Hairstyles for a wedding dress: suitable models for an elegant look

The bride's look includes not only an elegant dress and shoes, but also hair styling. Often, she receives as much attention and time as buying an outfit for a celebration. Before choosing a hairstyle that matches your wedding dress, it is advisable to read the advice of professional stylists.

Helpful information

A few days before the wedding you should not change the color of your hair. If the option is unsuccessful, it will be quite difficult to change anything. As a result, the wedding celebration will be overshadowed by an annoying surprise.

If you still want to update your hair color, you can do coloring or beautiful highlights. It is advisable to do this at least 14 days before the wedding. In case of failure, you will have enough time to correct the error.

At least 30 days before the wedding, take proper care of your hair so that it looks shiny and healthy on the wedding day.

For this purpose, you can use vegetable oils, nourishing and moisturizing masks, rinses made with natural herbs, and much more. On well-groomed and healthy hair, almost any haircut or styling will look good.

  • Be careful and scrupulous in choosing a hairdresser who will help you choose the right hairstyle for your wedding outfit and protect you from mistakes.
  • It is not recommended to get a new haircut or trim the ends of your hair a few days before the wedding. The hairstylist who will help you with your wedding hair will remove excess hair and revive the ends.
  • Hair styling for a wedding should be selected individually for a specific dress: according to its style, cut, material and color. If you doubt the correctness of the chosen styling, seek advice from an experienced stylist.
  • The styling made for the wedding ceremony must be securely fixed. This will allow you to maintain it throughout the day and prevent your hair from becoming disheveled.
  • Give preference to a comfortable hairstyle so that it does not bother you or create discomfort.
  • The hairstyle can be complemented with beautiful jewelry. However, keep a balance when choosing their quantity. Do not decorate your hair with different types of accessories at the same time. Give preference to one thing: a veil, a hat, a hairpin with stones, a decorative flower or a tiara.
  • It is best to wash your hair the day before the wedding. The fact is that it is much more difficult to do a hairstyle on clean hair.
  • The more formal the wedding attire, the bolder you can choose accessories and hair decorations.

Be sure to do a trial hairstyle a few days before the wedding to be sure that it will fully match the chosen style. It is advisable to try on the wedding dress at the same time in order to evaluate the entire image created. In this case, you will have enough time and opportunity to make adjustments to it.

What is better not to combine a closed style with?

Wedding hairstyles for closed dresses do not tolerate asymmetry. This rule only requires maintaining the balance of the image, because carelessness can result in an awkward appearance.

To preserve the harmony of the outfit , carefully select wedding hairstyles for a closed dress, avoiding haircuts in which the hair on one side of the parting is longer than on the other or the parting itself is sideways. Also undesirable are bangs in the shape of a triangle on one side of the face, asymmetry with a short haircut, excess volume near the ears or long stripes in the front that shorten as they approach the occipital area.

However, the need to maintain balance does not mean that brides will have to give up curls on the side or an elegant, lush braid on the right or left shoulder.

As for the hairstyle for a closed wedding dress, it should in no case be collected with a shift to either side. It is better for a girl not to opt for a glamorous ponytail with a bun or a one-sided braid, placing it on the side.

It is also important to remember that hairstyles for a closed wedding dress need to be selected taking into account the fabric of the dress. If there is a compressed effect, then curls and light ripples of hair are perfect for it. Wedding hairstyles with medium light waves and fine curls look organic on a closed dress made of chiffon, guipure and other airy fabrics. And wedding hairstyles with a closed dress made of shiny satin can only get along if the hair is smoothly styled.

Where to start choosing a hairstyle

If you don’t know how to choose a hairstyle for a dress, first pay attention to the structure and material of the wedding dress.

  • With a satin or silk dress, neat styling on smooth hair will look harmonious.
  • Light and airy styling is ideal for a wedding dress made from flowing chiffon.
  • Products made from guipure or lace fabric go well with curls of various sizes.
  • The product, decorated with a lot of lace and frills, is suitable for loose hair and medium-sized voluminous curls.

When choosing a hairstyle, it is also recommended to take into account the style of the wedding dress. In addition, you should choose a hairstyle for a dress taking into account the chosen theme of the banquet. For example:

  1. For a gangster-style wedding, an updo hairstyle is perfect.
  2. For a celebration in the style of an aristocratic bohemia - styling with skillful weaves and ribbons.
  3. For a wedding outdoors - light styling, decorated with a wreath or fresh flowers.

Let's go back in time

This style of dress was invented at the beginning of the 20th century. Fashion designers suggested wearing it at formal receptions or when visiting a restaurant. For women of those times, such an outfit was unusual, and few agreed to wear it.

He was mainly popular among actresses and singers. There are many photos of girls from those times in dresses with an open back.

Now any girl can wear such a dress. This option is very popular among brides.

Moreover, this dress has many styles. The main thing is to choose the right one for you.

Strapless dress with open neckline

The presented style is one of the most feminine and elegant options. With its help you can make a lasting impression on the groom and guests. To choose a hairstyle for a wedding dress of this style, you should familiarize yourself with the following tips:

  • The well-known and popular Hollywood hairstyle is ideal today. In combination with a similar dress, she will look truly luxurious and royal.
  • If you have medium-length hair, make neat curls and let them loose without hiding them in any complicated hairstyle.
  • Flowing curls and a voluminous hair clip pinned on one side to match the dress will look impressive. This accessory can be decorated with stones and various decorative elements.
  • For the presented style of dress, a hairstyle with well-groomed hair collected at the back of the head and thin strands released in front is also suitable.
  • Hair pulled back and decorated with a veil will look beautiful.

The sophisticated beauty of the above options will be emphasized by long gold earrings and an exquisite pendant.

Hairstyles for dresses - case

A sheath dress is a great way to hide all the flaws of a woman’s figure and highlight her main advantages. You can choose many beautiful hairstyles for this look. If a girl has long hair, then it is best to part it on the side and comb it to the side. This way the hair will look more voluminous and the overall image will be more harmonious. With a dress - the sheath is quite modest and a side bun or a styled bob haircut looks amazing. For a playful and shocking look, backcomb your hair at the crown and pull the rest of your hair back.

Dress with one strap

This option is perfect for original and daring people. Since this style is characterized by asymmetry, the choice of styling that will look harmonious with such an outfit should be approached thoroughly.

To choose a hairstyle for a dress with one strap, it is recommended to follow these tips:

  1. The hairstyle should be pinned up, as loose curls will hide the strap and this detail will lose its attractiveness.
  2. The ideal option for the chosen style of wedding dress would be a hairstyle with the hair gathered at the back of the head and a curl released in front on the side opposite to the strap. This will balance the asymmetry of the top of the dress.

A neat chain with a small pendant and a silver tiara on the head will complement and emphasize the elegance of the chosen image.

Fashionable wedding hairstyles for different styles of bridesmaid dresses

Modern hairdressing art is subject to the rules established by the rapid age.
Most girls gradually turn into businesswomen who are not able to devote most of their time to creating complex hairstyles. Today, wedding fashion has changed noticeably.

Nowadays, brides try not to “build towers on their heads”, leaving their curls (sometimes created using false strands) loose or tied up in a ponytail.

When choosing a hairstyle for her own wedding, the future bride takes into account:

  • features of the face shape;
  • hair structure;
  • their length;
  • the style of the celebration and the outfit itself.

If a girl wears a Greek-style dress to a wedding, then it is better for her to collect her hair, fastening it with a headband or decorating it with a tiara. For a magnificent princess outfit, you will need a long veil, which is attached to loose or tied hair. A hairstyle complemented by one or many openwork braids is also perfect for this dress.

A long straight or “mermaid” dress is combined with a hairstyle, for which you will need to collect your hair and use a curler to give the hairstyle the desired shape. You can attach a short veil, veil or pillbox hat to the bride’s head.

In cases where the master has to work with medium-length hair, he tries to create a hairstyle that not only emphasizes the natural beauty of the bride, but adds special solemnity and tenderness to her image. If necessary, many stylists use extensions, but if a girl does not want to change the length of her hair, they are styled using curlers and a hairdryer.
For a hairstyle made from long hair, decorations are needed, which can be not only a tiara, flowers, a veil or a headband decorated with rhinestones. Particularly popular are long earrings made of glass beads, emphasizing the beauty of the neck and attracting the attention of others with their brilliance and sparkle.

In each individual case, the hairstyle is selected individually, taking into account the girl’s wishes and taking into account all the above nuances, especially everything related to the bride’s outfit.

Fluffy dress

The traditional fluffy dress of the bride has always been considered a truly royal outfit.

Everything in the created image should be distinguished by restraint and solemnity. The bride's hairstyle in such a dress fully complies with the requirements presented by the creators of the image.

Avoid putting your hair in a ponytail or braiding multiple braids. It is better to leave the curls loose or collect them in a smooth, neat hairstyle.

Loose hair will emphasize the age of the young beauty, and a strict hairstyle will make an older bride even more solemn and feminine.

Closed outfit

Lush dresses with a deep neckline are not always sewn for weddings. Modern brides are increasingly choosing closed dresses made from thick fabrics that perfectly retain their shape and do not require special care.

A girl’s strict silhouette, covered arms and shoulders will look not just solemn, but also festive if the newlywed’s hairstyle emphasizes the peculiar shape of her face and the beauty of her neck.

Having chosen a closed dress, the bride decides to collect her hair in a neat and slightly strict hairstyle, preventing individual strands from falling out. This:

  • "gulya";
  • bunch;
  • smooth tail.

The decoration will be a white ribbon in the hair, a headband or beads, flowers and rhinestones. If desired, a girl can always fasten a short or long veil on her hair.

With open shoulders, back

At all times, an outfit with open shoulders or back was considered the most feminine and elegant. This dress makes a girl not only desirable, but also touchingly defenseless.

To attract the attention of others to the beautiful line of the shoulders and long neck, which is crowned with a neat head, curls and strands of hair of any length are collected in a bun or done up.

It will be decorated with a tiara. This styling can be done both on long hair and on strands of medium length, decorating it with a veil or a thin hoop with rhinestones. A wedding dress with open shoulders and a back can be of any length. Short and curvy models look no less attractive and are suitable for young beauties.

Their hairstyle should not be distinguished by the severity of style. It is permissible for individual strands to fall out, giving the image lightness and touchingness. If the bride has chosen a dress with an open back for her special day, she tries not to hide it under her loose hair. Curls and strands are collected into a bun or ponytail, which is laid on its side.

A Grecian-style dress with a halter on one side allows you to decorate your hair in a lush bun with a small flower, a tiara, several thin hoops or other sparkling composition. A completely open back should not be hidden under a veil or loose hair. In this case, when creating a wedding hairstyle, you will need a certain number of hairpins or hairpins to secure the curls and strands gathered into a knot. No need for bright or sparkling decorations.

Fresh flowers inserted into hair are perfect as a worthy accessory.

Long dress

The traditional wedding dress of the bride is a long dress. The main distinguishing feature of each model is no longer the length, but the style.
Of course, lush backgammon for a wedding always remains fashionable, but modern newlyweds are increasingly choosing dresses such as “mermaid”, “fish” or straight in the Greek style. With such a robe, a hairstyle created from smoothly gathered hair looks harmonious.

You can emphasize the slender figure of a girl with the help of an openwork braid, into which flowers or beads are woven.


Modern fashion dictates its own terms and rules. Today, the trouser suit is becoming increasingly popular, which brides use as a wedding dress.

This suit consists of:

  • top;
  • shirts;
  • blouses;
  • wide trousers;
  • "pipes";
  • bell-bottom

To sew a suit I use a variety of fabrics: from light and weightless organza and chiffon to brocade and satin. As an additional detail, stylists often recommend using a jacket or fitted jacket.

A bride in a pantsuit always looks stylish and elegant. She may refuse such a mandatory accessory as a veil, preferring a hat with a wide brim.


Another win-win option for a modern wedding dress is a jumpsuit. It was he who won the hearts of modern newlyweds. This suit is a successful combination of style, elegance, severity and femininity. As with a trouser suit, you can refuse to use necklaces and earrings. Pretty bracelets on your wrists are enough.

A wedding hairstyle for a trouser suit differs from all other ways of styling a girl’s hair in that the outfit itself allows for freedom of movement. This means that the hair will not interfere with the hero of the occasion dancing and moving; the hairstyle should emphasize the severity of the costume and successfully fit into the created image at weddings in a retro style or an American party. In any outfit, the bride should look feminine, gentle and reverent, and the right hairstyle will help complete the look.

Long dress to the floor

This is one of the most popular options for a wedding ceremony. This outfit can give the bride a majestic, luxurious and truly royal look.

A high hairstyle with a hairpin decorated with stones or a decorative flower will go perfectly with it. Long gold earrings with precious stones and an elegant necklace will complement the look.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that modest, laconic styling is not suitable for this dress model. In this case, the image will turn out unfinished and too simple.

Photo selection of stylish evening hairstyles

Choosing a hairstyle that would ideally match a wedding dress and accompanying accessories is not a simple and painstaking process, but it should be taken seriously. To avoid mistakes, consult with a professional stylist, and also carefully study the various styling variations for brides. Below is a selection of interesting wedding images.

Long dress with translucent bodice

Most often, a translucent neckline is made of guipure or mesh and additionally decorated with small beads, pearls or rhinestones. This image can give the bride charm and tenderness. Therefore, it is deservedly popular among the fair sex.

Choosing a wedding hairstyle for a dress with a translucent top is not difficult. A similar style would be complemented by the “Malvina” hairstyle with pinned hair on top and loose lower strands. You can make neat curls on the lower tier of your hair, and decorate the upper ones with a hairpin with stones, pearls or a decorative flower.

In addition, a Greek hairstyle decorated with an elegant braid that matches the outfit will look beautiful.

As additional jewelry, it is recommended to opt for small earrings with pearls and a short pearl necklace.

Wedding hairstyles - types

First, let's figure out what types of wedding hairstyles we can find most often.

Movie Star Photos





Straight long dress

If you are looking for a hairstyle to go with a straight dress with a deep neckline, the following tips will help you solve this problem:

  • For the presented model, it is recommended to choose a voluminous styling that will look harmonious with a straight dress for a celebration.
  • If the hairstyle is smooth with the hair combed back, the image will turn out to be too strict and boring.
  • Lush curls are another good option.
  • It should be noted that when choosing a suitable hairstyle for a similar style of wedding dress, it is recommended to avoid straight hair.

Beautiful wedding hairstyles 2022

Naturally, it is necessary to remember about fashion trends, because the bride should not only be beautiful, but also look fashionable and stylish. Especially for our fashionistas who are tying the knot in 2022, we have selected the most trendy wedding hairstyles to create a striking, unique and memorable look. In the coming season, the romantic image of the bride is in fashion. Wedding fashion 2022 amazes with the variety of fresh and romantic hairstyle ideas, among which you can choose an option for both a lush elegant dress and an elegant trouser suit. So, what have fashion designers prepared for us as wedding trends, read on.

Dress with shoulder straps

This style is ideal for girls with beautiful shoulder lines and graceful arms. Therefore, styling should be done in such a way as to emphasize these advantages and in no case cover them. However, to achieve this effect, you don't have to pin your hair up.

  • Elastic curls look harmonious with the chosen outfit.
  • In addition, a “false bob” style, which is characterized by neatly pinned down hair, will look very good.

Wrong size

Many brides are planning to lose weight before the wedding and want to buy a dress a size smaller so that there is an additional incentive to lose weight.
This decision is fundamentally wrong! In any case, buy the size that suits you at the moment. And do not forget that the size range of different brands and brands is different. If you have always worn size 44, but a wedding dress of this size is too small for you and the consultant at the salon advises you to take size 46 - listen. Don't put too much emphasis on the number on the tag, the important thing is the fit. If the dress suddenly becomes too big, it is much easier to sew it up than vice versa. A corset with lacing will completely solve all the problems of a small “plus” or “minus” in volume.


Other options

  1. For a dress with a deep neckline at the back, you should choose a sophisticated hairstyle with hair pinned up to reveal the neck.
  2. A long outfit with a fluffy skirt will go well with a romantic and delicate hairstyle with voluminous medium-sized curls.
  3. A sophisticated haircut without additional volume will look harmonious with short, extravagant outfits.
  4. Along with a closed top and neckline, a high hairstyle is suitable. In addition, weaving done on the hair will look quite good.
  5. An empire style dress can be decorated with voluminous curls. Small curls, gathered into a ponytail using a satin ribbon and decorated with decorative flowers, are also suitable.

Thus, you need to choose a wedding hairstyle depending on the texture, style, color and length of the dress. A well-matched hairstyle to the dress will highlight the advantages of the wedding dress. It is guaranteed to make the image attractive and memorable.

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Hairstyles for closed dresses

Closed dresses look very elegant and discreet. They are most often used to create a strict and businesslike image. To complete the look, it is very important to choose the right hairstyle. This outfit looks very good with loose curls of varying widths. If desired, you can decorate your hair with a hairpin or any other accessory. A shell or French ponytail hairstyle would be perfect for this dress. For everyday looks with a dress with closed sides, a hairstyle with plaits or a ponytail with a braid is suitable.

How to choose: 3 perfect hairstyles for your wedding

SalonSecret stylists have selected three hairstyles for you that are ideal for almost any bride.

Bohemian braid

Perhaps the most relaxed impression is made by boho hairstyles: long hair, styled with well-thought-out carelessness, looks natural and romantic, feminine and elegant.

Voluminous interweaving of strands, a crown of braids combined with loose hair - there are many options for this hairstyle, you just have to choose the right one!

This hairstyle can be complemented with accessories: for example, a flower wreath, which will make your look even more vibrant and memorable.

Always up to date bun

Bridal fashion comes and goes, but the classic low bun is a safe bet.

This elegant hairstyle is beautiful because of its versatility: it has so many options that it is simply impossible not to choose one that suits your taste!

Attractively simple flowing hair

Luxurious waves, graceful curls or soft curls with a scattering of flowers - there are countless options.

Let your beautiful hair down and your romantic, elegant wedding hairstyle is ready!

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  • Bun
  • Curls

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How to create a beautiful hairstyle with your own hands?

Often, brides who want to create their own version of the hairstyle for this important event use the style basis of the flowing version of the curls. However, only shoulder-length hair is suitable for this.

Now you can check out some photographs of brides’ hairstyles for weddings created in this style.

To create similar options you will have to use the following preparatory steps:

All hair should be carefully separated to form even tufts; The formed hair bundles must be twisted one by one, for which it is convenient to use a curling iron; Each formed curl must be secured, for which it is best to use invisible ones, since otherwise they may stretch and lose their qualities; Apply any styling option to the surface of your hands that has lasting characteristics that help fix the hairstyle; Now you can begin to carefully loosen your hair to form small curls. They need to be straightened until many small curls appear; At the back you can make room for adding a veil, if you need it at all; After styling is complete, all that remains is to spray your hair with hairspray.

Combination examples

All fashionistas need to know that a hairstyle with a dress should form a single harmonious ensemble:

  • a seasoned, elegant look with a smooth hairstyle and an open top of the dress emphasizes the beauty of the shoulder lines and visually lengthens the neck. The dress is harmoniously combined with the hairstyle and emphasizes the dignity of the figure;
  • A fluffy dress combined with soft waves for short hair maintains the harmony of the image and emphasizes the sophistication of the lines. The hairstyle balances the outfit thanks to its volume and creates the impression of completeness;
  • deliberately careless styling and a delicate dress, decorated with a turtleneck, complement each other and maintain the integrity of the image. The style of a delicate polka dot dress is emphasized by small waves in the hair. This combination demonstrates the wearer’s sense of style and elegance;
  • Smooth hair tied in a bun and a round neckline of the dress are an example of elegance and harmony in a wedding look. The tandem of hairstyle and dress looks harmonious, balanced, elegant and sophisticated.

Women change by putting on a dress

Representatives of the fair sex should pay attention to details in order to avoid annoying mistakes and look attractive. Social events, parties, holiday events and official celebrations are a reason to try on a new look and demonstrate femininity with a dress.

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