Best wedding invitation card design ideas. DIY wedding invitations on balloons, magnets, in the form of a scroll, puzzle, flyer, advertisement, wedding newspaper

Can't decide on the type of wedding invitation cards? A selection of the best wedding invitation design ideas will help you cope with this task.

Wedding... On this most important day in the life of any girl, everything should be perfect: from the wedding dress to the festive table and invitations. Despite the huge selection of ready-made wedding cards for inviting guests, I want to choose one that would match not only the style of the wedding itself, but also the lifestyle and views of the newlyweds.

When you are in the process of planning a wedding celebration and thinking through the details of the upcoming event, it is very important to decide on the style and meaning of the celebration. In this case, the dominant color scheme and wedding style are present in the design of the invitations.

Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

The invitation card should correspond to the idea of ​​the wedding, reveal its style and character. To emphasize the individuality of the special event, wedding invitations can be made with your own hands. In this case, by showing your originality and creativity, you can create a real masterpiece that will be remembered by your guests for a long time.

Example 2: Video instruction: invitation - a jar of jam

In the next video you can see how to make a wedding invitation using an elastic band, twine, a piece of fabric, printed text and logo and, believe it or not... a jar of jam.

Can't write a cool wedding anniversary message? Read our article and everything will work out for you. Do you need a housewarming script, you don’t know how to celebrate this holiday? Here you will find answers to these questions. By following the following link, you can choose the poem you like for Valentine’s Day.

DIY scroll wedding invitation

An unusual invitation in the form of a scroll can be made in several types and played out in different ways. Such an unusual card in the form of an invitation will be appropriate in almost all wedding styles. The main thing is to properly think through its design and components.

For example, for a classic, romantic, vintage celebration, an invitation message-scroll is complemented with ribbons, lace, brooches, and can be placed in a case or box.

For a Hawaiian, beach, or Greek wedding, the scroll invitation card has the appearance of a message, with an antique effect and a twill print.

To make such an invitation masterpiece with your own hands you will need:

  • A5 paper
  • twine or satin ribbon
  • candle, matches
  • stamped seal
  • sealing wax or wax
  • tea, coffee or turmeric (you can add vanilla and cinnamon for flavor)

Step-by-step production of a wedding invitation scroll:

  • First, write the text of the wedding invitation onto paper. This can be done with your own hands or using a laser printer.
  • To give the paper an antique effect, you need to crush it a little and place it in a tea or coffee solution for a few minutes. Dry in a warm place

Interesting! To give the message a light, pleasant aroma, add vanilla or cinnamon to the solution.

  • To make it look “old,” scorch dried sheets of paper on all sides using a candle.
  • Roll the burnt leaves into a scroll and secure with satin ribbon or twine. To enhance the effect, the ends of the string can be fixed with wax or sealing wax and stamped.

Romantic option

It’s very easy to make a gentle, romantic vintage card. To do this, take a sheet of thick paper or double-sided cardboard and bend it in half. Glue a lace ribbon and a large satin bow along the edge of the sheet. Glue the invitation text to the inside of the wedding card. To make such an invitation card, use the same shades as in the bride's dress - champagne, pink or gold.

And if you want to make a card with a heart, then you will need:

  • thick sheets of paper;
  • sequins;
  • tiny fabric roses for decoration;
  • decorative braid, lace, cords or twine - of your choice;
  • glue;
  • gold or silver fine-tip marker.

You can make any form of invitation card. On the front side of an almost full size postcard folded in half, draw a heart with a simple pencil. Glue lace or braid, sequins or beads and roses along the contour of the heart. In the center we write the word “invitation” in calligraphic font, and around it we paint the invitation by hand with curlicues, stencil painting or cover it with stickers.

Wedding photo invitation

When creating a wedding invitation, you can show all your originality and creativity with the help of photographs. A series of photo cards collected into a photo collage and designed as a wedding invitation is truly unforgettable.

To make your own photo postcard, you can take existing photographs, group them beautifully and design them in Photoshop, or make new, thematic ones, in which you can indicate the time, date and location of the wedding celebration with signs.

The ideas for designing wedding photo invitations are truly endless:

Wedding invitation puzzle

Another original idea for a wedding invitation consists of a card made from puzzles, which are presented to guests in a beautiful box or envelope. The design of the invitation and the packaging itself can be very diverse - from a photo collage to imprinted thematic attributes of the event.


There are several etiquette rules that apply to the design of invitation cards:

  1. The names of invited guests are entered by hand;
  2. An invitation verbally must be confirmed on paper;
  3. Invitations begin to be sent out several weeks before the event so that guests have the opportunity to prepare;
  4. If the wedding is themed, then the wishes for the dress code are indicated in the card;
  5. It is better to abandon the official business style of writing and stamps. The text for those closest to you must contain warm words;
  6. The postcard is sent in a humorous manner to people with a good sense of humor. Remember - the invitation should not offend or cause unpleasant associations;
  7. An invitation in verse will appeal to older guests.

Wedding invitation in the form of a poster, flyer, announcement

The idea of ​​an invitation poster will be useful for both a classic and a gangster wedding. You can play with the idea in different ways:

  • find a playbill or poster with beautiful Hollywood actors and, using Photoshop, indicate the necessary information about the wedding and change the photos of the main characters to your own
  • make an invitation in the form of a movie ticket or flyer

Original ideas

It is impossible to list all possible options for creating unique products. Let's suggest a few more non-standard approaches:

  • With a heart and notes. Suitable for music lovers and musicians.
  • Poster. Directions to the “theater” are included inside the package. Guests will be happy to come to the premiere.
  • Puzzle. A person is given a puzzle, after completing it he will read the message. Most often it is made in the shape of a heart.
  • Airplane. Assembling the figure is not difficult at all. It also has a nice ribbon attached to the end with your boarding pass.
  • Fan. The text is printed on a sheet of paper and folded in a certain way.
  • Numbers with the solemn date are inserted into the envelope, connected to each other with a ribbon.
  • The crossword puzzle will appeal to intellectuals. A special program for composing puzzles and questions will be useful.

If you place an order from professional designers, the cost of such work will be about 150-200 rubles per piece.

We hope that the master classes offered in this article will help you make unique invitations to your celebration with your own hands. They keep good energy and message.

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Indeed, in fact, it is from the invitations that the initial impression of the upcoming event is formed.

Wedding invitation newspaper

This original, informative wedding invitation can be made independently if desired. When creating a black and white invitation, it is enough to have basic knowledge of the Photoshop program, a printer and A4 (A3) paper. The idea of ​​a wedding newspaper-congratulations not only consists of indicating the time, place and date of the celebration, but also personal information of the newlyweds: acquaintance history, plans for the future.

  • The text of the invitation is placed on the title page of the invitation newspaper.

  • On the spread there is a love story, an acquaintance between lovers or a marriage proposal.

  • The third page of the invitation newspaper can be dedicated to the guests. Here you can find information about the wedding celebration, its theme with its rationale and an indication of the dress code.

  • The last page may contain directions, funny sayings of the newlyweds and a crossword puzzle about them.

How to sign a wedding card?Texts for invitations

Depending on the chosen style of the wedding celebration, the text for the invitation card may be different. The classic invitation text can be written in verse or according to a common template.

Dear guests (names)! We decided to unite our hearts and destinies, And let me, dear ones, invite you to the wedding. We will be immensely glad to see you, we will consider your visit an honor, At noon, on the third of April, on Sadovaya, at number six.

Cool text for a wedding invitation

Everything is lost! Help! She captured my heart! The operation to save me begins on Friday, April 13, at 12 o'clock. Location: Palace of Arts. The victim can be easily identified by his black suit, and the invader by his white dress. Come dance on the bones of my fading bachelor life. Dying, so beautiful! Come. It will be fun and interesting. With gratitude Anatoly and Victoria.

The following text can be sent as an email

Hello, dear friend! This is not spam, please read to the end. We finally decided to live happily ever after and die on the same day! We invite you to a unique master class: “How to live happily in marriage and not kill each other,” which will be held at st. Komsomolskaya, house 3, September 18, 2022 at 13:00. All funds collected for participation in the MK will be transferred for use to the newly formed Ivanov family. Each master class participant is guaranteed a bonus - a piece of our happiness and a lot of positive things.

An example of an invitation text for a wedding in Italian or gangster style:

Signor and Signorina (guests' surname)! Our mafia continues to lose the best of the best. (Names of the bride and groom) have twirled cupid and want to make a lot of little bambini. Come break dishes and make a row: (date, time, place) We promise, it will be bellissimo!

Wedding invitation text template in a la dudes style

Hey dude and gal! Dude Vova and dude Zoya invite you to hang out at the wedding party on October 13, 2022, at 16:00, which will be held here: Rest assured, your shoes will be worn out from dirty dancing! Smack-smack. Your cool friends.

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