Congratulations on the wedding to tears 09.19.2020 On the wedding, Congratulations

With all my heart I want to congratulate you on the most unique and wonderful day of your life - your wedding day. Today is the day when you unite your two destinies into one. I wish you to carry sincere feelings and respect for each other throughout your life. I sincerely want to wish that your family always remains warm, trust and support. So that on your golden wedding day you look at each other with the same tenderness.

Congratulations to our young people. Let them now fly with their wings spread! We wish to love faithfully, Let love, like the sun, be strong! May you have fabulous luck, Life will open the way to joy, We wish you to find happiness, Something that only a few get!

Live well and amicably until old age, So that everyone is faithful and necessary to the other, Love with your heart, have pity with your heart, And you will certainly find your happiness!

Give birth to children and raise them together, Respect your relatives and appreciate your elders, Build family comfort stone by stone, Luck and abundance will definitely find you!

You have become a family! Congratulations on this! Family life has arrived for you! And on this solemn day we wish - Live without grief and quarrels! Love each other all your life without a trace! Keep your family hearth and comfort! Let your home be in constant prosperity, let problems pass it by!

Today is the most fabulous and wonderful day in my life. Today a new family is being born. There are many days of happiness, love and joy ahead. Now you both have one destiny. Everything will have to be divided in half. Let grief and troubles pass you by, and a strong and united union will not allow you to harm the health of your family. I wish you happiness, respect, understanding, care and reciprocity. Warm days, sincere conversations, fulfillment of promises and desires!

I sincerely congratulate you on your wedding, always be happy in your family life! I, bride, wish you good luck, keep love in your soul forever! Love, be loved, do not quarrel forever, After all, life is not given for this! You have found a person dear to your soul, God grant that your dream come true!

In life everything ends with a happy crown. But it cannot be called the end. A new stage is coming, which will turn out well for you. Be tolerant of each other, each other And the sky will shine brighter, And let love save you. Then difficulties will become nothing to you. And press your shoulder closer to each other. Love and believe, And a new hour will come for you as a family.

Congratulations on your wedding, dear ones! You have taken a very important step! May golden days and nights await you, May your marriage be stronger Granita.

Love is a job for two, not luck, It is not a diamond, it is a diamond! Love to you, dear ones, and patience, It will be useful to you, and more than once.

We wish you not to quarrel, guys, Take care of each other, give in more often, After all, there are no people to blame in partings, Preserving love is more difficult than losing it!

Our dear children - Both the bride and the groom! There is happiness in this world - This happiness is in you two! Congratulations on the birth of a wonderful family. We wish you inspiration, so that nightingales sing in your bright, gentle souls. Let your hearts burn with passion. Be happy as before, Be together until the end!

Looking at your couple, I can’t hold back my tears, You suit each other, I can’t take my eyes off you, I congratulate you on your wedding day, Joy awaits you ahead, May your love grow stronger and bear its fruits, The stork will bring you children, Happiness in the home Let it be, If you are together, Sadness and sadness will not be scary!

Dear newlyweds! Congratulations on your wedding day! On this wonderful day, you, newlyweds, are happier than ever. We wish you to preserve the sparks of this happiness for many years to warm you up with them in the cold, harsh moments of life. The family hearth is the main source of warmth and energy for any person. As long as it burns, life will be full and real. May your family hearth, dear newlyweds, never go out, may it give warmth to you, your children, and your grandchildren. Bitterly!

Wedding congratulations to the point of tears

On this special day - Wedding Day, which will be remembered by you as the most important and solemn one, I want to wish you, first of all, love. After all, there is no family without it.
Let your union be strong and become the key to your success in life! Be happy, dear newlyweds! Advice and love to you! Happy Wedding Day, dear newlyweds! Let your home be cozy and warm. And there is always the sound of laughter and the delicious smell of pies. Let family happiness be endless, like a golden ring - without beginning and end! And may your family life be full of romance, regardless of the number of years you have lived in marriage. Advice and love to you! My dear, happy newlyweds, I want to congratulate you on your wedding day. This is the most important, most important and unique day in your life. I wish you eternal, sacred, reverent, faithful, bright and endless love. Happy wedding! I want to note today that our dear groom is a rather successful astronomer. He was the first to discover the bride as a star, and there is no doubt that in terms of beauty, charm and intelligence, he discovered a star of the first magnitude. So let this star illuminate his life’s path with the light of love, care, and understanding. Happy wedding! I want to say that love is a rather cunning beast! So she spun and spun - and now you are the bride and groom accepting congratulations. And tomorrow - real husband and wife. And since this has happened, may she, this magician of love, not leave you for many years, helping you to live happily, in peace and harmony! Happy wedding! Dear newlyweds! With all my heart I want to wish you that your love lives, blooms, bears fruit, spikes and always delights those around you. Just like today, on this wonderful holiday. May your life be as bright as your love. Happy wedding day!

Wedding congratulations touching to tears

Congratulations on your wedding! May this happy event fill your soul with the most tender, sincere and reverent love for many, many years! I wish you family happiness, mutual understanding, strong relationships and true friendship between you! Advice and love to you!

Happy wedding! I shout “bitterly” to you and at the same time wish you the sweetest married life. Respect and take care of each other, greet each day with a smile and always achieve your dreams. May your family be strong, healthy and happy! I will not repeat everything that has already been said before me. I just want to once again sincerely congratulate you on your wedding day. I saw how worried my friend was this morning, I saw how timidly she stepped on the carpet in the registry office, and I see what a happy face she has now, so let all the good things in your future life continue to grow, just like today. Dear newlyweds, today accept beautiful flowers and a sea of ​​truly pleasant congratulations. May only true happiness accompany you, no matter what turns fate has in store. You appreciate every moment spent together, because life usually turns out to be so fleeting. Happy wedding! Today you became spouses. You can be truly happy if you take care of each other and live in peace, eliminating any quarrels, because they turn out to be unnecessary. I wish you rivers of happiness, because you don’t need to see the edges in it. I also want to wish you boundless love, because without it it will not be possible to build a strong family. Advice and love to you! From today you can perceive yourself as a single whole. You managed to undergo the sacrament of marriage. I wish you peace in your home, which cannot be replaced by anything. Let peace in the house give you many pleasant moments and allow you to escape from the storms of life. I congratulate you, young people, and wish you a serene life. Happy wedding!


You can make a book with a declaration of love

You should write about your chosen one in it. No matter what format you use, it is important that the text is written from the heart. And interesting photographs will decorate the pages of the book and make it more creative.

Slideshows are also a good idea. You can use photographs (and there are probably many of them in the archives of both newlyweds) telling about the origin of love, its development and end with the final happy event - a wedding.

An art drawing drawn near the wedding venue will surprise all the guests and touch the heart of the groom. This is a very original and memorable declaration of love without words.

Poems can touch the heart to tears, however, it must be said that not all men perceive such recognition unambiguously. Another thing is prose. The bride can choose a simple congratulation in her own words, however, it can touch the soul of her lover more than all the options described above. Correctly chosen words will not only become the most desired confession to your husband, but will also disturb the souls of everyone who witnesses such a declaration of love. The bride might say, “I remember the first time I told you I loved you.

This happened unexpectedly even for me...

I’m even sorry that for the first time I uttered words of love on the phone and didn’t see your eyes. It was a gloomy autumn morning, rain was pouring outside the window... I was sad and so missed your presence next to me.

Then I dialed your phone number, just to hear your voice. I don't know what happened to me when you said "hey baby."

I suddenly felt like a little girl, I so wanted to snuggle up to your chest and feel your warmth.

I even wanted to cry because you were far away at that moment. And then I quietly said “I love you.” I don’t even know who these words were intended for more, you or myself. I simply felt the meaning of what was said with all my soul, thoughts, skin... And when, a moment later, you said “you are my beloved baby,” I cried with happiness. I always remember these words, and I relive those wonderful moments, the understanding that I am loved and desired! Thank you, my dear and only one!

Congratulations to the newlyweds on their wedding to the point of tears

You found each other in the big world, Among the fragments of destinies and passions. Your love has united your hearts, so be happy together now! Through a blizzard and a mad blizzard, And the waves of life, the whirlwind of life, Let souls touch each other - In such love it is not scary to grow old. Live cheerfully and friendly. Have everything you need in life, Keeping the holy law of love Until your golden wedding. Young family, congratulations! And I will tell you simply, without pretentious phrases: Treasure each other, no matter what - After all, love is work, because love is not a movie! Help each other, protect each other from troubles - Let the light burn in your house of trust! You are now husband and wife, World Satan! Congratulations to you! And may love be eternal, warm you pleasantly, ignite the fire of passion, so that you will always be crazy about each other! Happy wedding!!! Today is a special day - your wedding! We can give only one piece of advice: From the bathroom, from the kitchen to your bedroom, while away the path of kisses! The important rings are on, the stamp is already in the passport. May the path to the land of goodness and light be open for you. Happy wedding!!! Dear children, live peacefully, Parents, don’t let us down, Go through fire and copper pipes, But always love each other. You are such a beautiful couple, And it is a blessing that you are together. You complement each other at a glance, And you couldn’t wish for a better gift! Happy wedding!!! Beautiful veil, whitish dress, Slender girlish form. A formal tie, a suit, a combination beyond all praise. A long, impatient wait, and then everyone appeared at the altar. I wish that the Almighty always turns all your dreams into reality. And every day of family life appeared like a fairy tale in reality. Please accept our congratulations, a piece of our warmth. We wish you good health, comfort, happiness and goodness.

Beautiful and funny congratulations to the newlyweds on their Wedding Day

Congratulations on your Wedding Day should be the most solemn, bright, sincere, and of course unique, because this is exactly the holiday on which you should congratulate once in a lifetime, therefore, congratulations should be unforgettable. As a rule, when congratulating newlyweds, in the congratulation you can hear not only wishes, but also instructions to the young couple for a long and happy life. We have selected the best congratulations for you, which you can voice in person at the banquet or send via SMS if you do not have the opportunity to attend the holiday.

You have made a serious decision, And it is right, right to the point, well done, So accept these congratulations, Congratulations from the heart, from the soul,

Happy Wedding Day, Happy Marriage Day, May the angels themselves fly here from heaven, Send blessings and lines of wishes: Love, prosperity, happiness and miracles!

You got married today, You couldn’t find a more beautiful couple, Luckily you fell in love, In a moment your paths converged,

And from now on, be together, Separate so never, Let life play with a bright song, Love as today, as always!

I don’t want to speak quietly, I will shout solemnly, This joyful word is “bitter”, Hurry to the groom to kiss the bride,

Yes, hold tight to such a beauty, I wish happiness to the young family, A beautiful life, golden in color, And I wish you doubly prosperity!

Mendelssohn's waltz began to play, you began to spin in a wonderful dance, God sent these feelings to you, Fortunately, you two fell in love,

It is so precious to find, to find and to love with all your heart, two paths have united, a new door has opened for you,

And you became one family, I send you congratulations on this, Happy Wedding Day, on your dear date, May your happiness last every moment!

Behind the congratulations comes congratulations, And we cannot remain silent, This is great luck, To find each other like this,

Among all this gray everyday life, Among the problems and bustle, Yes, it was a little difficult, But you didn’t pass by,

After all, you met each other, And love immediately flared up, Now a husband, now a wife, Now a family and a sea of ​​words,

Please accept the most solemn and kind ones on this important day, And may everything come true literally, May happiness open the door for you!

Heartfelt congratulations in verse for the Wedding

There is a stamp in your passport, your rings shine, Joy fills your hearts, Two halves have met in the world, Paths in life are common from now on.

We wish you to live in perfect harmony, We will also wish you to appreciate each other, You come to the aid of each other, And always praise for your merit,

Well, let's wish for another addition, you are a great couple, my admiration!

Dear newlyweds, The most beautiful in the world, Let the Mendelssohn waltz sound, You are so cool today,

The sweetest and most colorful life, All these congratulations from the heart, And the longest and most fabulous love, Bright happiness and inspiration!

On this special holiday hour, We want to congratulate the family, It was created now, Out of love, there’s no lying here,

May she live the whole century, Good in family life, May each dawn be close to each other,

And you live in happiness, Quarrels, no insults, You can’t find a better couple, You are a golden couple!

Young people, congratulations on starting a family! And I wish that difficulties will not be able to break you, In grief, in joy in life, keep your feelings, If the hearth goes out, swell with love,

Let happiness and prosperity always live in your home, May your path be long, may it be smooth, Love deeply, without offense, without quarrel and without sadness, May heaven itself crown you one day!

You are so young, you have found your destiny, Congratulations dear, And this is what I want to wish:

May you live together in happiness for a long time, Easily and without worries, May you always be in love and passion, Feelings will take off completely,

So that healthy children are born to you, a fabulous life, like in a book, happiness every hour!

Happy wedding to you, newlyweds! Love to you, tenderness, warmth, I wish that again and again, your love seems to bloom,

I wish you healthy children, help each other in everything, more new impressions, appreciate each other, respect each other!

Bright and beautiful poems Happy Wedding Day

The day has come, hand in hand, you begin a long journey, by signing on the sheet, you become one family,

Let the kids run around in a crowd, Give birth to babies, Life will be bright and colorful, Well, love will be stronger!

Love and happiness to you, our dear ones, And let the hearth not smolder in your house, So that you can admire each other more often, And of course, all the blessings of life:

Prosperity, fun, as well as wealth, Healthy children, great goodness, A beautiful house big, like a kingdom, Family comfort, happiness, warmth!

You will carry all the joy of the holiday through the years, All the tenderness, affection and warmth, Let it not leave you!

May your hearth not go out, May the enemy not bring discord into your home, May peace, comfort, love reign, And may there be happiness again and again!

Let it be bitter today, Let it be sweet every day of your life, So that today you open the door to the family world with a smile,

We walked hand in hand, Double the bright happiness, To give birth to boys, And two more girls,

So that love is the peak, Higher than the big Elbrus, Prosperity, harmony, peace, Inexhaustible feelings to you,

So that from now on, together, close, Forever and only loving, Well, nothing more is needed, After all, the most important thing is family!

Like a pair of white swans, you are so beautiful and airy, Take wedding advice, You need to take it into account today,

We wish you to swim in the ocean, with great and unchanging love, and to cherish tender feelings, and for the family hearth to burn,

Let the house smell only of warmth, With a good taste of dreams, Let the house be filled with prosperity, Everything you want!

On your wedding day, I really want to wish you to live in harmony and not fight, so that you can rake in a bagful of money and give a hand to each other in trouble.

So that happiness is in full swing in your home, And the husband is a reliable shoulder for the wife, The wife is an inspiration for the husband, Let everyone’s wishes come true together,

And I want to wish you healthy children, so that you have someone to press to your chest, family happiness, love and affection for you, so make your life a joyful fairy tale!

Wedding congratulatory poems

Dear newlyweds! The most important day in your life. This is a new road, This is a new step.

Congratulations guys! We are very happy for you, you are spouses, you are married, this is just super class!

From now on, don’t forget this day: Today your family was born, You will explore the world around you together, Your loved ones and friends will be nearby.

Let the ardent hearts in love beat until old age, And the moments of the wedding remain, In memory until the very end!

I wish the young people that there will be a marriage without marriage. Know that you need children, both girls and boys.

Let these kids have everything ok in life. Golden rattles, so that mom and dad are cool,

So they can hire a nanny and teach in a private school! In general, it’s bitter! In a year, friends, I’m waiting for a report from you!

Let your hearts always beat in time, Let trouble pass by, Your union grows stronger every day, Your eyes burn with the fire of love,

So that as today, so always, And there is no more solemn day, You have walked for a long time to this step, Many generations have gathered,

And all the friends are here together, This is a wonderful picture, And we are all witnesses here, The creation of the best couple on earth!

Your eyes sparkle with love today, I can’t believe in such happiness, And this tear is only from joy, Now there will always be two of you,

May there be no separation on your way, May troubles rush past everyone, We wish you to walk through life together, And to always smile,

Let your home be a full cup, warmed by love and the sun, Let children's feet run around in it, Warmth to you, comfort and light!

Today you took the most important step in life, you are now a family from now on, may your marriage be strong,

Be able to carry through the years, The fire that exists now, Because it will never go out of fashion, Eternal love, such as yours!

Congratulations for the bride and groom

This day today is only yours, The sun is shining today for you! Let your “hut” be the most heavenly, Let joy always knock at the window,

May every day be happy, May you be happy with each other, A man will never be too lazy, To perform a serenade for his wife,

May love and tenderness become your faithful companions in life, And always divide everything in half, All dreams, plans and all thoughts!

May the road be cool, May the world around you be magnificent, May your love be forever passionate, May your marriage be very strong!

So that all adversity passes by, Happiness only to you and only, So that you live beautifully, And now I shout to you: “bitter”!

Happy Wedding Day, happy anniversary! Keep your love sacred, Appreciate it, take care of it, Give affection to each other!

Try to understand each other, And never swear, Invite guests into your home more often, And decorate everything with tenderness!

Today is a holiday for two, Warmly, solemnly and tenderly, We give this verse to families, We wish you love, love, hope,

Your marriage is a harmony of hearts, And happiness - where only two reign, And all sorrows in a moment at last, And let there be a sea of ​​joy!

And we wish you in full, bright, great happiness, Through the years and times, You will be together again and again!

Happy wedding to you, our dear ones, Happy beautiful, bright day, Today the sun is even happy that you are together now,

And all your relatives adore you, And send a big “hello”, May your marriage remain strong, Not for a year, not for two, but for many years!

Does the bride glow with happiness? In a light cloud of veils, The groom finds no place, From such and such beauty,

Standing hand in hand, you are now one family! You take care of each other, Love has been given to you from above!

We want to wish you patience, the family is based on it, don’t forget about respect, because without it you can’t live in the family,

Love each other without a doubt, Divide everything in life in half, When you are wrong, ask for forgiveness, We wish you happiness!

Congratulatory poems for newlyweds

Dear bride and groom, In this glorious, solemn time, From the soul and from the bottom of my heart, When you have become one,

We wish you love and patience, Understanding, great warmth to you, Passionate feelings and also respect, After all, this is the basis for eternity!

Let everything come true as it seems: Fates will work out, souls will connect, Paths will stick together, feelings will multiply, Everything will work out and everything will be possible,

Savings multiply, a generation is born, And love blooms without fading, And you are also full of understanding,

Be close and happy, Real and loved, We admire you solemnly, You as a couple are simply divine!

Our dear ones, on this day you are unrealistically beautiful, Always be a support for each other, in half for joy and sorrow,

Although let there be no grief at all, Let a happy wind blow to you, And what you want comes true, And let the family hearth flare up!

Congratulating you on your wedding day, I wish you without any fuss, Money, peace, sun, happiness, And, of course, children!

Bitterly! Oh, what a couple! Congratulations, friends! There is no better gift in the world than a happy family!

We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts, Today you have become a family, We wish you a lot of happiness, health, and earthly joy.

May the star not fade away, What light gives above you, May love not leave Many, many, many years!

Wedding day, smile, come on, He was able to call you his wife, She loved you, her beloved husband, There are too many guests around,

Champagne, flowers, sweets, Tight hugs, coins - Everything suddenly fell on you, After all, this is the most important hour,

Hand in hand, rings shine, And hearts knock in unison. And there is no more “he and she”, Now there is only you - family!

May your feelings grow stronger year after year, May your kiss taste like honey, May your children be healthy and playful! Love all your life, seven days a week!

Original congratulations on your Wedding Day

Today the sky smiled, The Earth rejoices and celebrates, Today there is no room for sadness, After all, your family was born!

Today you are not just a couple, Today you have become a family, This is a great reward, For someone to become destiny,

May heaven protect you both, May your sacred union be preserved, After all, believe me, not many people do, And may the gentle blues play,

Let the road be happy. Comfort in your home, good luck! And so that your life flows bright and beautiful like a river!

Yesterday there was a bride and groom - Today there is a husband and wife! The whole world is divided into two, We congratulate you with all our hearts,

Live together, thinking about the fact that for each other you are everything in the world And let your home be filled with comfort, Let it be warm and good,

Let nothing darken this house: No quarrel, no sadness, no resentment, And know that any family life is the work of two, difficult, painstaking!

Today is an unusual day: You have become husband and wife, You have opened a new door, To family life, dear!

Learn to simply give in, And respect, appreciate, and love! And if suddenly there is a shadow of discord, then start everything with yourself!

We wish you a strong family, children and a spacious home, and may it always be cozy in it, to the joy of all your relatives!

Let your eyes glow with happiness, Let your blush burn, So that Mendelssohn’s waltz plays like today, so always!

The ring on your finger sparkles so much, There is a mark in your passport, And every guest congratulates you, He speaks kind words to you!

I wish you a good life, I am no exception, All plans and all thoughts are in half, Great happiness and joy in full!

It’s a wedding, people are having fun, And mothers’ eyes are watering, Not from sadness, but from happiness, That you have become one part.

The guests are filled with emotion, The mood is higher than the sky, All the people around see that love lives in you,

Don’t forget this feeling, Having found a child in the cabbage: It’s better to have two at once, There can’t be too many of them.

Respect, understand, If necessary, then forgive, So that only “we”, not “I”, Because you are family!

Congratulations, friends, on the fact that you are now a family! Let this bright love, Ages excite your blood,

Let your family leisure be fun, be cool, Fiery Passion, warmth, Be happy always!

Beautiful poems for a Wedding

I am surprised without flattery, The bride is very lucky! She grabbed such a guy, and how lucky the groom was!

I am pleased to look at you, And without words everything is clear here: Halves for each other, And now spouses,

I wish you to live peacefully, And love each other deeply, Quickly buy you rattles - Children's laughter is needed for happiness.

Let life be bright, cool, Like in dreams, like in a beautiful fairy tale. A million kind words to you, Have a wonderful wedding day!

From now on, look into the distance together, overcome all adversity, live together soul to soul, and cherish each other,

So that love grows stronger over the years, And does not fade from everyday life, May the Lord send children, Dear, glorious children.

You are now united in everything, And you are so loved by each other, Happy Wedding Day to you, friends, Happy important day of the calendar!

You have become husband and wife: A happy, friendly family. You have set foot on a single path, you are united in this essence,

Strengthen your love with fidelity, Give joy, warmth of words, Share all feelings equally, And keep the wedding day in your hearts!

Young people, congratulations, today we will wish you a strong marriage forever, you will live in love endlessly!

To live together, to give birth to children, To build a life, not to get tired, Peace in the house and prosperity, So that they kiss sweetly more often,

So that there will always be love, Bitter-bitter and hurray!

Two hearts met once, so as never to separate again, And today is your wedding date, A new star has lit up in the sky!

Understand each other, respect each other, Let heaven itself protect your marriage from troubles, Whatever happens, don’t be discouraged, Divide everything in half, that’s the only way!

We wish you, sincerely, treelessly, May your life be interesting, May there be many bright impressions, And many correctly made decisions,

Let love and understanding reign around you, May patience, care and attention also reign, And if you have all this, Then the hour of sorrow will not overtake you,

So that you can just breathe, So that you can’t stop admiring each other, And so that your hand is always in your hand, So that together in reality and in your dreams,

And so that you set common goals, So that you know how to forgive in time, And so that you walk together for a long, long time, Well, now the solemn thing is bitter!

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