DIY bouquet of garden flowers for September 1st – design ideas

How to make an autumn composition from a bouquet of flowers with your own hands? Florists offer many design options that can impress and inspire. You can use many of them as a basis to make ikebana for a school lesson for children or to create an unusual gift for a loved one. In addition to traditional buds and stems, paper and fabric parts, fruits and vegetables, dry preparations, natural materials and even sweets are added to glass or homemade baskets and vases. Our article will tell you about the principles of making such crafts.

What should an autumn school bouquet look like?

An autumn bouquet for September 1 should be festive and aesthetic. For first-graders and younger students, it is better to choose small, light compositions so that the child’s hands do not get tired while lining up. Older guys can easily present voluminous bouquets.

When choosing plants, you need to take into account that they match the school uniform and do not stain it with pollen. Also, the bouquet should not cause allergies. Eliminate the presence of insects, for example, wasps, which could fly out and sting someone. It is important to remember that the bouquet will be a gift for a teacher or school principal, so if possible, it is worth taking into account their preferences.

Vases for plants

Most flower arrangements are wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with floral ribbon. However, it is much more pleasant to receive an armful that is already in a jar or basket, made with your own hands, and the bouquet is decorated on an autumn theme.

The most suitable and simplest option for this are citrus fruits and pumpkin - their dense peel does not deform and does not allow liquid to pass through. To prepare the container, you just need to carefully cut off the top, take out all the pulp and fill it with water. Even a head of cabbage is suitable as a vessel, but there is a chance that the leaves will soon leak. In this case, you can make a small notch in the head of cabbage and insert a ready-made glass glass of water into it.

Of course, the best pedestal for the composition is a pumpkin. In addition to the classic round or oval pumpkin, squash, zucchini and other decorative pumpkin plants with an unusual shape will serve as containers. Even if they are unstable, you can lay the fruit on its side or hang it and cut a hole in a convenient place.

What flowers to choose for an autumn bouquet

Autumn is rich in colors, so you can choose orange, yellow, red, burgundy flowers for your bouquet. Popular species include: asters, chrysanthemums, dahlias, hydrangeas, zinnias. Roses and carnations do not lose people's love. Armfuls of gladioli will evoke nostalgia for the past, and sunny sunflowers will lift your spirits. A variety of greens will add freshness to the bouquet: cereals, sedum, asparagus, gypsophila, ornamental cabbage, hosta leaves, thuja twigs. The list goes on. Just look at what is growing in your flower garden and feel free to use it to make a bouquet.

Exotic flowers in a school bouquet will look somewhat pompous. But if you are sure that the teacher will appreciate the composition with an orchid or strelitzia, feel free to implement your idea!

For school bouquets, it is appropriate to use a variety of decorative decorations and additions, for example, the following are suitable:

  • hard berries of rowan, viburnum, bladderwort, hawthorn, rose hips, small apples, pears, etc.;
  • dry or fresh woody leaves of different shades, beautiful twigs;
  • pencils, rulers, pens, erasers and other office supplies;
  • small globes, plastic and wooden bells, butterflies, birds and other figures;
  • cut out numbers, letters, symbols, formulas;
  • signs with school inscriptions or sketches;
  • ribbons, bows, balls, candies, etc.

You can select several elements or add just one so as not to overload the composition. As for packaging, cellophane and foil are not in trend right now. It is better to use kraft paper or sisal (a natural fiber). Compositions in small cardboard boxes, plastic buckets or baskets will look beautiful.

Suitable colors in clothes

In order to always look your best, you need to know which clothing colors suit you personally and which ones you shouldn’t wear. A well-chosen color can highlight your unusual appearance, while a poorly chosen color can negate the entire effect.

It has long been known in psychology that the color of clothing significantly affects the mood of both the person himself and those around him. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the color combinations of your wardrobe (especially in work and other important situations).

The color palette of clothing that suits representatives of the autumn season is more than diverse. But it is still possible to select several colors that are universally suitable for almost every type of color type.

It is advisable to focus on warm shades that will highlight the girl’s uniqueness. As base colors for your wardrobe, we would recommend:

  1. Orange. A bright and clean color is not suitable for everyone, but if you choose not an eye-catching shade, but a slightly muted one, it will become a worthy addition to your wardrobe.
  2. Coffee with milk. A universal color that is a must-have in a girl's fall wardrobe. It suits every subtype and looks incredibly noble. It’s especially cool to combine it with cream-colored things, which also have a place in the wardrobe of every self-respecting fashionista.
  3. Rust color. It is important to choose a deep and fairly rich shade that is distinguished by its nobility.
  4. Bottle and olive. It will be able to dilute the gathered brown and orange shades, while remaining noble and sophisticated, decorating the owner of clothes of this color.

In addition, in choosing suitable shades, much depends on the subtype to which people belong:

  1. Soft autumn. From pink, she will go with dusty pink, salmon pink and coral. Shades of green may also be present in the wardrobe - olive and mint will look great. Also, the shade of mahogany and purple is suitable for representatives of this subtype.
  2. Deep autumn. Salmon pink will suit her, but it can be diluted with peach, burgundy, and bronze. Muted yellow things, lemon, terracotta and turquoise colors will look great.
  3. Warm autumn. This is a grateful subtype in terms of color selection, which suits almost everything. But things that look especially good in a wardrobe are pumpkin yellow, jade, peach (but not bright), brown and green. Of the classic combinations, the color of cream and dark chocolate will perfectly highlight the unusual appearance. If a girl has dark hair, red and black will also suit her.

Autumn colors are varied. In addition to those listed, you can experiment with gold, amber, and brown shades.

How to prepare flowers for a bouquet for September 1

Now let's talk about the general rules for preparing flowers for a holiday bouquet. It is better to cut plants early in the morning, when they are still fresh and full of energy. During the day this can only be done in cloudy weather. Each crop has its own optimal cutting moment, which we will discuss below. Some plants are best cut at the beginning of flowering, others at the bud stage. This will determine how long the bouquet will last.

  • Flowers for a bouquet: which plants are suitable for cutting?

    For flower lovers, it’s not enough to see the beauty in the area - they want to fill the house with blooms. We want to tell you which flowers that are most often grown in summer cottages can last for a long time in bouquets after being cut.

Make cuts with a sharp knife or pruning shears at an angle to increase the suction surface of the stem. You should not break flowers with your hands; this will shorten their freshness. It’s also better to put the garden shears aside, because... they compress the stem and damage the nutrition of the flower.

After cutting the flower, remove the lower leaves and trim the stem by 2-3 cm. Inspect the plant for pests and diseases, if necessary, wash it with cool water and place it in water. A universal remedy for extending the life of flowers is sugar (1-2 tsp per 1 liter of water). Boric acid (5-7 drops per 1 liter of water) or table salt (1 tsp per 1 liter of water) will also help. For disinfection, you can add several crystals of potassium permanganate to the solution.

Some flowers in the bouquet are not “friends” with each other. For example, roses and lilies require separate dishes, and carnations suppress other plants.

When cutting perennial flowers, be sure to disinfect the tool before and after the procedure. Some gardeners carry out this procedure even after cutting each flower, because... there is a risk of infecting the entire bush.

Involve your child in creating a school bouquet to cheer him up for the new school year!

Now let’s look at what specific plants you can choose for a school bouquet. Get inspired and implement it!

A special state of mind

Autumn is a special state of nature, which seems to die during the winter cold. A person experiences a similar mood, being a part of nature. A bright and life-affirming bouquet of flowers will help dispel quiet sadness. Flowers decorated in the style of autumn create a unique feeling of celebration, a celebration of wildlife that will awaken after a long and cold winter.

Creating a cozy and warm atmosphere during the prolonged autumn rains, a bouquet of flowers gives a sunny hot day, a reminder that nature will be reborn: there will be a new day and a new year with all the wonderful seasonal changes in nature.

Luxurious bouquet of asters for September 1

Asters are one of the most popular flowers on Knowledge Day. Both first-graders and high school students can safely go to school with them. It is easy to create unusual compositions from asters in combination with roses, zinnias, dahlias, sunflowers, and asparagus. But remember that in too large bouquets, asters may lose their charm.

Asters are cut when the flower is fully open. After cutting, remove all lower leaves on the stems and place the flowers in water at room temperature. To extend the life of the flower, add 1-2 tsp to the container. sugar per liter of water.

Asters of different shades look great with sunflowers. Start making a bouquet with asters, leaving beautiful leaves on different sides. When you get close to the edges of the arrangement, insert the sunflowers, securing their heads tightly. Photo source:

A ceremonial bouquet can only be composed of asters of different varieties. For example, place flowers with large buds in the center, and small ones around them. Consider the color scheme so that it is harmonious. It is best to tie such a bouquet with a ribbon or place it in a decorative bucket.

For such an autumn bouquet, choose orange, red and yellow flowers: asters, roses, callas. A sprig of rowan will not be out of place. The composition will be complemented by leaves of decorative wormwood and natural packaging made of canvas fabric with a ribbon to match the flowers.

Ideas for compositions made of corrugated paper and candies

Corrugated paper inflorescences look realistic and presentable. For any holiday, you can come up with an interesting ensemble with sweets, which will become not only a pleasant, but also a tasty surprise. In addition to the paper base, craftsmen often use real yellow tree leaves in which to wrap sweet gifts. If you don’t have any sweets on hand, no problem, make flowers from leaves and cellulose.

To make the set as festive as possible, include elements of dried flowers, real cedar or pine cones. Place all this in a beautiful wicker basket. Combine a variety of colors: deep red, bright yellow, green, orange, brown and others.

Festive bouquets of marigolds

The humble marigolds look great in a fall bouquet. Their bright, rich colors are suitable for a school party. You can use marigolds to make a neat round bouquet or place them next to other flowers. A good combination will be with delphinium and spirea branches. Cut marigolds half or fully open to a height of about 20 cm.

Such a cute bouquet will not be left without attention. Thanks to its compact size, it will fit even in a small vase. Tie the flowers with twine and wrap them in craft paper. Figures, pencils and rulers would also be appropriate here.

An original vase can be made from an ordinary pumpkin. To do this, take a glass glass or jar, attach it to the pumpkin and trace along the outline. Then use a knife to cut a hole along the marked line, remove all the seeds and part of the pulp from the pumpkin so that the glass fits freely in the hole. To make the vase last longer, cover its inside with melted wax or paraffin. Fix the flowers in a glass, and then simply place it in the pumpkin.

The basis of this pumpkin bouquet is marigolds, chrysanthemums and coreopsis. They can be supplemented with red leaves and sprigs of greenery. Photo source:

Some tips

  1. The more luxurious the newlywed’s dress, the simpler and more modest the bouquet should be and vice versa.
  2. The spherical shape of the composition looks great in the hands of a fragile bride, short in stature and in a magnificent dress. And here is a cascade option for a tall, slender girl in a tight dress.
  3. At the beginning of autumn, bouquets with a predominant yellow look look great. In the middle and end of the season, colors may become more vibrant - orange, burgundy, red, violet, purple.
  4. Do not overload your wedding accessory with an abundance of catchy tones, otherwise it will take all the attention and overshadow you.
  5. If the meaning of flowers is important to you, then clarify their symbolism in advance.
  6. Do not choose an attribute that is too heavy, because walking with it all day and your hands can quickly get tired.

Ideas for bouquets of carnations for September 1

Carnations are traditionally given as gifts at formal gatherings. But this delicate flower is also perfect for school holidays. Prefer white, pink or orange shades of carnations. These flowers are very persistent, but to make them pleasing to the eye even longer, cut them at the stage of half-opened buds. Be sure to remove the lower leaves from the stems. Add one crushed aspirin tablet and 2 tsp to water at room temperature. sugar per 1 liter of water. It is better to store carnations in a cool place.

To create this arrangement you will need white carnations, asparagus leaves and, if desired, an orchid branch. The base of the bouquet can be made from pencils and wire.

Such a delicate velvet bouquet can be assembled from carnations of different shades. The packaging is plain colored paper. The advantage of this composition is its lightness and brevity. If desired, you can decorate the bouquet with butterflies or birds.

Made from natural material

A beautiful autumn bouquet (photos illustrate the options in detail) is made from various natural materials:

  • If unopened cones are placed in water, they will gain moisture and open. The opened things are attached to wooden sticks, skewers or elongated toothpicks.

To create a circular panorama, use foam floral balls. They are created from polyurethane foam of different diameters. Any natural materials (branches, inflorescences, leaves, bunches) are stuck into such blanks. The original composition will come out if the cones are turned upside down. The tips are decorated with rhinestones, beads and ribbons. They are glued with hot glue.

The fruits of coniferous trees are painted with spray paint or gouache, then the completed ikebana is decorated. The color saturation depends on the number of layers. You can make the center of a craft from one large copy.

  • Original bouquets are made from other forest gifts. Branches, acorns, chestnuts, and dried grass panicles are used for decoration.
  • Flower petals are made from pumpkin seeds. To make an inflorescence, you need to insert dried pumpkin seeds in rows into a plasticine ball.
  • Peanut shells are used to make daisies. Use plasticine as a base or attach them with hot glue to a floral ball.
  • Dried flowers will complement any natural composition. They use everything - ears, leaves, dry grass, and paint if desired. As an option, ikebana plants are decorated with cotton inflorescences, branches, and dried roses.

DIY bouquets of dahlias for September 1

Dahlias are not so durable when cut, but they are so luxurious in a bouquet! Despite their self-sufficiency, these flowers go well with asters, marigolds, goldenrod and other garden plants. Dahlias should be cut fully open. Flowers with faded lower petals are not suitable for a bouquet. To make the flowers wait until September 1, add half a crushed aspirin tablet to the water and do not forget to remove the lower leaves from the stems. Spray the flower heads with fresh water several times a day.

You can use different varieties of dahlias for bouquets, but it is better not to mix them in one composition. But the shades, as in the presented composition, may be different.

The number of large flowers in a bouquet should be odd.

Graduation girls will love exquisite bouquets with dahlias. A combination of dark and light dahlias (pictured left) will look especially delicate. And in combination with openwork fern leaves, round pink dahlias (pictured on the right) will outshine even lush bouquets in their beauty.

Types of autumn color type

Even if autumn is the color type of your appearance, this still doesn’t say much, since autumn beauties have several subtypes of appearance that were formed within the group. They differ in how bright and intense the beauty of their representatives is. The main and most popular groups are the following subtypes of autumn:

  1. soft;
  2. dark;
  3. cold;
  4. light;
  5. contrasting;
  6. natural;
  7. deep.

It cannot be said that girls of any one type are the most beautiful. Everyone has their own characteristics and people's appearance is very different. At first glance, it is difficult to say that these people belong to the same color type, so let’s take a closer look at what the features of each subtype are.

Soft autumn

The soft autumn color type is easy to admire, because it is one of the most diverse. The shades that appear in it create the atmosphere of the mid-autumn months. This is not a cold and repulsive autumn, but a very cozy and warm one.

The skin of representatives of this color type seems to glow, and their hair shimmers in all natural shades from golden chestnut to copper. Beauties have bright eyes. Usually mild autumn is distinguished by hazel-colored eyes, less often light gray, like a cloudy sky.

Drawing an analogy, one can imagine that this color type resembles a foggy morning, when all the colors are slightly muted and diluted. Bright red hair tones are unusual for them. Usually girls prefer bleached brown or dark brown hair color.

Mild autumn is often confused with light spring. The seasons are distinguished by warm tones, delicate and soft flair. But still, the light spring is brighter compared to the representatives of soft autumn days. In order not to be confused, remember - the mild autumn season includes green, brown and warm shades of gray. These shades do not suit girls of light spring.

Dark Autumn

The dark autumn color type reminds of the approaching winter. When you look at these girls, they seem bright, but cold. Their appearance is dominated by dark shades, although the warm autumn color type is expressed by the slight addition of golden highlights to this darkness.

This type of appearance could also be called dark blond, since it is dominated by girls with just such hair. The eyes are usually a rich brown color, perhaps even closer to black, albeit with a slight golden tint.

The view of representatives of this subtype matters. He is quite serious, thanks to the deep set of his eyes. The general impression about these beauties is that they are confident and independent.

Cold autumn

The cold part of the season is very similar to the dark part, since girls also have hair with light brown and chestnut shades. But unlike the dark subtype described above, these girls have light eyes. They create a transparent effect, especially considering that the skin of these beauties is so light that it is also almost transparent.

The color of the eyes is usually gray, but so faded that it seems as if we are looking at frozen pieces of ice. This is logical, given that the appearance of beauties of this type suggests that snow will soon fall and winter will come into its own.

Representatives of the cold part of the season want to warm up. They are bright, but somehow ephemeral. They never blush, at least not unless you count blushing from embarrassment. The eyebrows are very pronounced and also dark, which is especially noticeable against the background of light skin and eyes. This makes your look expressive even without makeup.

Bright autumn

It’s easy to confuse the bright autumn season with summer, because they are very similar, although the new season is already gaining momentum in the appearance of its representatives. The main decoration of the girls is their blond hair. This is where the name of the subtype comes from. Beauties can boast of a wheatish, fairly light shade of hair.

But at the same time, they have an interesting caramel shade, which, in fact, suggests that this is not a representative of the summer period. The girls' skin is clean and has an even, beautiful blush.

Green eyes complete the look, although beauties can have them gray. In addition, looking at these women, you get a feeling of warmth and comfort, because their time is Indian summer.

Contrasting autumn

This category, perhaps, needs to be given more attention, its representatives are so diverse and their appearance is original. The peculiarity is that women are very expressive, and they combine at least two bright components of the season - usually eyes and hair. It is not surprising that representatives of this subtype are called fatal beauties.

This is where you can meet those women who come to mind when talking about autumn. Bright red, fiery, golden-straw hair color is combined with golden-brown eye color. Representatives with dark brown, light green or gray eyes are equally common.

This color type is distinguished by several bright elements that create contrast. They are more pronounced compared to other subtypes of this category. The skin of these girls is usually light or slightly dark.

It is these representatives who most often show freckles. A woman of this category will not remain unnoticed, no matter what she is wearing and no matter where she is. She definitely attracts attention, and not only from representatives of the opposite sex.

Natural autumn

This includes representatives of, one might say, classic autumn. The type is similar to contrasting autumn, but the colors are not so catchy, and the color type has more golden and red hues. The shades are bright, but warm, like in the middle of autumn, when the weather is still not bad, but the leaves on the trees have already begun to shimmer in all shades of gold. Same with girls. They literally emit a golden glow.

But the peculiarity of this color type is that the beauties belonging to it can be not only red-haired, but also the owners of dark brown curls. But they have light skin, although a slight tan is not excluded.

As for eye shade, there are practically no restrictions. Beauties can be the owners of almost all shades of brown, green and even gray.

deep autumn

Girls of the deep autumn color type are distinguished by the fact that they can be dark-skinned. This is the opposite of the soft autumn type, and it has a unique appeal.

Representatives of the type have dark hair and eyes, and if they also have dark skin, then the beauty can easily be confused with a more exotic season. But it still retains a touch of sunny autumn days and some tartness.

To emphasize the original appearance, you need to play with it correctly. Girls can have light or dark skin, while maintaining dark hair and eyes, which is why many are confused about what color type they belong to.

The most common representatives of deep autumn with a dark skin tone. For example, these include beauties with dark and dark skin. Despite their exotic nature, autumn shades suit them perfectly.

Gladioli - how to make a bouquet for a school line

Today, parents are increasingly choosing bouquets of gladioli for their children. But why not remember the old days? And if you have these gorgeous flowers growing in your dacha, then don’t hesitate! It will not be very easy for first-graders with a voluminous bouquet of gladioli, but older children will be happy to present such beauty to their favorite teachers. Male teachers will be especially pleased to receive gladioli, because this flower is considered masculine.

For a bouquet, cut off the stems on which the two lower flowers have opened. Such plants will survive cutting better and will bloom longer. And if you add one crushed aspirin tablet or 2-3 drops of ammonia to each liter of water, the flowers will last even longer.

Gladioli are quite difficult to combine with other garden plants. The easiest option is to add sprigs of gypsophila and asparagus to them. Or simply tie several strong stems with flowers of different shades with a ribbon.

Characteristics of the autumn color type

The autumn color type is considered one of the most variable. The woman who treats him is bright, but not flashy. This is noble beauty that does not lose its effectiveness. It has everything in moderation.

Appearance can be either exotic or standard for our region. The peculiarity of the people of autumn is that almost any girl can be considered one of them. But there are still features that make it much easier to distinguish this color type:

  1. Girls' hair should be warm in color. This includes beauties with hair of brown, red, chestnut, and light brown shades. There are even blonde charmers. The hair structure may also differ. For example, an autumn girl can have either curly or straight hair. The shades that hair can be cast in are copper, bronze, golden chestnut. Usually, if there is a red streak in a girl’s hair, it is definitely classified as autumn.
  2. Skin is another feature that should be looked at before being classified as a type. In this case, the skin can be either completely white or dark. Even black representatives of the fair sex are included in this color type. The most common skin type is pale, or at most slightly tanned. But tanning doesn’t stick to fair-skinned beauties. They get burned. Usually there can be a lot of freckles on the skin, especially for fair-skinned red-haired girls. A bright blush is not typical for autumn ladies, although they usually just blush. As for dark-skinned and dark-skinned beauties, they tan easily, but they also have freckles. The peculiarity of the skin is the absence of a pink undertone. The tone is even and beautiful. Girls can boast of excellent photogenicity.
  3. The eyes of autumn beauties can be different. Their color ranges from almost turquoise to deep brown. Girls have green eyes, ocher, blue, amber, golden and other warm shades. In addition, the contrast between the white and the iris of the eye is also different. For example, the white may be slightly yellowish in color. This color will only emphasize the beauty of the eyes. But girls are especially proud of their thick eyelashes and eyebrows, which are usually the same color as their hair, although they can be a little darker or lighter.

Within the type itself, several subtypes can be distinguished. For example, young ladies whose appearance is more contrasting, or those who prefer natural, discreet shades in their appearance.

What bouquet to make from hydrangea for September 1

All varieties of hydrangea can be successfully used to create holiday bouquets. But the inflorescences of large-leaved hydrangea in pink or blue shades look especially beautiful. They can be cut at different stages of flowering. Strong, richly colored flowers, with proper care, can last up to 3 weeks. Hydrangea is moisture-loving, so pour water into the vase up to the leaves. Choose a cool place for the bouquet.

Hydrangea goes well with eustomas, roses and sedum inflorescences. Moreover, the main flower can be placed not in the center, but on the side. Or arrange hydrangea inflorescences symmetrically on three sides. See the slideshow below for examples.

Add a large hydrangea inflorescence with sprigs of gypsophila and wrap it in paper. It will turn out simple and tasteful! Photo source: pikabu. ru

What if, instead of plants, you add balls and ribbons to the hydrangea? Great idea! Just don’t inflate the balloons too big, maintain harmony.

Photos of girls - autumn

Is the problem still unresolved? Compare yourself with photographs. And if celebrities are beautiful thanks to the efforts of stylists, then ordinary girls and women usually create their image on their own. Look carefully and look for similarities.

Spectacular cannas for a school bouquet

Large perennial cannas are not so often found in summer cottages. And on school lines these flowers are quite a curiosity. Therefore, if you want something original and festive, Cannes is your option. Just don’t make such a bouquet for a junior high school student, because... It will be difficult for him to hold the thick stems of the plant in his hands for several hours. Cut cannas when the flowers are half open. Flowers will last in water for up to 8 days.

Large canna leaves and flowers will look luxurious without any additions. Or you can use, for example, only leaves or several flowers on thick stems. Cannes will be a wonderful gift for a physical education teacher, labor teacher or male director.

Such a bouquet does not need any special design and does not require decorations. But you can supplement the composition with dry or fresh twigs.

Capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is considered to be a specific set of items combined for a specific occasion, type or color.

The peculiarity of using a capsule wardrobe is that when buying an item, you need to look at how well it will fit into it. But in the future, this will save you from daily thoughts in front of the closet, because all things will look harmonious with each other.

Using such a wardrobe is very simple - open the closet, and you can already see which set will be appropriate today. But you need to choose every detail wisely. For convenience, it is better to make several capsules for each case:

  1. For relax. You can purchase several skirts of different lengths and trousers, T-shirts and sweaters, pullovers, etc. Neutral tones. Colors: olive, brown, khaki, beige. Casual clothes do not need to be combined too carefully. The only important factor is how comfortable it is and how well it fits.
  2. For the office. Work outfits are selected according to the dress code of the company where you work. You can pay attention to brick-colored dresses, brown or bottle-colored trousers, cream or coffee-colored blouses.
  3. Evening option. In these cases, you need to make a stunning impression. Here again the green color can help out, but this time it’s more saturated and noble. Dresses in wine red or gold look great. Dresses with a golden tint are generally an ideal option for the autumn color type.
  4. Accessories. Without them, not a single set will “play.” Be sure to get scarves and scarves (for colder weather); jewelry may not be made from jewelry materials, but yellow and red gold are especially suitable for girls. Bags can be classic small clutches or voluminous “bags”. It's better to have everything in your wardrobe.
  5. Shoes. You need to buy only those shoes whose color is found in your wardrobe. Although there may be exceptions. For example, acid pink stilettos will suit an absolutely white summer look, diluting it. But it’s still better to use universal colors - beige and white, with a pair of black shoes. In this case, you can choose shoes to match any style available in your capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe saves not only time on choosing outfits, but also money on buying them. You won't buy anything extra, simply because there won't be anything to wear it with. In addition, with a minimum of things you can always look stunning due to their skillful combination.

How to make a bouquet of lilies for Knowledge Day

Lily is a symbol of purity and innocence. They are generally not recommended for cutting for school bouquets due to their strong odor and bright pollen. But you can first remove the anthers and stamens from the flowers - and the problem is solved. You need to cut lilies to a third or half the height of the stem, which already has 1-2 blooming flowers. Change the water in the vase with lilies daily, and if the flowers begin to lose their freshness, urgently carry out a “resuscitation” procedure: dip the stems in hot water for a couple of minutes, and then put them back in cool water.

An option for a quick bouquet is lilies and a shepherd’s purse (tlaspi), packed in retro gift paper from the Newspaper series. Photo source:

Ornamental cabbage, lilies and gerberas are a fresh combination of familiar plants. Try to bring such a cute bouquet to life!

Vases with decorative filling

It was already mentioned above how fresh peeled carrots are placed in a transparent container for a bouquet and filled with water. Instead, a glass vessel can be filled with walnuts, acorns, apples, grains and other natural materials. The main thing is to select crops that do not need water replenishment. If you fill the workpiece with liquid, it will darken and lose its original beauty. The only option is to take two containers - a large and a smaller one - and insert one inside the other, and fill the free space with any components. Then you can safely pour liquid into the vase and place live armfuls.

How to make a bouquet of sunflowers

A sunflower only at first glance seems like a simple flower. Decorate a school bouquet with it, and it will add a little childish naivety and purity to the composition. The Teddy Bear variety with fluffy inflorescences is especially suitable for the holiday. The sunflower flower is quite vulnerable, so after cutting, briefly immerse the whole flower in a container of water, and then place it in a vase in a cool place. For a bouquet, cut only strong flowers without damage, otherwise the sunflower will quickly fade.

Complement the luxurious sunflower with red roses, yellow chrysanthemums and sedum leaves. The finished bouquet can be packed in a regular sheet of paper or retro packaging paper, decorated with ribbon. Photo source: ukranews. com

Sunflowers, zinnias and dahlias are a wonderful combination for an autumn bouquet. And if you add a small apple or pear to the center, the composition will become complete.

For this bouquet you will need 1 sunflower, 7 roses, 3 branches of spray chrysanthemum and some greenery. Paper airplanes will help create a festive mood.

Women's clothing style - autumn

Women of the autumn color type are usually slim, fit, and proportional. Straight lines, complex shapes, and multi-layered clothing suit them. Of the styles, folklore, safari, and country are the most harmonious. It is better to choose large accessories. Shoes and bags made of suede and nubuck in autumn red-brown tones.

Autumn is soft, voluminous, fleecy and textured. Natural, high-quality fabrics are what you need:

  • boucle,
  • suede leather,
  • tweed,
  • angora,
  • velveteen,
  • velvet,
  • velours,
  • linen,
  • batiste,
  • lace.

The drawing can be expressive and imaginative. All types of checks, ethnic, leopard, and floral prints are welcome. But blurry designs and flashy colors in cold colors do not decorate a luxurious woman at all.

How to make a bouquet of roses for September 1

Roses symbolize the brightest feelings, so they will be an excellent basis for an autumn bouquet. The main thing is to choose the right shades and size of flower heads. Your option is red, yellow, orange, white roses. They can be complemented with almost any garden flowers: chrysanthemums, carnations, lilies, eustomas, etc. But, unfortunately, any such proximity shortens the life of the bouquet - roses love solitude.

For cutting, choose buds on which the sepals bend back. Clear the stems of thorns and leaves, and split each stem at the end so that the plant absorbs water faster. Read our article about how to extend the life of a rose.

  • How to preserve roses in a vase: what to add to water to make flowers last longer

    Do cut roses at home quickly lose their appearance and fade? We will teach you how to preserve their blooming appearance for as long as possible.

Add a sprig of sedum or cereals to a bouquet of red and pale pink roses. Colored pencils will help emphasize the school status of the bouquet

Do you want to make a bouquet of roses and alstroemerias? Then take note of this idea! For it you will need one “solo” rose and 1-2 branches of alstroemeria, which will become its frame. Yellow sprigs of solidago (goldenrod) add a pop of color. Sisal (natural fiber) in combination with colored paper is ideal for packaging.

Decorate an armful of multi-colored roses with medium-sized buds with several pencils or erasers in contrasting shades. Looking at such a bouquet, you feel the approach of autumn and the new school year!

Basic wardrobe

Any fashion-conscious young lady knows what a basic wardrobe is. Knowing your color type, it is much easier to form it - you already have a guideline. It is important to use the shades we have listed. They best highlight natural beauty. But other colors can also be used, it’s just better not to bring them closer to the face, but to use them in the lower elements of the wardrobe.

Soft autumn provides fabrics that are pleasant to the body. They can be textured and fleecy. It is advisable to give preference to natural materials, because high-quality fabrics will decorate any woman. It is better to give preference to suede, velvet, velor, corduroy, tweed, etc.

It is desirable that the materials drape in beautiful folds, and that the fabric has a slight sheen (but not glossy). Also, various laces will not be superfluous.

Autumn women can amaze with their style not only in the cold season, although during this period it is easier to combine excellent looks in various fashion styles:

  • country;
  • ethno;
  • business;
  • in a holiday look.

Usually girls of this color type have a good figure, so they can wear almost any fashionable clothes. But they look especially impressive in loose styles, semi-fitted clothes and items with an A-shaped silhouette. Tight-fitting pieces can be statement-making, but it's better to throw something over them.

Let's take a closer look at what clothes can be used as basic ones.


As soon as it gets colder, it's time to update your wardrobe with a new coat or fur coat. A universal option is a cashmere coat, which is perfect for the first cold weather. You can choose any suitable color.

A jacket is a must-have in your wardrobe. On a rainy day, it becomes a salvation if an umbrella does not help protect against the omnipresent dampness. This item can also be useful as protection from snow and cold wind.

Of course, no girl can do without a fur coat. It will save you from the cold on frosty days, allowing you to look not just stylish, but chic. In addition, the variety of shades of fur suits autumn girls. Things of a red-brown, red or walnut shade will fit perfectly.

Pants and shirts

A business wardrobe without trousers and shirts will be incomplete. Finding pants that fit well is a problem even for girls with a good figure, not to mention ladies with non-standard parameters. Today, high-waisted and slightly cropped models are fashionable. They can be fitted or form-fitting, but the main thing is that they fit well.

Color - from black to milky. Pants in unusual colors look great on autumn girls - indigo, green, etc. But which option to choose depends on the dress code adopted at work.

Instead of trousers, you can use a skirt, but it is advisable that it be straight cut and high-waisted. Length is important. It is better to buy models just above or below the knee. And for informal exits, flying floor-length models are perfect.

Regarding shirts, this also has its own characteristics. For example, it is better not to settle on a dazzling white option. Models with a milky tint or a slight grayish tint look more advantageous. Striped shirts with various inserts, for example, lace, always remain in fashion. It looks feminine, but at the same time businesslike.

There may be several suits in your wardrobe. It is better to give preference to models in pastel shades.


It's hard to find a girl who doesn't have a dress in her wardrobe. Autumn girl is no exception. To keep warm, you can use tight-fitting wool dresses. Loose shirt dresses look great.

For an evening out, floor-length or knee-length options, with long or short sleeves, are suitable. In general, there are no special restrictions. The main thing is that the girl likes her outfit and it suits her figure.

Of course, we must not forget about health when choosing outfits that will keep you warm in cold weather and not hot if the temperatures outside are high.

It is important that the dress fits well and matches the color. Coral, burgundy and purple colors are popular with this type of appearance. If the dress suits you, you don't have to worry about whether the color is trendy this season or not. The main thing is that it looks beautiful.

Casual wear

The soft autumn color type needs the same warm tones.

Wearing carefully selected outfits every day can be burdensome even for girls who follow fashion. That is why your wardrobe should always have:

  • jeans;
  • shorts (made of denim or other thick fabric);
  • capri pants;
  • T-shirts and tank tops;
  • polo shirts;
  • knitted sweaters;
  • sundresses;
  • skirts;
  • tracksuits.

All this can be combined, and to make the look more interesting, use accessories, low-heeled shoes or heels. But remember - neutral shades or bright colors, but slightly muted, are suitable for any fall.

How to make an autumn bouquet of rudbeckias

Sunny rudbeckias should also not be ignored. These autumn flowers will attract attention and decorate almost any bouquet.

Rudbeckias are cut half or fully open. These flowers are combined with asters, chrysanthemums, heleunim, and sunflowers. But even just an armful of rudbeckia looks impressive due to its bright, cheerful color.

For this bouquet you will need different varieties of rudbeckias, annual asters and several sprigs of pyrethrum. The combination of yellow and soft purple is reminiscent of autumn and the beginning of a new school year.

And in this bouquet you can still see echoes of summer and school holidays! Together with rudbeckias, marigolds, asters and September flowers show themselves in all their glory.

Bouquet shapes

As you know, all bouquets look different and this is not only due to the flowers, but also to their shape. Below we will look at the most common autumn compositions.


The base is flowers with long stems, in the form of a flowing waterfall, an inverted drop or an arc. Calla lilies, sunflowers, orchids and roses are most often used to make it.

It’s a good idea to choose “Cascade” for an outfit with a straight silhouette, in the “Mermaid” or “Sheath” style.


Some people also call it vegetative. It looks like a freshly picked bunch of flowers. There is no bright decor or clear lines here. And the main rule: use as little artificial decorations as possible and as many natural, natural and natural elements as possible - tree branches, ears of wheat, berries and the like.

An excellent solution for the Boho theme.


The base is a frame made of wire, onto which inflorescences of various shapes and sizes are attached. You can hang a long beautiful ribbon on it and put it on your hand.

These options look very stylish and elegant. But there are also disadvantages to the “Ball” - firstly, it is quite heavy, and secondly, its production will require twice as much material as for any other bouquet, which means that it will cost more.


The most common type. In this case, the flowers are attached to a disk or frame. Due to this, the “Hemisphere” has the correct lines. Pairs perfectly with the classic style of the bride's dress. To make such a composition, roses are most often taken.


The bouquet looks quite voluminous; it is made up of large and small buds. It looks unconventional and fashionable. Fall themed designs often involve large leaves, berries, and dried grass.

Basket and coupling

These options are collected from flowers of different sizes and long flexible stems. Due to the basket-shaped frame, the composition is easy and convenient to hold. And “Mufta” is often used in the cool season, in our case - in late autumn.


Another non-standard type of bouquet is in the shape of a fan. The basis is a wire; large buds are attached to it. The “Fan” is decorated with feathers, rhinestones, beads, lace or satin fabric. Such a masterpiece looks unusual and feminine.

More examples in the photo:

How to make a bouquet of chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are very popular at children's parties due to their beauty and fairly high durability. Large bulky bouquets will not be very appropriate on Knowledge Day, but neat compositions of chrysanthemums will attract attention. Cut off the branch with flowers when they fully bloom. Split the stems a little to improve the supply of nutrients. Cut chrysanthemums like to be sprayed with cool water and a temperature not exceeding 20°C. It’s easy to find companions for chrysanthemums. Asters, carnations, cosmos, heucheras, dahlias, gerberas and a variety of greens are perfect.

A bouquet of snow-white chrysanthemums looks great with yellow pencils. Play with contrast!

Chrysanthemum can be quite self-sufficient. Choose flowers of different colors and group them beautifully, wrapping them in paper. A simple and effective autumn bouquet is ready!

How to work with the material correctly

If you just collect all the foliage you like on the street, then the bouquet made from it will not last long. Over time, the leaves will dry out and shrink, and the bouquet will darken and become unsightly. There are two options to preserve the autumn composition for a long time.

  1. Preparing leaves before making a bouquet. This is when the collected material is either dried or treated with a solution of paraffin, glycerin or PVA glue.
  2. Save the finished bouquet by spraying it with hairspray.

If we consider all methods of preparation separately, we get the following picture.

The most short-lived and fragile leaves will be those that were dried either in the usual way, between the pages of a book or album, or dried with an iron (after transferring the leaves with paper).

Coating the leaves with glycerin, paraffin or PVA makes them more durable. To do this, you just need to rub the wax from the candles into a glass bowl and melt it in a water bath or in the microwave, and glycerin (purchased at the pharmacy) is diluted with water in a 1:1 ratio. The solution with PVA glue is prepared in a slightly different way - the glue is diluted with water (use 4 parts water and only one part glue). Paraffin and glue are applied to the leaves with a brush or sponge in a thin layer, and the leaves are simply dipped in glycerin.

Then everything is hung on a thread and air dried until completely dry. The room should be well ventilated and dry. But you shouldn’t hang the leaves in direct sun. Drying quickly will cause the coating to crack.

By the way, not only foliage is prepared in this way for autumn bouquets. Cones, twigs, spikelets, rowan berries, acorns that will be included in a bouquet of autumn foliage should also be treated with paraffin or glycerin.

Hairspray is used for ready-made compositions. The “roses” of the leaves are generously sprayed with it to fix them and prevent them from drying out quickly.

Zinnias - cute flowers for September 1

Elegant zinnias belong to the Asteraceae family and are smaller in size than their relatives, asters. Such flowers will appeal not only to teachers, but also to the children themselves! Zinnias stand well when cut, but if they are slightly wilted, trim the ends of the stems, then put them in hot water for 15 seconds and in ice water for 10 minutes. Then place it in a vase with water at room temperature. It is better to combine zinnias with roses, carnations, asters, and dahlias.

A round bouquet of zinnias, ageratums and country greens looks fresh and unconventional. Try making it simply without packaging, and if desired, stick a few simple pencils into the composition. Photo source: 7dach. ru

Celebrities belonging to the autumn color type

You can understand how diverse the beauty of the color type in question is by listing the celebrities who belong to it:

Angelina Jolie, the most beautiful woman, according to almost all men, also belongs to the autumn color type. Its subtype is bright autumn.

Angelina Jolie

Charlize Theron is another recognized beauty who can be classified as soft or natural autumn.

Charlize Theron

One of the most beautiful models who looks gorgeous after 50 is Cindy Crawford. A bright representative of deep or dark autumn.

Cindy Crawford

Just like Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez

Drew Barrymore, one of the brightest representatives of bright autumn.

Drew Barrymore

The favorite of all romantics, Julia Roberts, belongs to the warm autumn subtype.

Julia Roberts

Each appearance is unique. All girls are beautiful and mysterious, regardless of color type. And a well-chosen wardrobe will only help emphasize this!

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