Bachelorette party before the wedding - how to organize the perfect party

A wedding celebration is a special day filled with trepidation and excitement in the life of every woman, regardless of age. Despite the fact that the traditions associated with this holiday often undergo changes, are improved and modernized, the event remains significant not only for the getting married couple. This is a day of love, friendship - human relationships between future spouses, friends and relatives. A bachelorette party before a wedding is a traditional meeting between the future wife and her close friends on the eve of the wedding. But, if earlier at such meetings the hero of the occasion was taught the intricacies of housekeeping and raising children, today the concept of the party is somewhat different. The format of the event can be completely different.

What is a bachelorette party

This is a fun and bright holiday among friends, where gifts are usually given. The most important thing in the organization is that none of those present are left out, and that everyone has extremely pleasant, warm memories of the meeting for many years to come.

The event helps you relax before the big day, gossip, discuss wedding details and have a lot of fun. This is an occasion to take original photos together, share personal experiences and introduce those who have not met before to each other.

Hosting a bachelor and bachelorette party together

It should be noted that a bachelor and bachelorette party together is somewhat reminiscent of a wedding in miniature . After all, the script, menu, table setting, costumes, location and time are also thought through. In order to hold such an event as economically as possible and without much damage to the bride’s free time and finances, you need to:

  1. Find a space that doesn't require rent or plan an outdoor party.
  2. Give each girlfriend a number of powers to organize the evening.
  3. Carefully consider the set of drinks and dishes for the table.
  4. Equally distribute expenses for the organization among all invitees.

It is not necessary to order expensive dishes at a restaurant ; if one of the girls bakes or cooks well, you can entrust them with this important task. A bachelorette party at grandma's dacha will be remembered by everyone present no less than in a chic restaurant. Moreover, you don’t have to buy apples, pears, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, all this grows on trees and beds. Food at a bachelorette party is certainly an important aspect of the event, but its purpose is somewhat different - communication and fun.

Undoubtedly, before the wedding, a girl hardly has even a drop of time for entertainment or thoughts about extraneous events. Therefore, it is best if her friends take over the organization of the bachelorette party. This will be both a pleasant surprise and a memory for many years.

The video of the girls’ party before the wedding will tell you how to organize a celebration correctly and inexpensively:

History of origin

Derived from an ancient tradition when girls got together, helped embroider the trousseau, get ready for the wedding, sang songs, talked, laughed and had a great time. It was assumed that such an opportunity would no longer arise after marriage - after all, the woman had a lot of household responsibilities for keeping the house clean, raising children, cooking, and much more.

In Rus', it was customary to see off the bride to her new (family) life with bitter crying and sad songs, while the hero of the occasion said goodbye to her independence and carefree youth. Often a special mourner was even invited to this holiday, who knew all the lamentations by heart. Only after this ritual did the holiday acquire a more positive mood.

The essence of a bachelorette party after many years has remained the same, traditionally - farewell to a past life. But, if earlier such an event was necessarily accompanied by tears, today the party is exclusively positive. It is customary to approach its organization with all responsibility, because this is an integral stage of preparation for the wedding itself.

Instructions for a young wife

Why is this needed?
Creating a family is a responsible matter; just the desire to create it is not enough; you also need to have some knowledge. But for a girl they will not be superfluous. Moreover, your best friends will give them, perhaps some of whom are already married, so such instructions and advice will be doubly useful. A small selection of the most useful of them:

  1. Learn to cook deliciously, in any style and manner, so that, say, a cabbage leaf looks just like a grape.
  2. Spend a third of your budget on relatives and tailors - if you are dressed fashionably, your husband will be happy, as will the groom.
  3. If you sometimes don’t agree with your spouse’s opinion, be as resilient as a twig, don’t say no or yes.
  4. If your husband is tired or upset, calm him down and caress him so that he becomes calm again and let him rest a little.
  5. Never be strict, just, as if by chance, skillfully removing the shavings, plan little by little.
  6. Don’t persist in the sense of shavings, always be nice to him, be your wife and girlfriend, and not a rusty saw.
  7. Give three-quarters of the day to your family, but in the midst of days, hours, minutes, do not forget your friends.
  8. Be strong, always love your friendly family. Long life and health to you. Be happy, friends!!!
  9. Here's some advice for you, wife: in order to live together for a hundred years, Learn to cook deliciously so that he doesn't feel sad, Bring you a salary - don't scold him for spending, Don't be like a rusty saw, but be kind and sweet to him, Make him more often wash dishes and floors, that will become a hard worker! And always praise him. Trying to always be his support, You will become his most beloved wife, And may envy, dashing, quarrels and discord always bypass your home!
  10. Tighten the clamp tighter, And love your husband to the grave. So that you don’t have to wait for your payday And so that you are faithful. So that she gets up before daylight and doesn’t lament in her sleep: Say, my dear mother-in-law has drunk all the blood from me. If you take up the laundry, give your husband a bottle: He will drink the bottle and go wash the clothes himself. If your husband comes tired, don’t interfere with his rest: Just give him the slippers with a sweet smile. Don’t give up yourself: go to the hairdresser, dress fashionably, but don’t forget your family!

Who's throwing a bachelorette party?

The bride may wish to seek help from special agencies and wedding organizers. However, by spending a little time and putting in a little effort, you will be able to organize a worthy holiday on your own, make it unforgettable and full of impressions, and bring the most original ideas to life.

Initiative close girlfriends sometimes take responsibility for holding a party and organize a bachelorette party on their own. Often the witness does this too. Then the event becomes an unforgettable surprise for the hero of the occasion and evokes no less positive emotions than a holiday planned in advance and thought out to the smallest detail.

Who pays

Many girls naturally face the question of who pays for the bachelorette party before the wedding. Usually the bride bears all the expenses for a theme party, but there are situations when the bridesmaids pay for the event. It is undesirable for parents or the groom himself to appear in the organization of the holiday. It is assumed that the bride is already established and independent, not in need of the care of her relatives. However, she is not yet married, so, logically, she has no right to claim certain obligations on the part of the young man.

Invited persons, or a party for the elite

Of course, only females are invited to the bachelorette party in order to avoid unnecessary conversations regarding the behavior of the bride and unnecessary worries of the groom. That is why only the best and trusted ladies gather here who want to celebrate a new stage in her life with the bride. Since the main goal of such an event is general fun and all kinds of entertainment, cheerful and creative bridesmaids must be among the guests. You should not invite girls from the groom’s side to the bachelorette party, otherwise you risk exposing your innocent pranks at the holiday.

As for the timing of the bachelorette party, you don’t have to have it before the actual wedding. If the event is a real success, the next morning may become somewhat problematic for you. Minor troubles with your appearance will not make you look better at your wedding celebration, and it will take quite a lot of time to eliminate them. It's best to hold your bachelorette party a few days before the wedding to be completely confident in your condition before the altar.

How to have a bachelorette party before the wedding

Before choosing a date or coming up with competitions, it is important to think through a number of nuances - choose a suitable time and place, develop a design and invitations. It is important to choose a day so that all invited friends feel comfortable. Otherwise, guests will be in a hurry to go home or run errands, will experience discomfort, will find themselves limited in time and opportunities, and will not be able to fully relax and share the bride’s joy from the upcoming celebration.

How many days before the wedding do you have a bachelorette party?

Professional agencies advise planning the party at least 10 days before the wedding. This recommendation is due to a number of objective reasons.

  1. The last week before the wedding has enough to worry about. The bride is directly involved in discussing the plan of the event with the host, choosing a restaurant, seating the guests and other details of organizing the banquet.
  2. An absurd accident. It is possible that during the dance the bride will twist her ankle or strain a muscle - an injury can ruin the wedding.
  3. Time for yourself. It is advisable to devote the last week before the wedding to yourself - take care of your image, visit a beauty salon, go for a relaxing massage and do all the necessary beauty treatments.

Immediately before the wedding, it is also important to get enough sleep and rest. A party can significantly interfere with this.

Selecting a location

Most often, brides prefer to spend their leisure time in bars and nightclubs. In principle, it is not necessary to refuse such a program, but it is much more advisable to plan interesting entertainment for the daytime. Where and how to hold and celebrate a bachelorette party:

  • sauna;
  • restaurant or cafe, karaoke;
  • Spa;
  • Outdoors.

You can celebrate your bachelorette party by going with your friends for the weekend on a short trip to hot countries, on a cruise, or by renting a country house.


The sooner the celebration is scheduled to begin, the better. Firstly, the bride and friends will have a lot of time to implement all their plans. Secondly, fatigue at the end of the day will not prevent proper rest. Well, and thirdly, you will be able to enjoy the possibilities of both daytime and evening entertainment.

Bachelorette party decoration

You can decorate the party either with your own hands or with the help of experienced designers from the agency. The day, traditionally celebrated by bridesmaids on the eve of the wedding, has long ceased to be a boring and dull feast with memories of how the future spouse spent her time before marriage. Today you can and should have a themed party. A certain style requires appropriate design and accessories. You can make them yourself or buy them in a specialized store. How to decorate a room:

  • photo collages with warm words, original photographs of the bride;
  • posters with humorous or sentimental inscriptions;
  • festive attributes - a memo from the wife, a diploma from the bride, a guide to competent management of family capital, etc.;
  • balloons are an integral part of any festive event;
  • favorite sweets.

Accordingly, if the event focuses on holding competitions, it is advisable to prepare other related paraphernalia.


The planned get-together is not an ordinary party with friends and an opportunity to have fun, but rather a way to tell them how important their support, sincerity and understanding have been over the years. This day spent together should be remembered by every invited guest for life. Therefore, you need to take preparation quite seriously, without missing a single detail. One of them is the design of invitations. It is best if the bride makes and signs each one with her own hand. This is, first of all, a sign of respect for your friends (you should invite only truly close ones). On the other hand, the more original the overall design and text, the more likely it is that friends will keep it as a nice souvenir and will long remember the party held on the eve of the wedding. Invitations simultaneously perform several functions:

  • facilitate and reduce collection time;
  • emphasize the importance of close relationships, express a desire and readiness to continue communication in the future - several months before the wedding, as well as in the first time after it, girlfriends naturally remain without due attention;
  • warn about the concept of the party - the invitees will have enough time to prepare and choose an outfit;
  • force majeure is excluded - the guest, in accordance with the celebration plan, will free the appointed day from other matters;
  • help to avoid unnecessary questions due to forgetfulness.

A prerequisite when drawing up any invitation is to clearly and clearly inform guests about the upcoming event. It is customary to notify friends 2-3 weeks before the planned date. In the invitation, be sure to indicate: date, time and planned duration, place of meeting and holding, topic (wishes for dress code).

A surprise bachelorette party isn't always a good idea.

On the one hand, it’s very cool when friends rush home with the words “There’s no time to explain, you have 30 minutes to get ready.” To keep the bride at home, you can enlist the support of the groom or her family. Or agree on a trip somewhere with one of your friends, without mentioning that there will be more of you.

There is a downside to a surprise bachelorette party. Before the wedding, the bride (especially without a wedding coordinator) has a lot of things to do, worries and worries. Therefore, even the most carefree girls can start planning every minute. This is fine. To prevent a fun party from turning into a burden, unobtrusively find out in advance how the bride feels about surprises during this period.

Idea: Combine the effects of surprise and control. Ask the bride for a specific day, but don't tell her exactly what you'll do.

Dress code for a bachelorette party

Bachelorette parties are traditionally held in such a way that you want to remember the event with a smile while looking through the photographs. Thoughtful images will be the highlight of your celebration. To spend an unforgettable day, you can choose a festive dress code that is the same for everyone present:

  • fashion trends - tutu skirt and bright pumps;
  • images of the 20s - midi dresses with fringes, bright accessories;
  • boho – light linen dresses, natural makeup;
  • bright vintage – curls, bright lipstick, baby-doll dresses;
  • a home version of the party is a pajama party (alternatively, you can dress in robes or nightgowns);
  • elegance and audacity - a tuxedo.

These are not the only ideas for organizing a bachelorette party before the wedding. You can order unusual costumes from a specialized store, embodying, for example, the plot of your favorite movie. When dressing for a memorable bachelorette party before the wedding, not only the style of clothing is important, but also the color used in it. Most often they choose pink, white and classic black. But any other colors can be used. Often the dress code is identical to the chosen wedding theme.

General attributes - bachelorette party features

The main feature of memorable photos is the general attributes. So, all participants of the event can wear a T-shirt with cool inscriptions or attach special badges to their clothes. Common accessories include headpieces (wigs, headbands or veils), bands worn over the shoulder, or bracelets with distinctive patches.

Bride's clothes

In the old days, at a bachelorette party, the bride appeared in her best girlish dress. Depending on the area, it was a shirt with a skirt or a sundress of bright colors (red, crimson, pink, green). The outfit was complemented by multi-colored ribbons flowing down the back and fluttering at the slightest movement of the girl. Ribbons were sewn onto neck decorations and a special headband called “beauty” or “volushka”. Considering the trends of today, the ideal option for the bride would be a light flowing summer dress or sundress, and if you find in your grandmother’s old bins at least something vaguely reminiscent of the national Russian girl’s sundress or dress, then you can always change into it on the spot, where there will be “only our own”.

For the rest of the guests and girlfriends, you can make wreaths from artificial flowers and attach multi-colored ribbons to them. If your girlfriends have Russian sundresses, this will only be a plus.

Scenario for a bachelorette party

To prevent the invited guests from getting bored, it is important to think through the plan of the event in advance and make a list of fun entertainment. This is the main task of the bride. You can come up with your own, use ready-made ideas, or modernize them at your own discretion and based on the theme of the holiday. Possible options for interesting competitions:

  • divination;
  • cooking together;
  • the most erotic dance;
  • "Truth or dare";
  • watching your favorite movie;
  • chat roulette.

The types of activities that can be included in celebrating a special day are unlimited. The main thing is that what is happening interests everyone present and evokes positive emotions.

Party Ideas

There are a huge number of concepts for celebrations. The bride can gather her friends in a cafe, walk around the city together, or have a memorable photo shoot in the studio. Script ideas for a bachelorette party before the wedding:

  • picnic in nature;
  • weekend at the dacha;
  • fun by the pool;
  • wine tasting;
  • different quest options;
  • amusement park;
  • boat trip – you can invite a photographer to all locations.

Separately, it is worth considering the opportunity to inexpensively hold a meeting with friends and a bachelor party together, in one cheerful company. The bride and groom will be able to introduce each other to their friends and save money. In addition, this format of the party will eliminate mistrust, jealousy and other reasons for quarrels.


To entertain themselves and their friends, bachelorette party brides often choose traditional activities . In addition to the already mentioned bathhouse (a Russian steam room with a broom and a samovar is better than a Turkish hammam or a regular sauna), the girls will be occupied for a long time:

  • fortune telling . Of course, at a bachelorette party, first of all, fortunes are told for the bride - the number of children, the length of the marriage, wealth, and some interesting events. For girlfriends, fortune telling about the betrothed, about the dates of the future wedding, about love is suitable;
  • weaving wreaths . This option is only suitable for the warm season and holidays spent outdoors. The girls make wreaths for themselves, and for the bride - together;
  • A logical continuation of weaving wreaths will be a round dance wearing floral decorations . In a cafe or a small room in a country house it is difficult to allocate a place for it, so it is better to organize a round dance “in an open field”, in a meadow, forest clearing, near a river or lake;
  • During the feast or after it, girlfriends often dance and sing . Russian folk songs or ditties are perfect for a bachelorette party in a folk style. You can compose them yourself, based on events in the life of the bride and her friends, the groom, and future relatives. If the feast is taking place in a cafe or restaurant, it is better to avoid hints at too personal things, and in general this point requires approval from the administration;
  • joint handicraft . A bachelorette party is a great time to make small gifts for guests and relatives, wedding decorations and decor. You can also come up with ideas for wedding competitions, ransoms and other things;
  • If possible, it is worth organizing a walk in folk style - on a sleigh in winter, in an open carriage in summer, or even on horseback . However, adjusted for modern realities, traveling by car, motorcycle or bicycle is also suitable.
  • Photoshoot. Not a single bachelorette party is complete without her. The footage taken in the bathhouse (of course, not undressed), while dressing the bride, while weaving wreaths and leading round dances, looks great. If photographs are taken by an invited specialist, you must agree in advance with him about the moments of shooting, locations, accessories and the nature of the images.

What to give a friend for a bachelorette party

Friends can organize a surprise for the bride with buffoonery or sentimentality. The main thing is that it evokes sincere, positive emotions, and then the bachelorette party will forever be remembered. Traditionally given to brides:

  • jewelry;
  • table service, household appliances, home textiles;
  • massage therapist courses, culinary master class;
  • sweet bouquet;
  • painting with photograph;
  • interactive sketch poster;
  • door sign;
  • outfit set for role-playing games;
  • certificate to a spa or beauty salon.

When choosing what to give your friend for a bachelorette party before the wedding, you should not lose sight of the groom’s possible reaction to the surprise. For example, an invitation to a performance by half-naked dancers as a gift is unlikely to contribute to a harmonious marriage.


A great option for all the girls who are coming to the wedding in a week. Celebrating the bride's day at the SPA is not only a pleasant, but also useful idea. Here you can:

  • Steam in a sauna, where the skin pores open, making it easier to cleanse the body;
  • Give a massage to tone the muscles;
  • Refresh your facial skin with healthy masks.

It is necessary to purchase a ticket with a full set of procedures for each participant. And choose a salon so that after turning into beauties there will be a place to celebrate.

Traditions at the bachelorette party before the wedding

Previously, when a bachelorette party was held, traditions necessarily required fortune-telling rituals, at which the future of the bride and her friends was determined. During the party, everyone helped prepare gifts for the groom and his family, as well as finally complete the preparation of the dowry. The bachelorette party ended with a tribute to deceased relatives - the bride went to the cemetery for a kind of blessing.

Today, the custom is no longer associated with crying and lamentation, but is a day full of positive emotions. To make the holiday memorable for a long time, it is important to prepare for it in advance - carefully think through the concept, theme of the party, and decide on common, coinciding interests.

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