Interesting ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the fall: poses, locations, props

Ideas for an autumn wedding photo shoot in sunny weather

Is the weather sunny on your wedding day? Go for a walk in the forest or park.

Roll in the fallen leaves.

You can even fool around a little.

If you find yourself in leaf fall, the photos will turn out simply magical!

Ideas for an autumn wedding photo shoot in the rain

You don't have to hide from the rain all day on your wedding day if you prepare for it correctly. And remember: rain is not an obstacle to fun and beautiful photographs.

A beautiful umbrella will save your hair, dress and mood in bad weather.

One umbrella for two is so romantic!

In addition, the photo shoot will turn out to be unusual and quite spectacular.

And you don’t care about any rain!

Organize a sufficient number of umbrellas for your guests - and you can safely have an outdoor ceremony.

Rubber boots

Rubber boots are another photogenic wedding “rescuer” from bad weather.

Isn't that cute?

Sweatshirts and blankets

Cozy, beautiful and so warm, soft sweaters and blankets are something that you should definitely take care of when preparing for an autumn wedding.

Decor for an autumn wedding photo shoot

Nature in autumn is so beautiful that additional decorations are not necessary. However, interesting accessories will add a special touch and will only enhance your wedding photos.

Autumn interior

An interesting idea is to add outdoor photographs of interior items.


Pumpkins are an essential attribute of autumn. And also, a beautiful and cheap decor item for a wedding photo shoot.


You can be sure that your pets will decorate any wedding photo. And what a memory will remain!

Wedding photo session by the fireplace

If you are looking for ideas for an indoor fall wedding photo shoot, pay attention to houses with fireplaces.

A burning fire in the fireplace creates an incredibly cozy atmosphere, and photographs in such an environment turn out to be very soulful and warm.


Candles and lanterns are another way to add coziness and warmth to wedding photos. Especially in the fall.

Photo session in a cafe

A great option for autumn is to have a wedding photo shoot in a cozy cafe with a cup of coffee.


Some couples draw inspiration for their wedding photography from the fall holiday of Halloween. Of course, this is not the most traditional option for a wedding, but if you like such images, why not?

Whichever option you choose, we wish you a gorgeous fall wedding. And so that the photos you take on your One Big Day will delight you for many, many years!

Happy preparations and a magical holiday!

Interesting ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the fall: poses, locations, props

Autumn is a great time for a wedding. Yellow foliage, green grass, transparent puddles. How to capture all this wealth of colors and colors in photographs? Here you will find several interesting ideas that will make your wedding photo shoot unforgettable in the fall: the most successful poses, the best places, original props, accessories and props, a photo shoot in rain and sunny weather.

Color combinations

The design of the location for photography should include the use of warm and rich colors: yellow, bronze, brown, gold, orange, red. The main colors should be more muted tones with bright accents included. Gold looks very elegant and luxurious on a white or light vanilla background. Shades such as beige and burgundy go well together. Rich dark brown can complement bright orange well. Coral and pale yellow harmonize perfectly.

Where you can have an autumn wedding photo shoot: the best places

Locations for a wedding photo shoot in the fall should be selected taking into account the weather forecast. It’s great if on the significant day set aside for the ceremony the weather conditions promise to be optimal for walking. In this case, the young couple will be drawn to parks, squares, and forest edges, which are incredibly picturesque on a sunny autumn day. Such a photo shoot among burgundy and gold foliage has its own special charm.

On a bad and stormy autumn day, you need a protected room or covered pavilion for photography. If the newlyweds are planning an indoor photo shoot, you need to familiarize yourself with the cost of renting possible locations for shooting.

The price of a photo shoot in a studio, estate, palace, botanical garden or greenhouse may vary significantly. In addition, it is necessary to agree in advance with the administration of the chosen place about the terms of rent and payment. Even if you plan to take only a few photos, for example, in a coffee shop or shopping and entertainment complex, it is better to discuss this with the management.


In September and the first half of October, when the weather is nice and dry, the most suitable places for wedding photography will be a garden, a park, or a forest.

The dark, cold surface of a pond or forest lake in the background looks great in wedding photos. Golden foliage, clear blue sky, picturesque autumn landscapes will create fabulous and romantic shots.

In the city

An excellent option if meteorological forecasts do not disappoint and the weather on the wedding day is not marred by rain or falling snow.

Surely, in any city there are corners breathing with antiquity: cobbled streets, buildings of the 19th century and earlier, architectural monuments, public gardens, quiet courtyards, and other secluded places. Skillfully filmed material in such ancient corners of the city can rival even a photo shoot in Golden Prague.

Selecting the month of celebration

If the marriage is concluded in September , then the life of the spouses promises to be calm and measured. The newlyweds will support and understand each other. But a passionate and heated relationship is not expected.

October promises many difficulties that will lead to happiness. Scandals and misunderstandings are expected, which will lead to instability both morally and financially.

November, according to popular belief, leads to wealth. The spouses will not need money. But there will be little love in such relationships.

Ideas for a photo shoot in sunny weather

  • Successful locations. A good photographer knows not only the list of traditional places in the city where it is customary to conduct a photo shoot. But he is also familiar with secluded corners, the natural beauty of which will brighten up any photos even without the use of special accessories. Such good places on a fine autumn day can be parks, forests, meadows, embankments of rivers and lakes, and beaches. The richness of the palette and landscapes of autumn nature will serve as the best backdrop for a wedding photo shoot.
  • Game of colors. Using techniques that can enhance and enliven some shades, while muting others, will allow you to highlight the necessary accents. So, against the background of restrained tones of the young people’s clothes, yellow and orange foliage, autumn flowering plants blazing with fire, and a piercing blue sky will look expressive, and such photos will look elegant and stylish.
  • Comfort like home. If the weather permits, you can use household utensils and interior elements in the photo shoot: wicker furniture, soft and warm blankets, books, old photo albums. Or arrange a real tea party and add a samovar, saucers, and bagels into the frame. Such things, familiar to every home, will give wedding photos a special soulfulness.
  • Animals in the frame. Photo shoots in which birds and animals take part in the frame are becoming increasingly popular. Horses, for example, due to their natural grace and beauty, make for touching photographs. And if the young people are not afraid to get into the saddle, a shot in which a couple in love riding together on a horse will be truly romantic.

Photography in the rain

Despite the bad weather, a wedding photo shoot in the rain can become a real highlight of the family photo archive. Firstly, rain during marriage registration has always been a good omen.

And, in addition, it serves as an occasion to use original accessories that can transform the most prim wedding ceremony:

  • Umbrella. Not only will it help you not get wet, but it will also decorate your wedding photo. The more umbrellas, the better. In the photo where one bride is posing, you can use a vintage umbrella. Also interesting are funny group wedding photos in which guests hold umbrellas made in the same color scheme. And the photo in which the groom carefully holds an umbrella over the happy bride exudes romance.
  • Rubber boots. Rubber shoes have long ceased to be associated exclusively with dirt and bad weather. In one of her collections of wedding dresses, the queen of wedding fashion, designer Vera Wang, suggested using rubber boots instead of elegant shoes. And now rubber boots are one of the most fashionable trends. Bright rubber boots can be found in the wardrobe of many fashionistas. A photo shoot in them will be cool, unusual and playful. Moreover, no slush will be scary in such shoes.
  • Raincoats. Colorful capes against the background of a gray autumn day and fading nature will enliven the frame. Red, yellow, crimson, turquoise, orange raincoats can become such an accent.

PS When choosing shades of umbrellas or boots, don’t be afraid of eye-catching colors. Such elements of wedding decor will look stylish and appropriate. They can be multi-colored, with all kinds of prints. So in a single color scheme, matched to the tone of the groom’s tie, boutonniere, and bride’s bouquet. A little diligence and time spent searching for accessories, and even rain will become a successful element of wedding style.

Golden and crimson colors

What shades look best in autumn photographs? If there is a wedding coming up in the fall, the photographer should look for a suitable type in advance and pay attention to colors. or crimson background will look ideal , which can be diluted with calm greenery or even shades of milk chocolate color.

The beauty of an autumn photo shoot is that the pictures are not only bright, but also very warm. And these sensations, like no other, are suitable for creating a wedding mood . After all, newlyweds who enter into a union in the fall are creating a new family and can already demonstrate in the photo their readiness for mutual support and manifestations of warmth.

Best photos: good angles and beautiful poses

One of the main rules of a beautiful photo shoot is naturalness. The newlyweds' wedding is one of the most important days in their lives. The photographer’s task is to catch and capture the expressions of endless happiness and joy in the eyes of the bride and groom. Therefore, it is so important for a couple in love to simply be natural and enjoy this holiday. But there are still a few secrets that will help turn wedding photos into photo masterpieces:

  • Shot from above. When shooting from above, the face appears more expressive and clearer. Such photographs should be in every album. The newlyweds can look at each other or close their eyes. The main thing is to be in close proximity. The intimacy of the moment created in this way must be captured by the photographer.
  • Half-sided photo. Such photos visually make the silhouette slimmer and more graceful. In this case, it is better for the couple to look into the lens and smile. This is how the bride and groom demonstrate their readiness for their future married life, while the single woman remains behind them.
  • Behind a stone wall. The sophisticated, slender silhouette of the bride and the strong back of the groom are the emphasis in such photographs. Such a picture symbolizes the meaning of marriage - to be behind reliable male protection and support.
  • A gentle and shy kiss. Kisses in the frame look cute and touching. Don’t be shy about the camera; an experienced photographer will not force you to pose, but will skillfully capture natural manifestations of tenderness. All natural photos are the best.
  • Passionate hugs. However, you can play a little prank and free your ardent passion a little. Such daring photos will be the real highlight of a wedding photo shoot.
  • Happy moments. Let the photographer try and take a few photos furtively from the newlyweds, snatching special happy moments. Moments of happiness and important stages at a wedding include the bride’s farewell to her friends, the first meeting with the groom, the moment when the bride’s father brings her to her future husband, and others. Surely every couple has many moments that they would like to capture.
  • Display wedding rings. Among other photos, the album should contain shots of wedding rings. Autumn gives inspiration for their use: photos of rings on fallen leaves, in the buds of the last flowers, among red berries and fruits, etc.
  • Use props and accessories. The photo can be taken through a light barrier: silk curtains, a veil, even an umbrella if it’s raining at the wedding. In such a frame there remains a little intrigue, understatement, as it should be in a romantic photo shoot. After all, it is not necessary to show off all your feelings. In addition, the young couple can hide their kiss behind an improvised screen.

Don't forget about the decor

Autumn nature is beautiful in itself. Thanks to this, special decorations may not be needed. However, for a wedding photo shoot, additional items never hurt.

  • Various fruits. Use large apples, pumpkins, sunflowers and flowers for filming. You can hold them in your hands, scatter them next to you, or have a small picnic in the background.
  • Arch. Popular option. Order a specially designed arch from a professional florist. It can be placed on a small hill in the forest so that all the beauty of nature can be seen through, or it can be used as a photo zone in the city.
  • Balloons. Perfect if the weather is pleasant outside. Choose balloons in autumn colors: orange, yellow or burgundy. They will look great if there are almost no leaves left on the trees.
  • Candles and lanterns. In autumn, the sun sets much earlier than in summer. Pick up some pretty candles or fancy lanterns and take a photo against the twilight background. An atmosphere of mystery and magic will be provided to the photographs.
  • Romantic dinner in nature. It is not necessary to bring food and drinks with you. Create a beautiful and cute installation: decorate a small table with a white lace tablecloth and place a vase of wildflowers, wine glasses and candles on it. In such an environment, the bride and groom will look very romantic and secluded.

Props for a wedding photo shoot in the fall: decor, decorations, accessories

You can include juicy apples, grapes, blood-red viburnum, sunflowers, pumpkins, and late-blooming autumn flowers in the frame. You can either randomly scatter them or put the bride’s shoe, glove, rings on them.

In addition, to decorate a photo shoot you can use:

  • Wreath. The bride's head will be decorated with a lush wreath of asters, dahlias, leaves, and berries. It will add touching and romantic touch to the bride's image. Such ethnic motifs look very advantageous, and shots with them will dilute the family photo archive filmed in the metropolis.
  • An arch decorated with floral material will not only be useful for successful and bright shots, but will also be needed for a symbolic wedding ceremony.
  • Transport. Vehicles in the frame look unusual and funny: a retro car, a bicycle, a scooter, a moped and even roller skates. If you don’t have a Rolls-Royce, you can easily use an old Volga model for a photo shoot. Transport stylized to match the overall theme of the wedding would look very appropriate.
  • Props. Bright satin and silk ribbons, vintage picture frames, helium balloons, kites, signs with funny inscriptions, large letters (capital letters of the newlyweds' names) made of papier-mâché, garlands, beads, lanterns, candles. You can make them yourself, or you can buy them at any specialty store.

Despite the approaching cold and the last rays of the sun, weddings in the fall are no less popular than in the summer or spring. After all, autumn emphasizes the beauty of fading nature, makes wedding photos touching, and the image of the bride especially romantic. And there is no need to be afraid of falling raindrops. Thanks to well-chosen props, bad weather will not be able to disrupt the event. And it can even become an organic component of the wedding concept.

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