How to make and beautifully decorate a wedding photo album with your own hands: master class, design ideas, notes. How to design wedding album pages, covers and wedding photographs: ideas, photos

After the wedding, the newlyweds look through hundreds of holiday photos in the evenings.
It is not difficult to arrange a selection of photographs; beautiful wedding photo albums are sold in large quantities in stores today. In addition, many photographers collaborate with various printing houses and manufacturers, so they offer to make a custom wedding photo album. However, no matter what route you take, it will always be a standard job. An individual option can be obtained if you make a wedding photo album with your own hands.

A handmade album will not only be unique, but you will also put a piece of your soul into this work, and over time it can become a real family heirloom.

How to make a wedding photo album with your own hands: master class

Creating and decorating a wedding photo album is not only symbolic, but also a very pleasant activity for people in love. Of course, you can sew pages made of thick cardboard yourself with ribbons or canvas thread, but the most common classic “glue” photo album (blank pages without inserts, onto which photos should be glued with glue) is suitable as a base.

Before you start decorating the pages and cover, you should decide on the style and select all kinds of decorations. You can buy them at any hardware or craft store. You will need:

  • Satin ribbons
  • Lace
  • Sequins
  • Sequins
  • Organza
  • Mesh
  • Crystals and rhinestones
  • Pearl
  • Beads and half-beads
  • Bows
  • Roses
  • Frames
  • Patterned cuttings
  • Decorative figures for sticking
  • Satin fabric
  • Guipure

You can decorate not only the cover. An album in which a certain theme can be traced until the last page looks much more impressive. Such an album can be safely displayed in a trellis so that it is the pride and highlight of your family, and every guest can admire it.

How and how to decorate a photo album:

Wedding album No. 1

An album with photographs decorated with voluminous and textured patterns, for example, flowers made of foamiran or satin ribbons, will look impressive and very festive. They can be laid out in the shape of a heart and complemented with a variety of beads, sparkles, and rhinestones. Remember that such decor is the main and brightest accent and therefore it should prevail on a simple background (lace, satin or guipure).

Wedding album No. 2

Volumetric decorations in the form of flowers, leaves, petals or bouquets will help you create an elegant style for your photo album. It’s not difficult to purchase these at any craft store. Just place them on top of the cover in the way you think is most beautiful, and then start gluing them.

Wedding album No. 3

You yourself determine what style your photo album should be. Focus on the photographs themselves, for example, if the wedding was in a classic style, you cannot do without lace, satin ribbons and pearls. A Greek or beach wedding will go perfectly with turquoise colors, shells, and stars. A wedding in a retro style “loves” bright colors and images, cutouts, bows.

Wedding album No. 4

In addition to the photo album, you can also make a box or case to store it in the same style, color or with similar patterns.

Wedding album No. 5
It is completely unprincipled to sew the pages together yourself to get a unique photo album of incredible beauty. You can purchase the simplest store-bought version and decorate it to your taste by covering it with fabric, embroidering it with beads, gluing lace or other decorations.

Wedding album No. 6

Of course, the decor of a wedding album cannot do without symbols of love and marriage. Hearts, cooing doves, wedding rings, a kissing couple, hearts will do. They should be sewn or glued, playing with different decorations.

Wedding album No. 7

If you want to create a certain mood every time you look at your wedding photo album, try adding phrases and words to the album decor, famous quotes and sayings about love, marriage and family. They can be written by hand, cut out from postcards or printed on paper. This is the perfect decor not only for the cover, but also for every page.

Wedding album No. 8

In modern handicraft stores you can easily purchase words, drawings and patterns cut from thin wooden plywood sheets. This decoration will perfectly complement the cover of a photo album in the spirit of minimalism, but it always looks impressive.

Made by the hands of the newlyweds

Taking into account the tastes and preferences of the young, scrapbooking should be a photo report of the wedding day.

On the title page there is a photo of the bride and groom. The following are the main events of the day:

  • preparing a couple for marriage;
  • children's photographs of the future wife and husband;
  • general view of the ceremonial wedding departure;
  • wedding ceremony, exchange of rings, kiss;
  • photographs of memorable places with the laying of wreaths and flowers;
  • photographs of close relatives, friends invited to the wedding;
  • interesting shots of the wedding feast (competitions, rituals, ceremonies).

A do-it-yourself wedding photo album allows the newlyweds to use existing joint ideas, the order of arrangement of photo documents, the design of pages, certain features of the album, and use the style inherent in the wedding ceremony. You can invite a professional designer and use an original design technique - use ribbons, beads, sparkles, foil.

How to beautifully design the cover of a wedding photo album: ideas, photos


  • Scrapbooking is a technique of volumetric decoration using different types of decorations: dried flowers and fruits, burlap, cards, clippings, ribbons and beads, wooden patterns, buttons and much more. This decor always looks very impressive and is perfect for decorating a wedding album.
  • A photo of the newlyweds on the cover is a good way to decorate an album. It can be glued in the center, and around it can be decorated with any decor in the form of lace or sparkles, voluminous roses and petals.
  • Embroidery – If you know how to embroider, you can embroider words with beautiful gold thread on white fabric and then use it to cover the cover.
  • Wedding Color – Modern weddings definitely have color and style. These settings can also be followed when creating an album.
  • Creative - creative albums will tell about the couple as a creative and unusual family. You can find decorating ideas at any arts and crafts store.
  • Book – modern printing houses can easily print out a photo album with colorful photographs for you in the form of a book, but you can decorate the cover yourself to suit your taste.

Embroidery on the album

Album styling with color

Using wedding paraphernalia as decor

Photo of the newlyweds on the cover

Creative photo album for newlyweds

Cover photo and decor in scrapbooking style

Book-photo album

Necessary preparations

Let's move on to the list of tools and materials that will be needed in the work:

  1. Cardboard, watercolor paper.
  2. Scissors, glue, double-sided tape.
  3. Lace, ribbons, bows, threads.
  4. Beads, rhinestones, sparkles, stones.
  5. Eyelets, rings, hole punch.
  6. Stencils, stamps, curly stickers.
  7. Cover fabric.
  8. “Love” accessories: flowers, heart, doves, rings, angels, etc.

All the necessary materials and decor
There are probably a bunch of little things left over from the wedding that will come in handy for scrapbooking. These are bows, ribbons, possibly artificial flowers, elements of outfits, veils, wedding invitations, business cards, wrapping paper, maybe earrings, necklaces, etc.

Necessary materials

How to beautifully design the pages of a wedding photo album: ideas, photos


  • Designer Paper – Depending on the style you're going for, you can choose several types of pretty paper with patterns or words and create a background on each page of the album.
  • Words and inscriptions - print phrases, beautiful words about love or poems on plain or designer paper using a printer (in a beautiful font). Paste them next to each photo.
  • Paper lace - you can buy special sheets of lace paper or cut it yourself and then decorate the pages.
  • Decoupage - any design can be cut out and applied in advance to each page of the album.
  • Stickers – you can find themed stickers in the store with hearts, declarations of love, images of the bride and groom, wedding cake, and so on.
  • Envelopes - on each page, along with photographs, you can also place small paper envelopes in which you should place all kinds of notes or things associated with the wedding day.

Decorating with designer paper

Decoupage style decor

Colored and designer paper

Envelopes in a photo album

Decor with flowers and words

Performance technique

Anyone can make a simple, beautiful and original craft. A ready-made album or creativity kit can be found on sale. But even in its design there is room for imagination, a sense of humor and taste.

Before starting work, it would be a good idea to draw a layout by hand, plan out the pages, and sketch out the design. This will help you save money without buying unnecessary materials, which are quite expensive. And time will not be wasted on a labor-intensive process.

When creating an album, it is better to design each page separately and only then attach them into a single whole. It's more convenient to work this way.

How to beautifully arrange wedding photographs: ideas, photos

How you can decorate photos in albums:

  • Satin ribbon bows
  • Dried flowers and petals
  • Cut lace patterns
  • Sparkles and golden sand
  • Decoupage
  • Rhinestones
  • Half beads
  • Clippings
  • In verse
  • In words
  • Wishes

Words for decorating photo album pages

Scrapbooking styles

In the process of scrapbooking development, some features have been developed that define a person and time. When making albums, several styles are used:

  • false vintage (Vintage), when the age of photographs is artificially increased and they are decorated with antique objects;
  • European, distinguished by clarity, rigor, and the absence of different design elements;
  • American, using stamps, stickers, and various decorative elements;
  • shabby chic, using exclusively old things (buttons, frayed ribbons, lace, worn-out photos);
  • simple, clean. A single text font, square photos and other decorations for scrapbooking are used;
  • free-spirited, preferring handmade headings, a combination of different colors;
  • Mixed Media – the use of various styles, in addition to American and European.

Other directions:

  • The color of Marsala is a predominance of natural shades of dark red, a palette of scarlet roses. You can cover the cover with fabric in these colors.
  • The direction of ivory is design in shades of ivory and the predominance of cream palettes. You can also insert items in these tones between photos of the newlyweds.
  • Marine style - decoration with shells, pebbles and other attributes of the sea. Drawings of sea fish and other inhabitants of the depths. You can cut out the divers and insert the faces of the newlyweds into them. A bonus page, which will open down 2-3 sizes to the bottom; in this space various inhabitants of the deep sea will be depicted, with the faces of the guests glued on.
  • Provence - floral shades of lavender. Decoration with flowers and twigs. A very romantic destination. The predominance of natural shades of nature.
  • Chicago is a destination in the style of American gangsters of the 20s. In addition to thematic photographs from the holiday, you can insert black and white photographs of America in those years, as well as add the inscriptions “Wanted” or “Wanted” and insert photographs of the newlyweds.
  • The Great Gatsby is a pompous and luxurious destination. The cover can be decorated in expensive leather and sprinkled with expensive perfume. You can also insert a bookmark made of expensive materials.
  • Shabby Chic is a vintage yet rustic style. Worn covers made from old materials are welcome. Inserting photographs of old items will be a good decoration.
  • Boho Chic is romance that goes over the edge. It is welcome to add a herbarium of flowers, as well as cuttings from the material of the bride’s outfit. The following shades are suitable: ruby, purple, sapphire and blue.
  • Tiffany - luxury and luxurious retro. Based on the film, this direction is considered a classic. You can decorate the pages with stills from the film or drawings in the color of azure turquoise.
  • Rustic is a natural style. Decorate more with natural objects: flowers, twigs, wood, fabrics, straws and other attributes.

By time of year:

  • Spring period. Snowdrops and other early flowers are suitable for decoration. A pale green tone would be nice.
  • Summer period. The predominance of green shades on the pages. Decoration with drawings of flowers and herbariums.
  • Autumn period. The pages can be decorated in golden shades, and you can also paste in a herbarium of tree leaves. Drawings of fruits and vegetables.
  • Winter period. Decoration with tree branches and drawings of winter animal species. Decoration in white and blue colors.

What captions to write for wedding photos: tips, ideas

Your photos and album pages will be complemented by beautiful words and wishes. Browse through the available options to find the one that suits you best.


Words for newlyweds

Words for a wedding album

Words in an album with photographs

Words and phrases for the album

Memory saving feature.

Often photographic materials are stored in a specially designed album, independently made using all kinds of memorable accessories.

Make and design an album with your own hands (the popular name is “scrapbooking”) - create an exclusive copy of a photo album, preserve memories of past unique moments in life for many years. Artistically decorated, with the wishes of family, friends, and relatives, it becomes the only witness to long-past events.

One of the most memorable events is a wedding - the beginning of a life together for loving people, a joy for relatives. The captured joyful moments of the wedding will excite the participants of such an event for many years.

At the end of the celebration, the question often arises of how to make a wedding album in order to most fully reflect such an event.

Design of wedding photo albums and photographs: the best examples

To get ideas for decorating your album, you can look through finished works.


Album No. 1

Album No. 2

Album No. 7

Album No. 6

Album No. 5

Album No. 4

Album No. 3

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