12 super ideas: what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding

Brides spend a lot of attention and money on creating a festive look, in which the wedding dress occupies a central place. And then the day of triumph came, the bride’s outfit coped with its task, it was hung in the closet and forgotten.

After some time, the bride wonders what to do with it: give it as a gift, sell it, or store it for future generations? The last option is not the best, since fashion changes and does not always return in the same form. If you don't want your money to be wasted, the best option is to have your wedding dress altered or modified so that it can be worn in everyday life.

The Svadebka.ws portal will tell you in detail how to change a wedding dress into a child’s or evening dress and whether this can be done according to superstitions.

An elegant dress after the wedding can be worn to a meeting or a trip to the theater

The likelihood of a second life largely depends on the style of the wedding dress and its length. So, for example, a strict and elegant classic knee-length outfit may well serve in the future. Wear a jacket or bolero over it, similar in shade (but better still not white) or contrasting. Alternatively, in a tight-fitting dress just above the knees with a gray jacket and blue accessories (beads, shoes) you can go on a date - business or not.

Capture the memory of your wedding day by transforming your dress into something special

Not every bride is ready to pay a huge amount for a dress that can only be worn once in a lifetime. That’s why salons that rent formal outfits are so popular today. But there are girls who have kept their snow-white dress. And it doesn’t matter how long ago the wedding took place - a couple of years or decades ago. If your treasure is still lying on the mezzanine, waiting for a chance to please one of your daughters, check out these ideas. Among them are those that will help preserve the memory of an important event in an unexpected way.

Things for the baby

For many families, the birth of a child is the next stage in family life after marriage. Therefore, things for a baby knitted from a mother’s (or maybe grandmother’s) dress will look very touching and cute. One option is to line the outside of the baby's cradle with dress fabric. You can sew a canopy from a veil or petticoat tulle that will protect your baby's sleep.

The remains of the satin can be adapted into a small blanket, which is perfect for both the crib and the stroller.

Small booties for the first days of a baby’s life are another elegant solution. Decorate them with lace or add simple elastic bands.

The christening suit is also traditionally made from white fabric. You can use wedding dress material for it. You can preserve the memory of two important events without taking up much space in your closet. Such a gift would be appropriate if you were called godmother.

Give the dress to your daughter

In some families, a wedding dress is passed down from generation to generation. But not every dress is valuable enough to be in demand by brides a decade from now. You can remake your mother's dress for other important events. This girl, for example, decided to choose a new dress for the wedding celebration, and chose her mother’s altered one as an engagement dress.

This dress was dyed and made a great evening wear.

Make a beautiful decoration

You can't wear your wedding dress every day. But you can wear part of the dress! Decorate your jewelry or accessories with lace and fabric from your favorite outfit. A simple pendant will remind you of one of the happiest events in life.

Cover the lace with a coat of gold paint to create a stunning tiara.

A neat clutch will delicately complement an evening outfit.

Sew an elegant lingerie set

A great outfit for a wedding anniversary that you can celebrate together.

Decorate your home

Another logical continuation of the wedding is the construction of a family hearth. Your shared home can have several romantic reminders of the occasion. A bedspread to decorate a family bed.

Embroider your initials onto the pillow and add a lace applique.

A teddy bear made of satin and sequins is not suitable for the role of a children's toy, but it can decorate your room, evoking pleasant memories every time.

You can use parts of the dress to create elegant Christmas decorations. They can become a real family heirloom. These could be Christmas tree decorations...

Or decorative elements.

Elegant socks for gifts from Santa Claus.

Donate the dress to charity

Yes, it will not stay with you... But it will be very nice to think that another girl will be beautiful on the important day of her life.

Another type of charity is the Angel's Robe project, which involves brides around the world. Young women donate dresses to make clothes for babies who are not destined to return home from the hospital. By giving these children their most precious things, women express solidarity and support for their mothers.

After the wedding, it can be changed into a skirt or cocktail dress

After the wedding, you can turn it into a skirt and wear it to a party with a denim shirt. A short dress (tunic, retro or even “a la princess”) is quite useful for beach parties and discos - just complement it with bright accessories. Plain shoes, beads, a bag and a belt will do the trick, turning your wedding dress into a fashionable club or cocktail outfit. Some long wedding dresses can be shortened (like Grecian styles) to achieve the same effect, and even re-dyed!

Radical changes

Don't sell your wedding dress. Remove the decor from it, but do not throw it away; carefully sort the beads, rhinestones, pearls, sparkles and beads into small bags. If you do handicrafts, then you will definitely need them in the future. Clean and wash the dress, dry it and carefully open the seams. You will receive a lot of high-quality, beautiful material, from which, even without much practical experience, you can make many useful things for your home or apartment. What to make from a wedding dress?

Don’t regret that such a long-awaited wedding dress had to be repainted, altered, altered. Let it stay with you for years in a new form, but looking at all these cute little things, you will remember that solemn day when you were so young and happy.

Remake your daughter's wedding dress into a princess or christening dress

By the way, you can completely alter your wedding dress: it will make an excellent carnival costume. Your daughter will be the best Snowflake, Fairy, Princess or Snow Queen in school!

Selling a wedding dress is not considered a bad omen

Many ladies, wondering what to do with the dress after the wedding, decide to sell it. This is not considered a bad omen, and, in general, is even noble. After all, for some, buying a used wedding dress is the only option. You can try to take your outfit to a rental salon or rent it out yourself, including for photo shoots.

Destroy him

This option is suitable for bold creative people who are not afraid of experiments. Organize a post-wedding Trash the Dress photo shoot where you artistically destroy your dress. Jump into the pool in it, swim, paint with colored paints or lie in the grass - it will be a truly fun and slightly crazy shoot that you will definitely remember for a long time.

Just be sure to discuss your ideas and wishes with the photographer - this is a rather unusual and new direction, and a professional must understand exactly what kind of result you want to get: after all, you won’t have a second chance to do such a shoot!

Save Saved

Photo by: Thomas Steibl | In the door of the summers wind: stylized photo shoot

Arrange an unusual photo shoot

If it’s a pity to cut up your favorite dress, but you can’t sell it by hand, you can organize a memorable photo shoot with its participation. It’s a nice thing to go with your loved one to the sea and plunge headlong into romance, and in the literal sense too. Don't forget to invite a creative photographer who will tell you how best to depict scenes in the water.

Use it for crafts

Sentimental newlyweds often create original art objects featuring wedding dresses and other paraphernalia. For example, they are framed like a picture and hung on the wall along with regular photos. Another idea is to use lace on a pendant for a pendant, a children's toy as a keepsake, Christmas toys with white decor, or decorative pillows.

Outfit for a child: ideas for all ages

The very deservedly popular trend of creating envelopes for newborns from old wedding dresses has found a response among admirers of folk signs. It is believed that such a decision provides the child with additional protection and protects him from harm. In addition, white color is universal and will suit a child of any gender.

Often mothers make real fabulous outfits and original costumes from their old wedding dresses. Lace, ruffles, rhinestones and glass beads are perfect for a children's party in kindergarten or primary school. On the other hand, when creating a more casual outfit, the sparkly little things can be sewn on and used to decorate the interior, bag, belt or something similar, as you wish.

Another wonderful tradition is to alter a mother’s wedding dress for her daughter’s prom dress. However, this requires not only serious adjustment in size, but also great responsibility in choosing accessories and decorative elements, so I recommend seeking help from professionals.

Sometimes a mother's old wedding dress takes on new life as her daughter's wedding dress. Of course, vintage and retro dresses have always been popular, but not every bride will suit the theme and general mood of the celebration, so you have to improvise by shortening the sleeves, removing the train, or even repainting the fabric.

Leave for posterity

Many ladies, by the way, from the very beginning decide the fate of their wedding dress in favor of the attic, chest or basement - because it’s “a pity”. And so the hope remains that someday a daughter will be born who will get ready to go to the altar and decide to wear this dress that has already become vintage.

In any case, what to do with the dress after the wedding is up to the bride to decide: for women, things related to the sacrament of marriage are very important. And men don’t understand why their spouses keep their wedding dress in the closet for years, along with blouses and skirts, as if planning to wear it someday.

What did you do with your wedding dress? Threw it out?

We give a second life

As I said earlier, there are quite a lot of options for how you can use a wedding dress.
However, the most practical thing will be to transform the dress into an evening one. This way, you can appear in your favorite appearance several more times. But don’t think that you can only get one dress from such a formal outfit. No. Now I want to share with you the ideas that I have collected especially for you.

Of course, the dress can be altered. And now let's see what we can come up with:

  1. From a fluffy dress you can create several new things at once. Fluffy chiffon skirts can be used to create a delicate and romantic dress. And the main material will be used to make a miniature summer outfit. You can also create a sophisticated look from a lush outfit using a floor-length dress. To do this, you just need to remove the pomp, and the updated outfit is ready.
  2. The upper part can be turned into an embroidered top or a separate corset. Then, with this top, you can create a delicate and romantic skirt from a formal outfit.
  3. In addition to the above, you can create another extravagant appearance. The top layers of a festive fluffy dress are perfect for creating a hot, intimate look. A transparent dress will give you many new sensations and remind you of the joyful moments of entering family life.

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