Fashionable short dresses in 2022: wedding, prom, short sleeves, evening, puffy, white + 160 PHOTOS

If you want to know the main wedding trends of 2022, read the article at the link! And now to wedding dresses - Bridal Fashion Week was held in New York in April, where designers showed new collections of wedding dresses for 2022. We looked through hundreds of models and identified 17 main trends that you should know about. From the colors that cover the outfits to the details embroidered with pearls, all the 2018 trends are worth trying on. We'll tell you in detail.

Dresses with flowers

Each designer showed outfits embroidered with flowers; this is the main trend of 2022. Floral motifs appeared on the catwalks a year ago, but have only now taken them over. Flowers cover the dresses completely, but the design varies: there is multi-colored embroidery, voluminous buds, and individual delicate petals.

Entertainment for guests

In addition to the fact that a wedding becomes a reflection of the couple and their inner world, it also becomes a place for communication and meeting of those closest to them. For modern couples, it is very important that the wedding has interactive areas
- video games, table ping pong, quests and games for guests - that provide
opportunities for communication
, because it has become extremely important.

Everything is divided into zones - photo, lounge zones, as well as interactive zones for guests in the form, for example, of various tastings or bars (candy bar, snack bar and others). Thus, these are areas for spending quality time


Entertainment is not an end in itself at a wedding, but it is a very important part of it, since most of the guests do not know each other, and you need to create a comfortable atmosphere. Interactive zones, correct timing, competent choice of presenter, entertainment program, and live music help. They create the mood at the wedding and set the tone for the whole day.

The main trend here is a well-thought-out program without fanaticism with a change of artists every hour. Master classes, outdoor games, cover band performances, props, performances from guests - create a program so that you and your guests have time to communicate.

For several years now, brides and grooms have been trying to give up competitions, but they do not understand how to entertain the guests in this case. We have prepared three unconventional ideas:

  1. 3D videos with the effect of freezing time At the event, a special zone is being built, filming in which you get a video with the effect of “freezing” motion and the addition of 3D graphics. This technology is called bullet time and comes from Hollywood films. It is used when it is necessary to show a stationary object with a “moving” camera in a position in which it cannot be in reality - for example, to catch and stop the moment of a glass breaking into fragments as it falls. Bullet time at events looks cool, it’s still unusual, but it also costs a lot.
  2. Rap battles Oksimiron and company accidentally created the hottest wedding trend of 2022: rap battles. Battles between the bride and groom, witnesses and guests will be the hit of the evening. At least at those weddings where they were held, the performers bathed in applause. But remember that not everyone is made for battles; don’t torture yourself and your guests if they don’t want to participate in it.
  3. Performances by young people If rap is not your thing, but you want spectacle, think about how to surprise the guests during the first dance. An example is Nikita Presnyakov’s wedding, where the guys showed a stunning acrobatic performance.

Lace dresses

Do you think lace is for grandmothers? It's time to reconsider outdated views - designers offer brides dozens of models that do not look like they were pulled out of an ancient chest. Particularly admirable are dresses with the finest knitting:

Wedding capes

Another trend that timidly appeared a year ago and has gained full strength. The wedding cape has turned from a salvation from cool weather into a full-fledged part of the bride’s image. It can be laconic long or short and embroidered with rhinestones:

Beautiful and graceful dresses

The girl, preparing for her wedding, is in wonderful anticipation that this day, like her entire future married life, will be the most wonderful event. That is why it is very important for the bride to choose the very wedding dress that will be the perfect complement to an unforgettable celebration.

The wedding fashion trends of 2022 prove to us that the newlywed has a huge choice. Classic models still remain in trend , allowing fashionistas to express their taste without deviating from traditional trends. However, many wonderful new products have been created for lovers of creativity in the new season.

It is worth paying attention to the “mermaid” style or multi-layered silhouettes. Thanks to them, the girl will look like a weightless cloud. An open neckline, bare shoulders or a gracefully open back will allow you to combine the innocence of a beautiful princess and the sexuality of an attractive woman in your image.

The young lady will look gentle and graceful if she chooses a white outfit. However, for those who want to diversify their look with colored silhouettes, shades such as ivory, pearl blue, tinted peach or soft pink are suitable.

Princess Dresses

Girls dream of such fabulous outfits when they imagine their future wedding. Fluffy skirts, in which you would not be ashamed to appear at a royal ball, are not always comfortable, but these are minor things. Who cares about practicality when a dream comes true:

Attention to light and color

When choosing a venue and decorators, couples may not think about the role that lighting plays, but that’s what professionals are there to help them decide. But contractors constantly discuss this topic in their circles. Therefore, we consider light to be a trend, because it can transform, place the right accents and create the right mood.

The venue can sparkle with new colors if you think through the lighting in advance. And if you ignore this issue, then even stylish decor will look anything but festive.


Wedding minimalism

Simple silhouettes and smooth fabrics will be chosen by brides who love graceful naturalness. Minimalistic does not mean boring, judge for yourself:


A deep triangular neckline visually elongates the silhouette and focuses attention on the décolleté area, and is also one of the main trends of the upcoming season. Dresses of a fitted silhouette with a long train made of smooth material create feminine silhouettes, while fluffy models with drapery made of lace and tulle create delicate and airy images.

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Jewelry on wedding dresses 2022

Some designers showed outfits embroidered with rhinestones, pearls, sparkles and even fabulous dragonflies. You want to admire such luxury for hours, and then definitely buy:


From jewelry for mature ladies, pearls have turned into a remarkable detail of the bride's image. Intricate pearl necklaces, belts and clothing items appeared in the collections of several designers and looked fashionable.

High slits

Almost every collection contains dresses with a high front slit. It allows you to maintain a difficult balance between the sensuality and conservatism of a classic wedding dress. Following the canons is the floor length, royal train, and accentuated waistline.

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If you are against stereotypes, replace the skirt with trousers. Even they look romantic and feminine this season:


Wide or almost invisible, embroidered with rhinestones or laconic black, belts are designed to emphasize the graceful waists of brides and make outfits memorable.

20s style and feathers

By this point, you probably realized that wedding dresses 2018 cannot be called boring. They prepared another surprise for us - Art Deco. The twenties of the last century were the time when women finally left the house to fulfill their dreams. They took up sports, started dancing and leading an active social life, which was reflected in their clothes: dresses became shorter and more elegant. The rhinestones, feathers, pearls and geometric patterns that ruled fashion at the time have returned to the New York catwalks:

Wedding fashion 2022: trends, photos, jumpsuits and trousers

Trousers and overalls are one of the important fashion trends in wedding fashion 2022. Such separate sets of trousers, top or blouse allow you to use them not only during the wedding ceremony, but also after the big day in festive ensembles. Layering is also a feature of trouser outfits. Jackets, dresses, long tunics - you can choose the right set to suit any female figure.

Wedding jumpsuits follow the fashion trends for dresses 2022. Transparent styles are decorated with openwork embroidery on the canvas. Many of them come in sets with removable floor-length skirts.

Brilliant decor, openwork capes, large bows and trains add solemnity and uniqueness to wedding jumpsuits.

Noticeable sleeves

If you have already chosen a dress with sleeves, let them be unusual - this is the motto that designers followed when presenting new collections. Interesting shapes and original decorations are now the order of the day. The more eccentric the better:

Bet on color

Designers continue to experiment with the color of a wedding dress. Models in delicate beige, lavender, pink and blue shades will remain relevant next season. If you don’t want to stray far from the classic white palette, we recommend considering ivory-colored models or with a small splash of contrasting embroidery. An extravagant novelty of the season – dresses in bright red and black palettes.

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Big bows

Bows appeared in last year's collections, but this year they became large and catchy. They are no longer hidden in the folds, but appear in the most noticeable places - the waist, sleeves and back.

Number of guests and wedding format

According to most brides, a comfortable number of guests is up to 40-50 guests. This means that the trend for intimate weddings continues. The bride and groom want to share this holiday with really close people. Although some people have 100-200 people close to them (we are glad for such friendly families!). But for the most part these are still small weddings.

This number of guests allows you to choose any format: from a classic elegant wedding in a beautiful estate to a party on the roof.

It's great that communication becomes the main focus of a wedding. The bride and groom do not just sit at the table all evening, accepting gifts and congratulations from the guests, and the guests do not go out to dance only for 15-20 minutes, when the host announced this. The wedding format is now more lively and flexible. Thanks to this, there is no feeling of a boring banquet for 7 hours. There is no longer a strict connection to mandatory wedding traditions: because of this, the wedding scenario and its format become individual and interesting.

Long veil

Our passion for the floor-length veil is limitless, we regularly declare our love for it and, finally, designers have heard it. The ideal symbol of tenderness, femininity and purity will adorn every bride. You can choose a suitable long veil for almost any dress, the image will immediately become sophisticated. If you haven't considered this detail before, think again.

Accessories black

Many designers presenting at Bridal Fashion Week decided that 2022 wedding dresses must be black. In our culture, such attire is still associated with anything, but not with a wedding. But black accessories will make the look stylish:

Gloves for the outfit

A small detail, but what a stunning effect: at Lela Rose, gloves with embroidered pearls give the image even more vintage and touching romance, and at Monique Lhuillier it is this accessory that makes the outfits so original and unlike other wedding collections.

Lela Rose, spring-summer 2022

Monique Lhuillier, spring-summer 2018

Statement Earrings and Necklaces

Ear studs and thin chains are suggested to be put off until better times, giving preference to large and noticeable jewelry. Such details draw attention to the parts of the body on which they are located, keep this in mind.

Wedding decoration

Decor and Floristry

Minimalism remains popular, but it's making room for a new trend: luxurious floral decor . There are arches buried in flowers, magnificent floral arrangements on tables, and decoration of site elements (for example, stairs or chandeliers).

The fashion for classic wedding decorations is returning (thanks to Prince Harry’s wedding), but with amendments. A new classic – light and airy. White color and bouquets on guest tables are combined with crystal chandeliers, elegant chairs and thin candles. Modern classics – nothing excessive, heavy or solid.

An interesting wedding trend for 2022 is the contrast of materials, the deliberate juxtaposition of different textures. How to implement this? Combine wood and metal, glass and metal, or, for example, rough raw fabrics with thin and airy ones.

There will be trends that will carry over into the new year from the old. The greenery style is not going to lose ground and will continue to appear in the design. He brought with him into the New Year the use of strict geometric shapes in decoration.

A trend that originated in 2022 and will move into the next year is carpets in wedding decoration. They ceased to be the lot of pensioners and appeared at the most fashionable boho weddings.


A wedding is a holiday where you want everything to bloom. After all, we are celebrating the creation of a family! And greenery with flowers becomes not just a decorative element, but the main accent that continues the idea of ​​​​the birth of a new one. The theme of botany is inspiring, so at weddings, especially summer and spring ones, there will be a lot of greenery - and that’s great! Let all the flowers bloom!


A smooth bride's dress, the absence of unnecessary elements, strict, restrained and cold shades - if a couple loves stylish and minimalist solutions in life, then the wedding should match them. By the way, a complement to this trend is the trend for marble and rose gold.

We want to expand the theme of minimalism, since not all couples refuse colors, are afraid of black, etc. The trend towards minimalism, not only in weddings, but also in everyday life, means the use of simpler and more concise shapes, lines, and shades. To create such a concept, you need not only a sense of taste, but also a sense of proportion.


We love this trend! Transparent decorative elements make the wedding airy, light and stylish. Chalk boards are replaced by clear glass boards with elegant calligraphy for the seating plan, and flowers on the arches literally float in the air. Transparency in decor continues the trend of minimalism and restraint, and it looks very stylish!


We love the way wedding arches change. If previously almost all weddings had different versions of the same “floral arch + table” combination, now you can see everything from floral classics to fabric on wood. In 2018, round arches and bold back designs will still be popular, chandeliers and greenery will return, and brave couples will experiment with geometry and floristry. And, of course, lush floral arches are always on trend because they are classic.

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