How to make a wreath on your head with your own hands - from artificial and fresh flowers, Ukrainian, from leaves and paper

At fashion shows in recent seasons, you can often see the demonstration of dresses and sundresses in combination with wreaths adorning the heads of models. The sizes of the compositions are very diverse, as are the colors. The trend for this accessory was immediately appreciated by the fair sex. Moreover, age does not matter. Everyone can choose the ideal model for themselves, highlighting their natural beauty.

A little history

It's no secret that any girl always wants to be beautiful, elegant and feminine, and at the same time not stand out from the general picture, following fashion and new trends.

As decoration, flower headbands have been around for a long time, dating back to the times of Ancient Greece. Greek women came up with the idea of ​​decorating their hair with such headbands, adding flowers, ribbons, colored stones and headbands to them.

If we talk about the present time, then Lana Del Rey, a popular American performer, became the trendsetter of the “flower” fashion. Such headbands looked great on the singer and the reaction of her fans, and then everyone else, was not long in coming. Now girls all over the world are happy to decorate their hair with floral headbands.

Those that girls in Rus' weaved

For weaving wreaths, plants with long, strong stems are suitable so that they do not break when bent.
These include daisies, dandelions, poppies, cornflowers and the like. First, two flowers are taken: one is placed vertically, the second is placed across, as close as possible, and bent around the first. Manipulations are also made with the remaining colors until the required length is obtained. The end is connected to the beginning and secured with thread or tape.

Recommendation: In order for it to last longer and not wilt quickly, it must be treated with a floral spray.

Who is it suitable for?

The deep symbolism of the wreath has been relegated to the background in the modern world. It has become a fashion trend that increasingly adorns the heads of models on the catwalks of famous design houses. Wedding wreaths have been transformed into tiaras and headbands. Fresh flowers were replaced by items made of silk, porcelain, and polymer clay.

A floral wreath looks very impressive, but one made from real plants will not last long. Not every girl wants to spend the evening weaving jewelry that will lose its attractive appearance in a couple of hours. Arrangements made from artificial flowers will last a long time and look no less beautiful.

To create a harmonious look with a wreath, you must follow the rules:

  1. At folk festivals, any product looks relevant.
  2. For children, you can choose bright shades.
  3. Young girls prefer head wreaths made of fresh flowers in delicate pastel colors.
  4. Older women are better off opting for deep natural shades.
  5. If the dress code allows, then a luxurious decoration of roses will make a girl stand out at a social event.

Traditions tend to be revived. A wreath for the bride made from fresh flowers is in fashion.


For folk festivals

Autumn Wedding

Traditions of wearing an accessory

A ring woven from herbs and flowers has been worn on the head since ancient times. In Ancient Greece it was awarded to the winners of games and competitions; in Ancient Rome it was used to crown warriors. In India and China, only members of the nobility and rulers were allowed to wear it.

A wreath of flowers on the head is not just a decoration, but part of ancient traditions:

  1. It was hung above the front door to ward off dark forces.
  2. They hid it under the first sheaf of the harvest to get rid of rodents and pests.
  3. It was placed under the pillow for women in labor so that the birth would be easy.
  4. Virgins in Poland wore mint wreaths. And the decoration with woven full pea pods indicated that the girl did not want to become the wife of an unloved man.
  5. Crowns of thorns were given to those doomed to death.
  6. The olive wreath was awarded to poets, writers, and musicians.

The sacred ritual of weaving was accompanied by chants and entertainment. Decorations were made for holidays, celebrations, and tragic events. In Rus', a wreath of fresh flowers with wormwood was created only during Rusal Week on Ivan Kupala. It was considered a powerful protective amulet.

The bride's wreath was an integral attribute for the wedding. They then kept it in a chest. This decoration became the prototype of modern wedding rings.

The wreath was accompanied not only by joyful events, but also by sad ones. Not a single funeral ceremony was complete without it. After the shipwreck, he was lowered into the water at the site of his death. It represented the end of earthly life and the beginning of eternal existence.

Manufacturing techniques and options

There are options that will require a lot of hard work, but the results are worth it. So, you can make a handmade product using the following methods:

  • From decor taken from purchased hairpins.
  • Using satin ribbons (weaving the product).
  • Made from fake ready-made flowers.
  • By creating your own blanks from paper or fabric.
  • Choosing kanzashi or quilling technology.
  • Crochet the necessary parts.

If, after reading the list, you are confused and do not know how to make a decoration with flowers with your own hands, then recommendations and a detailed description of the methods will help you solve the problem.


If you have ready-made paper rose flowers and leaves, you will need to weave a hoop from three or four flexible branches of willow or honeysuckle. Then glue the buds and petals with a hot gun in the intended order. This is not a clever way to make a wreath of roses on your head. Even if you don’t have flowers at hand, it’s not difficult to make them from corrugated paper. Peonies, buttercups, orchids, any.


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Recommendation: A paper product will last longer if coated with melted wax.

If you want to make a paper wreath as a gift for your mother on Mother’s Day or a friend on March 8, then you can increase the impression if you wrap a sweet chocolate candy in each flower. You can eat the sweets, and the product will show off on the living room wall.

The easiest way

If you have little time and little experience in needlework, then this method is a great opportunity to make yourself an unusual decoration.

Sequence of work: buy a pair of hair ties with beautiful flowers, size and color, and also a headband, preferably the right tone. Cut or peel off the flowers from the elastic bands, create a composition from them and attach them to the product.

All is ready. Anyone can make such a product.

In the same way, you can make a headband with your own hands from satin ribbons.

How to make a laurel wreath step by step with photos

The laurel wreath, as a symbol of glory, victory and peace, has been used since ancient times. In ancient times, it was used to crown the heads of triumphants, poets and priests; now it is used not only to reward winners, but also as a mandatory accessory of an ancient Roman costume worn at a costume party. You can make a laurel wreath yourself in 2 ways.

1. Using real bay leaves.

The principle of making such a wreath is quite simple:

  • Cut a ring from a sheet of cardboard or polystyrene foam, or buy a ready-made base ring at a store offering craft supplies. The size of the ring should be equal to the circumference of the head;
  • using a glue gun or regular PVA, glue bay leaves onto the base ring, placing them overlapping, first along the outer contour in one row, then glue the leaves along the inner contour of the ring in the same way;
  • seal the middle of the base ring with bay leaves, arranging them in a herringbone pattern;
  • The finished laurel wreath can be entwined with a beautiful ribbon or decorated with a small bow by gluing it to the top of the wreath. You can also use allspice, cloves or dried chokeberries as decoration by gluing them onto the wreath.

Using paper blanks cut in the shape of a bay leaf:

  • cut a long strip of cardboard, measure the required size = head circumference, glue the ends of the strip into a ring. Instead of cardboard, you can use wire, which will need to be decorated by wrapping it in paper and painting it gold;

  • Draw bay leaves on a sheet of paper - about 25 pieces, cut them out; • stick the cut out leaves onto a paper ring using a glue gun;
  • Paint the finished wreath gold using spray paint.

Using the technology for making a laurel wreath described above, you can also make models of laurel wreaths, for example, such as in the photo below
. The video below demonstrates how to make a laurel wreath with your own hands.

How to make a Greek headband with your own hands?

What you will need: an unnecessary T-shirt, sharp scissors, thread to match the color of the T-shirt, a sewing needle.

Since we are looking at the most budget-friendly options, we offer the simplest one: you don’t even need to go to the store. Our main tool is an unnecessary old T-shirt that you don’t mind. As a result, we will get a comfortable elastic band that can be used for Greek-style hairstyles. So let's get started:

  • We start from the bottom of the T-shirt. We need to cut from three to five ribbons from it. It is important that the ribbons are the same length.
  • We sew all five ribbons at the base; it is advisable, of course, that the threads match the color of your T-shirt. Next, a simple classic braid is braided from five ribbons.
  • Once the braid ends, sew the ends together. Then we connect the stitched ends on both sides to make a headband-bandage.
  • Our accessory is almost ready, all that remains is to hide the seams. You can use the same T-shirt for this. We suggest cutting out a small rectangular piece and carefully covering the place where the ends are held together. By the way, tapes for such a rim can also be bought in specialized stores.

DIY Ukrainian head wreath

On the wedding day, wedding wreaths made of foamiran are quite popular today. Especially if the celebration takes place in the fresh air and not in the registry office. It is important to take into account that the buds of the rim match the bouquet.

The bride can wear not only a classic long white dress with loose curls, but also a folk dress. This newfangled trend is a tribute to tradition.

To create an ethnic image in Ukraine, they use a Ukrainian wreath with ribbons. It looks very catchy and unusual. Not every fashionista would decide to wear one in everyday life or to work, but you can easily wear it to a themed event. On the Independence Day holiday in Kyiv - mega successful.

It is usually woven from the following twelve types of plants: poppy, immortelle, cornflower, chamomile, forget-me-not, marigold, hops, lovage, mallow, periwinkle, millennial, viburnum sprig. They take up more than half of the rim. Then they are decorated with ribbons and the ends are fastened with them, tying two ordinary knots.

How to make a wreath of flowers on your head?

What you will need: several ribbons (colors to suit your taste), sharp scissors, wire, several artificial flowers.

  • It is important to distinguish a wreath from a headband. Therefore, first you need to measure the volume of your head. If you don't do this, then there is a high chance that the wreath will simply fall off your head. Based on the measurements, we carefully make a wire frame.
  • You can use any flowers for the wreath: only your finances and imagination play a role here. As a rule, good stylish options can be chosen from ordinary artificial flowers, which can be bought for pennies in any store. If we use a large flower, then be sure to cut the stem: this way you can quickly and conveniently insert a wire through it to secure it to our base. If we use small flowers, then it is best to make several small compositions (from three to four colors) from them.
  • The last stage of work is securing the flowers to the rim. For a better aesthetic effect, we recommend alternating them in tone and size.

To clearly see that it is really simple, watch the video with master classes “How to make a headband with flowers.”

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Winter wreath

In preparation for the New Year celebration, everyone tries to decorate their homes as best as possible, as magically as possible. In the center of the living room, as a rule, there is a Christmas tree. But a decorative wreath made of pine branches will look great on a wall or door. It takes approximately one hour to make according to the following master class.

Materials for work: thick and thin wire, Moment glue, pine branches, toys. Initially, a circle is made in several layers of a pre-selected diameter. Bunches of twigs are attached to the base with thin wire. The denser the more magnificent it is. For decoration, New Year's toys, bows, dried orange slices, and so on are glued on top.

A New Year's wreath from foamiran is made according to the following master class. For the frame you need spruce branches: strips two centimeters wide are cut. Dense cuts of one and a half centimeters are made from the edge.

They are glued in a spiral to the wire in the shape of a spruce paw. The remaining part is wrapped with green floral ribbon. Using the method of weaving a classic wreath, it is given a rounded shape. Decorated with sparkles, berries, snowflakes.

The easiest and fastest option is to take a metal hanger. Bend the shoulders into a circle shape. String Christmas balls onto it and secure them back so they don’t fall apart. It looks impressive and expensive.

How to make a headband from ribbons?

What you will need: several satin ribbons (colors to suit your taste), a plastic headband, thread and needle, glue, sharp scissors, a cotton pad, a lighter, artificial flowers, wire.

  • Take the hoop and carefully wrap it with ribbons. The main thing is not to forget to periodically coat the ends with glue so that the tape is better attached.
  • Once the headband is wrapped with ribbons on all sides, you can attach several artificial (or even fresh) flowers to it. For these purposes, it is best to use a special wire on which the flowers will be attached.

You can watch how to make a hair hoop with ribbons with your own hands in this video tutorial.

From autumn leaves

A flower wreath is, first of all, an accessory for spring and summer. Units can harmoniously combine it in the winter season. But in the fall things are different. Colorful maple leaves make something special.

5 leaves are attached to the finished copper wire rim at the same time and secured with floral tape. The stems are hidden under the leaves and the excess is cut off. For individuality, you can add pine cones, bunches of rowan berries or ears of wheat.

How to make it yourself

In the old days, weaving a wreath was considered a special ritual. It was held in a female company on a certain day. Today, girls can make their own accessory for everyday wear, a holiday or a special occasion. It can be made from fresh or artificial flowers, from autumn leaves, rowan branches.

From fresh flowers and wild herbs

Any plants with long or medium stems are suitable for weaving a wreath of fresh flowers and wild herbs. It is important that the trunk is strong and does not break when bent. You can weave a wreath of daisies, dandelions, cornflowers, poppies, sunflowers, and leaves. The ends are secured with tape or thread. It is better not to use wire for this purpose, as it will cling to the hair.

Before starting work, it is recommended to wear gloves, since the stems can cause cuts or scratches. Some plants produce sap that remains on the skin as green or brown spots. To weave a wreath on your head from living plants, you must follow the instructions:

  1. The first flower is placed vertically.
  2. The next one is across, the inflorescences should be as close as possible.
  3. The horizontal stem is bent behind the vertical one, and then brought out to the front side in front of the inflorescence.
  4. The entire procedure is repeated until the desired length is achieved.
  5. The end of the decoration is tightly tied with ribbon or thread.

Fresh flower wreaths for brides are made from plants that shed minimally. If pollen stains a white dress, it will definitely ruin the girl’s mood during the celebration.

Modern brides often choose a lilac wreath as decoration, which fits perfectly into a wedding in the Provence, eco or art nouveau style. The plant practically does not fall off; in extreme cases, the inflorescences can be treated with hairspray.

Made from artificial flowers

You can make a wreath on your head with your own hands from artificial flowers. It will last for many years without losing its aesthetic appeal. To make it you will need floral wire, plants, ribbon and glue. A head decoration is created from artificial flowers according to the following algorithm:

  1. The wire is wound and a frame is made from it.
  2. The base is wrapped with tape as tightly as possible (it is better to choose green).
  3. The stems of artificial flowers are trimmed to a length of 12-15 cm.
  4. The plants are placed on the frame and secured with tape in a circle.
  5. The ends are secured with glue.

Decorating with fresh wildflowers looks very cute and attractive, but it is more difficult to weave. It will last a couple of days at most, then it will begin to wither, even if you treat it with floral spray. A wreath made from artificial flowers is much more practical and will last longer.

From autumn leaves and rowan branches

A wreath made from multi-colored rowan leaves and twigs is ideal as a decoration for a romantic autumn photo shoot in warm colors. Its basis is made up of young flexible branches of willow or birch, which are used to wrap a wire frame. Then leaves and rowan berries are threaded through the rods. You can weave a wreath in another way:

  1. Take the first autumn leaf and bend the edge.
  2. The stem of the second one pierces this part like a needle.
  3. So they continue in a circle.
  4. At the end, rowan branches are woven in.

Wire can be used as a base. In this case, all leaves and twigs are sewn to the base or secured with floral or nylon tape. It is not recommended to decorate a wreath made of natural plants with artificial stones, rhinestones and beads. The product must retain its natural appearance.

From tapes

An excellent alternative to ready-made artificial flowers will be buds made from satin ribbons. To create a head wreath with poppies, cornflowers and daisies you will need:

  • headband;
  • red, green, blue, white and wishing ribbons;
  • beads for stamens;
  • circles cut out of felt;
  • threads;
  • synthetic winterizer or foam rubber;
  • lighter or matches.

To create a poppy, the red ribbon is divided into 5 cm squares, from which petals are cut out (7-9 pieces for each flower), the edges are singed. Then they are sewn to a felt circle. The core is made from a piece of green tape, which is used to wrap a padding polyester or foam rubber ball. Secure everything with black thread. Then glue or sew it into the middle between the red leaves.

To create cornflowers, blue ribbon is divided into 4 cm squares, the edges are cut into cloves and treated with fire. Collect 17-19 petals per thread and pull them together. Making chamomile begins by cutting a narrow white ribbon into long pieces of 4 cm, and singeing the edges. A thin yellow ribbon is threaded onto a needle and pulled together to form an accordion. It is folded into a circle and stitched - this is the middle of the chamomile. White petals in the form of loops are sewn to it.

Leaves of different shapes are cut out from green ribbons. They also wrap the headband, sew leaves and flowers to it. Decorate the wreath with stamens and beads.

Corrugated paper

Thanks to the texture of corrugated paper, flowers made from it look delicate and airy. A spring wreath is very easy to make from this material. The frame and stems are made of wire, which is wrapped in green corrugated paper. Each subsequent layer is pressed tightly against the previous one. Leaves are created according to step-by-step instructions:

  1. Fold the paper in several layers, cut out the silhouettes of the leaves.
  2. Wrap each element tightly around a pencil, then straighten it out.
  3. Attach each leaf to the stem one by one, and stick a layer of green paper on top.
  4. If necessary, curl the edges of the petals with a pencil.

You can make any flowers: poppies, lilies, daffodils, peonies, roses. Chamomile is considered the simplest. To create it from corrugated paper, you need to cut out the petals from a white sheet, the core from a yellow sheet, and glue everything onto the stem, giving the structure the appearance of a real plant.

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Then you can start assembling. Wrap the finished stems with flowers and leaves one by one around a wire base. The more tightly the plants are fixed, the more beautiful the decoration looks. It is better to weave so that later you can straighten each flower.

When working with corrugated paper, you need to pay attention to the direction of the veins. They should go along the petals. The wire should not stick out anywhere; each section is tightly wrapped.

From dandelions

Yellow flowers are the perfect material for a wreath. The accessory will not dry out for several days, since dandelions can live for a long time without water.

For weaving, it is better to choose large flowers, with thick caps and long stems.

  • Pick more dandelions, of different lengths;
  • Take two flowers and cross the stems;
  • Throw one stem over the other to make a loop;
  • Now place the third dandelion on top so that the cap is as close as possible to the first two flowers. Make another loop;
  • Add a fourth flower, make a loop and continue like this;
  • Make sure that the caps and stems intertwine at the same level;
  • Connect the ends of the wreath and make another loop, tying the place with a blade of grass for security.

Watch the video that shows everything clearly:

From wild flowers

This is exactly what they do on Ivan Kupala! Their peculiarity is that smaller flowers are used than dandelions, and ears of corn and wild herbs are also woven into the design.

If you are going to tell fortunes on a wreath, be sure to look at which plant is responsible for what: for example, St. John's wort - for health, dandelion - for love. For a simply decorative wreath, any flowers and ears of corn are suitable: cornflower, chamomile, clover, wheat. Just don't pick rare flowers :)

The process is almost no different from what is written above. Intertwine two flowers together, wrap it around the first two. Then attach the third, fourth and further with a loop. Weave each subsequent flower closer to the previous ones. At the end, you can remove the extra stems and blades of grass, or you can leave it as is.

From daisies

Chamomiles don't stay fresh for very long, but you can use them to tell fortunes :)

The weaving technique is almost the same, just be careful with the buds: chamomile petals are wider, and therefore the flower needs more space. Try not to crush the flower itself too much in the process so that the petals do not fall off.

  • Take two chamomiles. We wrap one around the other, creating a loop.
  • We do the same with the third chamomile and all the others;
  • When the wreath is ready, tie the first and last daisies together. Ready!

Composition of living inflorescences

This way you can create a wedding wreath or an accessory for any other event. The instructions for making it are quite simple and do not cause any difficulties. You just need to strictly follow a certain sequence of actions.

Initially, a frame is created from wire. For this purpose, several twigs are cut from the wire, the length of which is 3-4 cm greater than the circumference of the head. This margin is necessary in order to easily fix the ends.

Then the plants themselves are prepared. The length of their stems should vary between 10 – 14 cm. To ensure that the flowers do not quickly wither and retain their original appearance throughout the day, they are sprayed with a special spray that florists use. Thanks to this, the wreath will look attractive for as long as possible.

The resulting ring is wrapped in a ribbon, the width of which is 4–5 cm. It is on this that the fragments of the future composition are subsequently placed. Each of the stems is secured with a ribbon. For this purpose, several revolutions are performed.

It is extremely important that all parts are located as closely as possible to each other. Field herbs, all kinds of flowers and a variety of greens are used. Pebbles and beads that are placed on a wire will help complete the composition. In combination with flower buds, such decorative elements look incredibly elegant.

The stems of the last parts need to be hidden under the already fixed elements and wrapped tightly with ribbon. In this case, there is no need to trim the stems.

There is another, no less simple way to create a wreath. They begin to weave it by forming a bundle consisting of several stems. Each new element is wrapped around the long stems of the original bundle by performing a double turn. One is done before the inflorescence, and the second after it.

The end must be connected to the bundle and closed in a ring. The resulting structure is fixed with a ribbon. It can also act as additional decor. For example, you can equip the accessory with hanging ribbons. They should be located in the back of the head.

Using fall foliage

In the fall, fresh flowers may simply not be available. In addition, their use when creating a wreath is no longer entirely appropriate. An excellent solution would be to choose autumn foliage. As a rule, maple is preferred. Yellowing of the leaves on this tree is observed quite early. In addition, sheet plates are durable and can retain their original appearance for a long time.

In this case, you also need to first prepare a rim from wire. 4 – 6 leaves are immediately fixed on it. They are fixed by using floral tape. In this way, all beams are secured. In order to make the accessory as colorful and unusual as possible, a sprig of rowan is inserted into it every 4 bunches of leaves.

In order for the product to be at least a little reminiscent of summer, it is additionally recommended to use green foliage. It is used approximately after 5 – 7 rows. Its more frequent use would be inappropriate in this case.

The last stems are hidden under those leaves that have already been fixed. The excess must be cut off. The resulting structure can be secured using tapes or regular threads.

The accessory is now ready and you can safely try it on, coming up with an original way to wear it. Such decoration will clearly not go unnoticed and will cause real delight among those around you.

The technology for making wreaths worn on the head is quite simple. Even a child can understand the features of this process. It is worth noting that if you decide to use artificial flowers for it, you can also make them yourself. To do this, you just need to choose a suitable master class and strictly follow the instructions. In this case, you will be able to create a truly unique accessory.

From felt

Felt is a dense sheet of felt made from natural wool. This is an ideal item for creativity. Volumetric, flat felt daisies, asters, orchids, roses are a small part of the ideas for headbands.

The easiest way to create a flower is to cut a circle out of felt. Next, it is cut, moving from the edges to the center. The resulting spiral is twisted into a bud and hemmed.

Wreaths with felt flowers are combined with woolen dresses, tweed jackets, and knitted sweaters.


Japan is considered the birthplace of the art of making flower arrangements from satin, organza, and silk. To make it you will need a minimum of tools: scissors, transparent glue, thread, ribbon, rhinestones.

By following the instructions on how to make headbands with flowers in the “kanzashi” style, you can get an original accessory:

  • Squares of arbitrary size are cut from the tape - the basis for creating petals. I make sure to burn the cuts over the flame of a lighter.
  • By bending the squares diagonally several times, you get triangles. To get a sharp petal, the edges of the triangles are closed to each other, fixing the joint with glue.
  • Several petals are collected into an inflorescence, sewing them together. A decorative button, rhinestones, and stones are installed in the center. The finished element is glued onto the hoop.

Decor for hoops

Floral headbands instantly transform a woman's look. A simple bun, ponytail, a couple of careless strands, loose curls turn into a salon masterpiece.

Many needlewomen are thinking about how to make flowers for a headband from inexpensive, improvised materials. There are so many answers to this question that it’s not easy to choose just one. Suitable fabric, satin, lace, velvet ribbon, foamiran, plastic polymer.

Greek wreath

For such a special thin decorated rim, small flowers, leaves, and fruits are used. They can be formed from: rhinestones, pearls, polymer clay, fabric, gold threads. The special feature is that only one side is decorated, front or back.

It is not difficult to make thin beads to decorate any hairstyle in the Greek style. String beads onto a thin wire to the desired length. The ends are folded into loops. Two satin or lace ribbons are inserted into them (one in each). A bow is tied. And before my eyes there is a wreath of beads on my head.


Soft foamiran is called the second suede. Pliable, foamed material takes on a variety of shapes when heated, retaining them after cooling.

The work process is not complicated:

  • Oval, teardrop-shaped blanks are cut out of a sheet of foam, which in the future will become petals.
  • For greater realism, the petals are tinted with dry pastel. Shading is done with a sponge. The veins are applied with toothpicks, an orange stick, or a special mold.
  • The petal is formed by applying it to a slightly heated iron or simply pulling it out in warm hands.
  • The final assembly of the flower is carried out using a heat gun.

Roman wreath

The laurel wreath symbolizes glory, victory, peace. In ancient times, they were worn by poets and priests. There are two easy ways to create it. For the first, real bay leaves are used. For the base - a ring of cardboard with a diameter equal to the circumference of the head. The leaves are glued overlapping on both sides. All! For the second method, take paper sheets. You will need about 30 pieces. They are glued in the same way as the first option, all that remains is to paint them gold using spray paint.

From polymer clay

Flowers made from polymer clay cannot be immediately distinguished from real ones. The material is easy to work with - like plasticine, it rolls out in thin layers and stretches well.

For final formation, the flowers are baked in the oven or left in the air (self-hardening plastic). It is worth knowing that the headband with such decor does not withstand exposure to water.

Foamiran wreath

Foamiran is an ideal decorative foam plastic material. Otherwise called: revelur and fom EVA. Due to its properties, it is popular for handicrafts. Advantages:

  • easy to work with;
  • delicate velvet texture;
  • easily takes any shape, cut, painted with acrylic;
  • reliably glued with hot-melt adhesive;
  • looks great in combination with any materials.

Foamiran flowers for headbands look like real ones, only even more delicate.
To create dandelions, you need two yellow strips: 25 by 2 cm and 10 by 1 cm. Without cutting finely to the end, cut out the strips along the side. The green circle is also trimmed around the entire circumference. All parts are applied to the iron so that the desired, slightly bent petals are formed under the temperature. All workpieces are wrapped onto the wire in the required shape. In order: core (thin), petals on the sides (wide), leaf (circle). Don't forget to apply glue to each layer for strength. Foamiran headbands will be ready immediately after attaching them to the headband.


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Learning to make a headband

An old, shabby hoop is not a reason to throw it in the trash. You can give your jewelry a second life using a little imagination and simple means.

  • We take the old hoop, remove the old fabric and decorative elements from it.
  • To hide the ends of the headband, glue small pieces of lace onto them. We secure the remaining part of the lace ribbon with a clip and wrap it around the headband along its entire length. It is necessary to leave allowances of 1 cm at both ends for gluing to the inside of the hoop.
  • The central detail in the headband will be a guipure ribbon, from which you need to weave a braid. To do this, fold the ribbon in half, tying a small bow in the center.
  • Pressing the knot with your finger, pull the right ribbon so that one side of the bow unravels. From the same end we will form a loop and pass it through the remaining side of the bow. Repeating this sequence with the left side of the ribbon, we get a pigtail with a length corresponding to the headband.
  • Glue the braid over the lace onto the hoop, decorate with single beads, pearl thread or flowers. That's it, the hair crown is ready!

We recommend reading: Decoupage of flower pots - napkin, eggshell, cloth

Easter wreath

Its main feature is the presence of a composition of symbols of the Easter holiday. It is decorated with painted and painted eggs, figurines of chickens and rabbits, bird nests, greenery, tulips, daffodils, lilies of the valley, feathers, moss and eggshells. 3 primary colors are used: green, red and yellow.


  • DIY vase: step-by-step photo instructions, master class for a beautiful and unusual craft
  • Paintings from buttons, panels, appliques and compositions with your own hands: how to make flowers, a butterfly, a fish or a tree craft from buttons
  • Flowers made of wool (85 photos) - how to felt a flower from felt or a wool brooch. Step-by-step instructions for beginners

Original felt or suede headbands

If there is no felt, it can be easily replaced with felt, thick fabric, leather or suede. Such decorations are very beautiful and easy to make.

The decoration can be attached to an elastic band or to a headband, a budget option and stylish.

Prepare for work:

  • felt in 3 shades: pink, burgundy and olive;
  • beads;
  • thick: needle and dark pink wool thread;
  • headband or hair tie.


  • According to the template or at will, cut out 2 flowers of different shapes in burgundy color (they will overlap each other).
  • Long green leaves to sew flowers on. Greenery should peek out from both sides for beauty.
  • Two green circles for flowers (2 times smaller than the flowers themselves).
  • Then we place each cut out flower on pink felt and cut it 2-3 mm larger. They should set off the flower beautifully.

We form the product:

Place leaves on 1 green circle, then a large pink flower, and a large burgundy flower on top of it. Small on top: pink, then burgundy flower. We combine the middles of the flowers, the leaves will peek out a few centimeters from both sides.

We thread a dark pink wool thread into the “gypsy” needle. We stitch through the product from the middle, creating beautiful stamens.

The finished product needs to be attached to an elastic band or headband, the 2nd green circle will be inside the elastic band (rim). We sew the circles tightly on both sides with simple thick threads; the headband or elastic band will be inside the circles.

You can take any options. For those who like bright colors, combinations of yellow (orange or red) with black (brown) are suitable. Bright blue (lilac or green) with dark gray (black) looks beautiful.

On top of the flower you can sew a pre-prepared small butterfly or “ladybug” (on 1/3 of the flower).

Such original crafts are quite feasible even for inexperienced beginners. In the photo you can see headbands with flowers for hairstyles with interesting ideas.

The history of the wreath

Wreaths appeared in ancient times among different peoples in different parts of the planet. In all cultures they symbolized the sun, the celestial cycle, infinity and immortality.

It was believed that the sacred meaning lies in the form itself, since the circle is the personification of the divine principle, eternity and perfection. It has the mystical power of a talisman, helping to distinguish between internal and external space, making a person inaccessible to the negative influence of external forces and hostile entities.

Fresh flowers and herbs woven into the wreath meant life, merging with nature, and supporting Mother Earth. It was worn on the head to receive the protection of the gods, spiritual strength and vital energy.

In Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, the symbolism of the wreath was associated with the personification of success, dignity and dominance. The meaning was largely determined by the plant branches woven into it:

  • laurel – triumph and invincibility;
  • oak - honor for saving the lives of citizens;
  • olive - victory in sports competitions;
  • roses – power and high status.

Women and girls from aristocratic families decorated their hair with a wreath made of myrtle, the tree of the goddess of love Aphrodite. To appease Dionysus, they made wreaths of ivy and grapes.

The Slavs wove wreaths for holidays: St. George's Day, Trinity, summer solstice, Ivan Kupala, etc. They served as decoration for all participants, regardless of age and gender, and were used as protective amulets for homes and livestock.

Improve your skills and always stay on trend

If you have already made flower headbands several times, you can improve your knowledge and skills. Today this type of needlework is very popular and the best ideas and instructions for making are readily published in popular magazines and Internet sites.

Almost any master class on making a headband with flowers can now be found on the Internet. Good luck and new ideas. Be individual and beautiful at any age and under any circumstances.

↑ The meaning of flowers in a wreath

  • Immortelle - a symbol of health
  • Yarrow - insubordination
  • Periwinkle - life and immortality of the human soul,
  • The color of cherry and apple trees is a symbol of maternal devotion
  • Viburnum is a symbol of beauty and girlish beauty
  • Lovage and cornflower - devotion and fidelity
  • Chamomile is a symbol of girlish purity
  • Rouge, mallow and peony - faith, hope and love
  • Hops (antennae) – a symbol of flexibility and intelligence

The poppy color is added to the wreath by those girls in whose families someone died in the fight against the enemy.
Poppy is a symbol of sadness and sadness. Also, every girl had to know in what order to weave the ribbons into the corolla and what the color of the ribbon meant. And it was a shame for that girl who did not know which ribbon should be woven after which.

Let's say, the very first one in the corolla - in the middle, they knit a light brown ribbon - a symbol of the earth-nurse. On both sides of the brown one there are yellow ribbons - a symbol of the sun, behind them there are light green ones - a symbol of beauty and youth. Then blue, blue - symbols of sky and water, give strength and health, then knit orange - a symbol of bread, purple - a symbol of human wisdom, crimson - a symbol of sincerity, sincerity, pink - a symbol of prosperity. They also knitted a white ribbon, but only when its ends were embroidered with silver and gold. The sun was embroidered on the left end, and the month on the right. If the ribbon was not embroidered, then it was not tied, since it is a symbol of memory of the dead.

Our ancestors believed that wreaths were endowed with magical powers and could influence their future and control the present. That’s why the wreaths were even divided into certain categories.

The greatest attention was paid to the “WREATH OF LOVE”.

This wreath was woven by girls from the age of 13 until marriage. The basis of such a wreath is daisies - a symbol of youth, kindness and tenderness. Apple and cherry blossoms are woven between the daisies. Above the brow is a blooming bunch of viburnum. Hop tendrils are woven between the flowers - a symbol of flexibility and intelligence.

How to wear it correctly?

A headband with flowers is a very romantic accessory that most girls complement with appropriate clothing. These could be light, flowy dresses and sundresses, sandals with thin straps or ballet flats.

If you are a tanned girl, choose a brightly colored wreath, complement it with clothes with ethnic patterns and matching jewelry to get a boho-chic look. This could be a bright dress with a floral print, a sundress, or even jeans with an airy tunic.

The most win-win option for every day is jeans or denim shorts with a shirt or T-shirt. A modest wreath and a couple of stylish jewelry will complete the look.

A headband with flowers will look great on hair of any unnatural shade - pink, purple, green. An unusual hair color in itself is a statement of pretentiousness, so if you add a wreath to your hairstyle, it will look very organic.

To make flowers look organic even in an everyday look, it’s good if they match the color of at least one element of clothing. It looks especially impressive if the shoes are decorated with similar flowers. For example, you can transform old shoes this way, or glue a couple of artificial roses using superglue – it’s a matter of a few minutes.

Of course, a hoop with flowers will not always look appropriate. You can definitely go to a picnic or an outdoor festival in it – the flowers will look organic against the greenery background.

If you choose clothes in ethnic and boho style, then wreaths on your head will be the perfect complement to your look.

In combination with an evening outfit, a kokoshnik headband will also look appropriate.

You definitely shouldn’t wear it to school, to the office or to attend official events. At the very least, you may be misunderstood, and the combination of a business suit and flowers in your hair looks ridiculous.

Useful tips

Before you start making a wreath on your head, you need to think about a combination of shades. It is better to choose a green base, and the leaves are several shades darker. The bride is given delicate wedding wreaths on her head. If these are fresh flowers, then daisies, cornflowers, peonies, orchids, lavender, and lilies are suitable. If artificial, then preference is given to products in pastel colors. For fashionistas who want to surprise guests at a social event, a wreath of luxurious scarlet roses is ideal.

The brighter the flowers, the more spectacular the makeup should be. Stylists recommend focusing on the eyes. A dark smokey eye goes well with red jewelry. And with delicate wreaths in pastel colors, nude makeup harmonizes perfectly; you can just slightly emphasize the eyes with mascara and light shadows.

For girls with short hair, wreaths are not recommended, so as not to get a discrepancy in the image. But those with long hair of any color can safely wear the product. The decoration is worn for certain celebrations, folk festivals, and thematic festivals.

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