually narrow your waist and make your silhouette more graceful.

The classic option is the case. This dress is suitable for the bride and guests. To make your outfit look festive, preference should be given to silk or satin fabrics. You can find long dresses and short ones on sale. Young ladies can choose from models of any length. For older women, it is best to wear a midi.

baby-doll dresses deserve special attention . Such models are perfect for young ladies. The length in this case can also be midi or mini. A wedding is a great reason to choose the first option. With its help, the image turns out to be sophisticated and quite gentle. Such models can be chosen by girls going to their sister’s celebration.

fish model is ideal for this event. The silhouette in this case is tight-fitting, flared at the bottom. With the help of such clothes, a sophisticated, graceful image is created. The main thing is that movement in this robe is not constrained.

How to choose a dress?

Usually we prepare for the wedding day to which you were invited, as much as the bride herself, in order to show her best side. When choosing a dress, you should not be guided only by how it looks and whether it matches the latest trends. Such a dress should first of all suit your figure. It should emphasize its advantages and also hide all sorts of shortcomings.

We take into account the age and status of the guest

Info! When choosing clothes for wedding guests, you should take into account their age category and status. Naturally, different models will be selected for the mother of one of the heroes of the occasion and the friend of the bride.

For Mom

An evening dress for mothers of newlyweds should be chosen with special responsibility. After all, absolutely everyone present will pay attention to these women. In this case, you can choose from the following options:

  • long evening model;
  • case made in a classic style;
  • gatsby;
  • pantsuit.

The color of clothing in this case is of particular importance. For example, overly saturated shades, as well as the combination of black and gold, look too pretentious. A light palette would be an excellent solution.

For the bridesmaid

For a wedding, the guest acting as a witness is selected to wear an elegant, sophisticated, and most delicate attire. As a rule, the shade in this case is determined in advance. It must correspond to the overall palette of the event.

If the bride has several bridesmaids at once, their outfits should be of an identical tone or in the same palette, for example, beige, peach, pale pink and all other pastel colors. The ideal option is floor-length models. They are suitable for celebrations held outdoors and in a restaurant.

For mature ladies

Info! For women who have crossed the 40-year mark, it is best to choose long, chic dresses made of guipure or satin. The color palette in this case is chosen to be noble. Even a combination of snow-white and black is allowed. The outfit can be decorated with a wide variety of decorative elements. For example, lace, all kinds of stones or original embroidery.

Plain classic options are also suitable. A clutch decorated with stones and jewelry will help complement the look.

For pregnant women

In this case, you should choose not only beautiful clothes, but also comfortable ones. It is unacceptable for clothing to restrict movement. It is recommended to give preference to natural materials. An excellent solution would be options with a high waistline, shirt dresses and a-line. It is recommended to choose a pastel palette.

For girls and teenagers

For very young guests you can inexpensively purchase the following models:

  • kimono;
  • baby ball;
  • outfit with a tutu skirt;
  • dress shirt;
  • with Greek cut

For engagement and wedding celebrations, you can wear an outfit in bright and pastel colors. Fabrics can be chosen with floral prints. It can be decorated with sequins, all kinds of pebbles and feathers. The length of the outfit should ideally be slightly above the knee. A belt decorated with stones will help complement the look.

By adhering to all these rules, creating a suitable image will be much easier. It will definitely be appropriate at a celebration and will certainly attract attention. Those around you will definitely appreciate the efforts made.

Choosing a bow for a man

For male guests, there are also some simple tips on how to dress for a wedding celebration:

  • firstly, you should not wear sports and office clothes, as well as sweaters and jeans, unless, of course, the wedding style suggests this;
  • secondly, like women, it is better to listen to the wishes of the future husband and wife and if they indicate the dress code of their holiday in the invitations, then follow it;
  • and thirdly, if you are with a companion, then you need to harmonize with her, that is, be in the same style and, perhaps, even the same color scheme.

In the fall, it is appropriate to wear a suit made of thick fabric, for example, cashmere, wool, gabardine, tweed or flannel. And if it’s really cold, you can throw on a cardigan or coat.

The suit itself can be anything, classic, with a print, a three-piece with a vest, everything will depend on the preferences of the man and the style of the event. If you are not a fan of suits, then replace the jacket with an elegant shirt with a bow tie or tie.

By the way, in the fall, “Boho” and “Rustic” themes are popular, for which it is just appropriate to wear thick trousers in combination with a shirt and suspenders.

We hope that now guests will not have a question about what to wear to an autumn wedding with their friends and relatives. We wish you a fun time at such a wonderful holiday as a wedding celebration!

Photos of various options

Cocktail asymmetric dress

Elegant and modern - this is how cocktail dresses with an asymmetrical cut can be described in a nutshell. This is an excellent solution for many ladies, regardless of age and body type. Thanks to its asymmetry, a cocktail dress perfectly emphasizes your figure. In summer, flared and airy styles look fantastic, adding lightness and weightlessness.

Polka dot dress

This season, small and large peas in a pastel version have regained their popularity. A wide neckline, short sleeves, frills or ribbons instead of a traditional belt surrounded by delicate dots make up an almost perfect look.

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