White wedding dress: what it means, shade options and current styles

Almost every woman who has dreamed of a wedding since childhood knows exactly what outfit she will wear on this wonderful day. Despite the wide variety of styles and colors on the market, many brides prefer a white wedding dress, which always remains in style. The traditional model is a corset with a skirt, which is usually long and full. However, fashion designers never cease to come up with new variations of wedding attire so that any girl can find that perfect dress.

What does the bride's white dress symbolize?

According to pagan canons, the bride's white dress signifies innocence and purity. It was believed that the outfit could protect the bride from the influence of dark forces. Since ancient times, this color has been considered the beginning of something new. Even today, girls choose a dress of this particular color. You can read more about the classic white wedding here.

A little history

The tradition of wearing a white wedding dress was started by Princess Anne of Austria. During her wedding to Louis XIII, she amazed the guests with the luxury of her snow-white outfit. Later, brides from Spain, England and Portugal began to wear a white dress.

In 1840, the fashion for wedding dresses strengthened at the instigation of Queen Victoria. She wore a lace satin dress for the celebration. From that moment on, many brides used him as an example.

Today, the color of the dress is of secondary importance and the bride does not have to wear white. You need to build on your own preferences.

More photos of white wedding dresses can be seen in the photo album.

Weddings in wartime

Early 1940s Due to the Second World War, it became a period of sacrifice and shortages. Rationing of a number of goods was introduced, particularly silk, a popular material for wedding dresses, to those who could afford it.

While marriages were sometimes postponed or simplified as much as possible during the war, the ritual significance of the white wedding was on the rise.

Government propagandists portrayed the war as a fight for one's marriage and family, and manufacturers and sellers quickly found ways to profit from it.

Thus, the company that produces and sells home cleaning equipment Eureka convinced women that “you are fighting for your own small home and to meet your husband on the doorstep every evening.”

“The public rhetoric of the war,” writes Nancy Cott in Public Vows, “constantly emphasized the defense of democratic freedoms against Nazi aggression and Japanese imperialism, while emphasizing the personal and familial aspects of the American way of life.”

This trend aligned perfectly with the goals of the wedding industry. For years, Americans were led to believe that a proper wedding required a new and unique dress.

For example, one of the wedding consultant's manuals of the era stated the following: “The heirloom wedding dress, despite its history and perhaps sentimental value, does not guarantee you an unforgettable wedding day. "A dress like this can interfere with a bride's inalienable right to look her best on her day."

The Wedding Industry Association was even founded to campaign for the removal of restrictions on the use of silk in wedding dresses, arguing that it would boost morale. “American guys are fighting for our way of life, and this [wedding dress] is part of it too.”

By the mid-twentieth century, the wedding dress had become that sacred item of clothing that should be worn only once in a lifetime.

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Current shades of white

A pure white wedding dress is a win-win option for a celebration of any format. But recently, other light shades have become increasingly popular. They look no less noble.

The most advantageous color solutions include:

  1. Champagne is a fashionable shade with a golden sheen. It brings out your skin tone and makes your wedding look warmer. The shade looks beautiful on tanned girls with brown hair.
  2. The cream is a noble creamy shade, most suitable for girls of autumn color type with warm undertone skin.
  3. Milk is an excellent option for dark-skinned young ladies.
  4. Ivory color is considered the most popular among brides. Another name for the shade is ivory. It suits girls of any color type and helps create a truly touching image.

Jewelry and shoes

The snow-white tone of the outfit is also good because there are a lot of options for jewelry and shoes that go with it. Everything will depend on how you would like your finished image to look. So, if you want to stick to the classics, then opt for the white shoe option. But the costume jewelry should be either silver or made of white gold or natural pearls.

If the fabric contains additional decorative elements in the form of other shades, then be sure to add them either to jewelry or shoes. In this case, you will get a more complete image.

Fashionable styles of white wedding dresses

A simple white wedding dress will no longer surprise anyone. The range of shops for brides is replete with a variety of fashionable styles. When choosing, you need to focus on the features of the figure and the general concept of the celebration.


A fluffy white dress is extremely popular among brides. Thanks to the multi-layered voluminous skirt, the look is truly magical. This style of dress looks great on girls with a chiseled figure. The ability to hide flaws is not typical for him.


A white wedding suit for the bride is a good option for women who want to blur the line between gender differences. With its help you can make the image more strict and formal. Straight-cut trousers elongate the figure and highlight the beauty of the legs.

With long sleeves

A white wedding dress with long sleeves shows the chastity of the bride. With long sleeves you can hide tattoos, problem skin or fullness of the arms. The look in a wedding dress of this style is elegant and functional.


The white cocktail dress is laconic and simple. At the same time, it cannot be called boring. A characteristic feature of the style is its short length and tight silhouette. Very often, a white short wedding dress has an accent at the waist or an elongated hem at the back.

Traditional style

An ordinary white wedding dress has a straight cut and is not distinguished by an abundance of decor. The traditional style makes you feel as comfortable as possible.

Midi dress

A white midi wedding dress looks formal but modest. At the same time, the style of the dress perfectly emphasizes the curves of the figure. A provocative image in such a dress can be created with a deep neckline or open shoulders, and a full skirt.

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Recommended dress length

A wedding is one of the most important events in a woman’s life, so everything must be perfect. First of all, this applies to the fit of the wedding dress; special attention must be paid to adjusting its length. To do this, first of all, you need to decide on shoes, since the length of the outfit will depend on the height of the heel.

For a long dress, it is best if the hem is 2-3 centimeters above the floor level, so that the shoes are hidden, but at the same time the bride can move comfortably. If the newlywed chooses a short outfit, then the length depends on the woman’s figure, age and desire to show or hide her knees. Short evening gowns mostly come above the knee, but midis have also been filling the showcases in recent years. A flowing train, the length of which can be absolutely any, will add sophistication to the image.

Regardless of the length chosen, it is important that it is the same on both the front, back and sides. A good solution would be to take someone close to you for a fitting, who can evaluate it from the outside and give advice.




White wedding dress fabrics

The beauty of a wedding dress is largely determined by the material. When sewing, several fabric options can be used at once. The combination of different textures allows you to get an interesting and original model.


A white satin wedding dress looks much more expensive than other options. This material does not need additional decor. The fabric has a gentle glow. Thanks to him, the image becomes both gentle and luxurious.


Supporters of original materials should pay attention to the white velvet dress. Previously, this material was popular with royalty. Velvet is combined with frills, sequins and deep cutouts. In recent years, the fashion for velvet has only intensified.


A white silk wedding dress looks tender and touching. Silk is often chosen by lovers of minimalism, because it does not need additional decoration. Fitted models of silk dresses are especially popular.


Those who want to look feminine and sophisticated should wear a white lace wedding dress. You can find many successful models in the style of Queen Victoria. Lace adds romance and sexuality to the image. Lace patterns can be either a separate decorative element or a decoration for the entire dress.


A chiffon dress is great for creating an aristocratic look. This airy material can be easily combined with coarser fabrics. Chiffon lends itself well to draping and holds its shape. Thanks to its tactile properties, it is very comfortable to wear.

Fabric options

The appearance of an outfit is largely determined by the fabrics used to make it. The material should look expensive, and this does not always depend on the cost; you should rely on your feelings. In addition, it must meet other requirements:

  • It should not wrinkle much, since the bride moves a lot on her wedding day and many eyes are focused on her. The dress should retain its original appearance for as long as possible;
  • Good elasticity of the fabric will allow the newlywed to actively participate in competitions, dance and have fun without feeling discomfort;
  • The material of the dress should allow air to pass through well, since weddings most often take place in the summer;
  • Match the style of the dress.

The character of a wedding dress directly depends on the fabric; it is important to take its choice seriously. The most popular fabrics for making a wedding dress include:

  • silk;
  • brocade;
  • taffeta;
  • atlas;
  • chiffon;
  • organza;
  • lace and guipure.

The texture of the fabric should be selected in harmonious combination with the style, as well as taking into account the time of year and the image as a whole. An important role is played by the tailor, who must be a professional in his field.






What to combine with white in a wedding dress

White color is considered one of the most picky. It goes with a lot of colors. Very often, white acts as a base, which is complemented with more contrasting shades.

White color in a wedding dress is in harmony with the following shades:

  • red;
  • blue;
  • black;
  • pink;
  • purple;
  • gold;
  • blue

Combination options:

  1. A blue and white wedding dress looks fresh and casual. Blue accents can be in the form of floral decorations or silk ribbons. This color combination will look good on blondes with light eyes.
  2. A white and blue wedding dress is suitable for a winter wedding. To make the image more lively and sparkle with new colors, just add blue accessories.
  3. A good option for those who like to be the center of attention is a white and gold wedding dress. The outfit, diluted with a golden glow, is well suited for tanned girls with dark and light brown hair.

What models are there?

On the modern market there are a wide variety of bridesmaid outfits. Even the shades of white differ, which are selected according to the bride’s color type:

  • For girls with a summer color type, a pearl or porcelain shade of white suits them;
  • The autumn color type will most advantageously be emphasized by the creamy shade of white;
  • A girl with a winter color type will suit a warm shade, but classic white also looks great, especially on tanned skin;
  • Owners of the spring color type should choose a creamy white color, the so-called ivory.

When choosing a style, designers recommend following not only your desires, but also matching your body type, since a certain model has its own characteristics and requirements for the bride.

Fluffy dress

The most traditional option for a white dress for a wedding is considered to be a dress of a fluffy style, so every year the choice of many brides falls on it. The cut is characterized by a tight-fitting top, a corset is often used, and a fluffy multi-layered skirt. The outfit is ideal for a classic wedding ceremony and fits almost any figure. However, there are a number of nuances that should be kept in mind when choosing this model:

  • More suitable for girls of medium and tall height; on petite brides they can be too bulky and visually reduce their height;
  • Owners of curvy figures should choose a calm, simple dress without abundant decoration with ruffles, flounces, bows;
  • Girls with small breasts should be careful when choosing a strapless outfit; also, a skirt that is too full can disrupt the proportions of the body - the breasts will appear smaller.

Many women dream of princess attire, so an appearance that does not correspond to the above nuances should not be considered a reason to immediately refuse it. A wedding is one of the few events where such a look would be appropriate, and a wide selection of materials and finishes will allow you to choose the right dress.

A-line dress

The model, in which the skirt gradually widens from the waistline, comes with a closed and open top. Typically, such dresses have a minimum of finishing to preserve their lightness, tenderness, and sophistication. This style is popular among brides because it has the following advantages:

  • Looks harmonious on any figure, vertical seams visually slim and increase height;
  • Gives an elegant, aristocratic image to the bride;
  • Evens out the proportions of the figure, emphasizing the waist.

The undoubted advantage of this model is that it does not lose its relevance, giving freedom in choosing accessories: almost any decoration suits this dress.

Straight dress

A white wedding dress with a straight silhouette is perfect for those with a beautiful figure. The cut emphasizes the figure to varying degrees depending on the material of the dress. The choice of decoration determines the nature of the outfit: for a modest wedding with close people or for a large-scale luxurious ceremony. Here, as with a curvy model, there are limitations:

  • A girl in such a dress looks taller - those who are tall should approach the choice of this style with caution;
  • Emphasizes every curve of the body - if there are flaws that the bride would like to hide, it is better to give preference to other options;
  • The lack of a pronounced waist will help compensate for the belt of a contrasting color, which will place the necessary accents.

When choosing such an outfit, special attention should be paid to the choice of underwear. It should be as invisible as possible on the body so as not to form unnecessary folds and lines.

Fish dress

It is also called “mermaid”. A distinctive feature is the skirt, which flares from the knees with a fitted top, which creates the effect of a fishtail. The bride in such a dress looks elegant and sexy, but under certain conditions she can also be very modest. Sleeves come in different lengths, and sometimes are completely absent; this model is often accompanied by open shoulders or back. It turns out to be a very feminine romantic image.

Greek style dress

In recent years, evening dresses in the Greek style or, as it is also called, empire style, have been gaining popularity. It is characterized by a high waist just below the bust and a loose, flowing cut. Ideal for pregnant brides: it will hide the belly and beautifully highlight the breasts. In addition, the model visually stretches and slims the silhouette. However, in this case there are some peculiarities:

  • The Greek style may not suit very tall girls;
  • When choosing such an outfit, you should pay attention to the neckline; it should be well-groomed and neat;
  • The elegance of the dress can be emphasized with various accessories, so you should choose a simple cut without many trims.

Such dresses are usually made from light fabrics, which gives freedom and airiness to movements. A great option for a hot summer day.

Short dress

Short wedding attire is another trend among modern brides. You can hold an informal wedding in it, sign at the registry office, or use it as a second toilet to continue the celebration. As with long options, there are a large number of styles: the most popular are a sheath dress, a tutu dress, and a dress with a detachable train. The most optimal dress for a wedding is a knee-length dress; this length is suitable for a woman of any age.


The finishing touch to the wedding look is accessories. With their help you can place bright accents. A white wedding dress with a red belt looks good. It focuses the eye on the waist, making it narrower.

Accessories such as a tiara, fresh flowers or a small hat add elegance to the overall concept of the outfit. Shoes to match a white wedding dress can be absolutely anything, from fatal red to sky blue. Jewelry should be selected based on the style of the dress. The more romantic the image, the more miniature they should be.

A white wedding dress is the best option for most brides. Due to the versatility of the color, it can be easily combined with accessories of any shade and texture.

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