Which church is better to get married in - 8 right tips

When two people who truly love each other want to spend their entire lives together, they tie their lives together in holy matrimony. In the Gospel, the wedding is compared to the mysterious union of Christ with the Church. A wedding is a sacred rite of the seven sacraments, the union of two loving souls in the face of the Lord. Previously, church marriage was not given much importance. The main thing was to sign at the registry office. But in recent years, more and more young couples have appeared seeking to unite their lives with sacred bonds. The wedding ceremony has certain canons. Let's look at the rules for getting married in a church.


Tip 3:Bride's wedding dress

What should a wedding dress be like? The concepts of a wedding dress and a wedding dress are different from each other. Nowadays, brides are not treated as strictly in their appearance as before. But still lovers adhere to the rules. When a bride gets married in a church, her dress should be modest. According to the rules of church traditions, the legs must be completely covered, but a neckline and a beautiful cutout on the back are allowed. The color of the wedding dress should be light tones, preferably white. White color is a symbol of purity and innocence. The bride is prohibited from getting married in dark and bright colors. The head must be covered with a veil or a light scarf. A hat is allowed. A delicate wreath can decorate a beautiful bride’s hairstyle. Before entering the church, the bride's shoulders and arms are covered with a cape. The bride's shoes should be closed. It is believed that wearing sandals to get married is a bad omen. It has long been believed that a wedding dress should have a long train. The longer the train, the happier the family life will be.

How to behave in church

There are unspoken canons of behavior in the temple that should not be violated. You should not behave provocatively. Laughter and talking during the ceremony are inappropriate.

Young people need to learn in advance the marriage vows and the words that should be spoken during the ceremony. This will show respect for the clergyman and for God.

The bride must wipe off her lipstick before the service begins. Women should enter the church with their heads covered; skirts and dresses should be below the knee. Excessively bright makeup is also inappropriate.

Tip 4: Choosing a wedding day

In order to set a date for a wedding in a church, you must first familiarize yourself with the 2014 wedding calendar. In it you will find out which days it is allowed to get married and which days it is not. A favorable day for a wedding is Sunday. Since most couples tend to get married on this day, it is necessary to set a time for the ritual in advance. Wedding ceremonies are also held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Weddings usually do not take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The ritual lasts several hours. Therefore, it is held in the daytime, but not closer to the evening. The Orthodox Church has both favorable and “forbidden” days for weddings. What days are these?

  • Christmas time;
  • Eve of the Presentation of the Lord;
  • Maslenitsa;
  • Eve of the Annunciation;
  • Lent;
  • Easter;
  • Day of the Ascension of the Lord;

  • Day of the Holy Trinity;
  • Petrov post;
  • Assumption Fast;
  • Nativity;
  • Day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross;
  • Christmas post.

How to prepare for the sacrament of wedding correctly?

A wedding is not a wedding where they walk for 3 days, fall on their faces in a salad and hit each other with their faces according to tradition. A wedding is a sacrament through which a couple receives a blessing from the Lord to live their whole lives together in sorrow and joy, to be faithful to each other “until the grave”, to give birth and raise children.

Without a wedding, a marriage is considered “incomplete” by the Church. And preparation for such an important event, of course, must be appropriate. And we are not talking about organizational issues that are resolved in 1 day, but about spiritual preparation.

A couple who takes their wedding seriously will definitely take into account those requirements that some newlyweds forget about in pursuit of fashionable wedding photos. But spiritual preparation is an important part of a wedding, as the beginning of a new life for a couple - with a clean (in every sense) slate.

Preparation includes a 3-day fast, during which you need to prepare for the ceremony prayerfully, and also abstain from intimate relationships, animal food, bad thoughts, etc. In the morning before the wedding, the husband and wife confess and receive communion together.

Tip 5: Necessary actions before the wedding

Having set a date for the ceremony, the newlyweds will have to choose the church where the ritual will be held. The wedding is carried out by appointment after a conversation with the priest. During the conversation, in addition to discussing the wedding date, important questions will be asked to the bride and groom.

What will the priest ask?

  • are you baptized?
  • whether you decided to get married in a church voluntarily, out of love;
  • are you planning to have children?
  • whether you were previously married or not;
  • will you sign?

You must answer the priest's questions honestly. The bride and groom can also ask the priest about anything of interest. Discuss the nuances that are necessary during the wedding, clarify approximately how long the wedding will last, and whether photography is allowed in the church. You can decide for yourself whether to receive communion or not. If the bride is pregnant, she must tell her about it. You need to make sure whether a pregnant woman can get married in a church. Some priests do not marry pregnant women, but many, on the contrary, happily perform this ritual.

Photo and video shooting at a wedding

Photography and video recording of the wedding sacrament is permitted, but not in all churches , so it is better to ask permission from the clergyman in advance. It is important to remember that in church you need to behave quietly , so the photographer must move carefully, without disturbing the young people, the priest, or the guests during the ceremony.

Do not use the flash or click the shutter too often so as not to interfere with the sacrament.

Despite the limitations placed on a photographer's work, there are many angles and ways to take great photos that will last a long time.

Since the church is the house of God , it is better to conduct a photo session on the street after the ceremony. A wedding photo shoot is an important moment for the newlyweds, but it is by no means the key moment in the ceremony. The wedding photos will make a wonderful photo book, which can be combined with photos from the painting in the registry office.

Tip 6: What you need for a wedding

Preparations for the wedding should take place in love and in a good mood. To perform the ritual you need:

  • two icons: Christ the Savior and the Mother of God. With these icons, the bride and groom receive blessings during their wedding.
  • wedding rings. These rings are a symbol of the inseparability of marriage bonds and eternal love.
  • white towel and wedding candles. Candles should be held in the hands of the bride and groom as a symbol of their love. White towels are intended for the newlyweds to stand on during the ritual. This symbolizes the purity of marriage.

What you will need

For the ceremony itself you need to purchase some things:

  1. Two icons, one for a man - with Jesus, and the second for a girl - with the Mother of God.
  2. White towels or towels.
  3. Four small white scarves for candles and crowns.
  4. Large candles.
  5. A bottle of Cahors.
  6. Rings.


They are necessary for the priest to bless you. They often take them from their parents or buy new ones. According to the old tradition, it is customary to keep images of saints in your home in a visible place for the rest of your life, because they are needed to protect the couple and protect them.

Holy images can be printed, drawn or embroidered with mosaics, beads and other materials.

Do not chase the price of icons, because no matter what, they have equal strength, be it a new or old product, costing 3,000 rubles or 100,000.


Such paintings represent a symbol of a new life together. Witnesses will place one of them under your feet, and the second will be needed to bandage your hands. According to tradition, newlyweds must keep them after the sacred ceremony to ensure a happy married life.

According to the rules, you should choose a towel without any inscriptions, decorative elements and lace; only modest geometric and floral patterns are allowed, on one side or on both. The middle must be clean, since the young people stand in the center of the canvas and can trample on their happiness, because according to legend, this is God’s place.

Both beautiful white fabric cuts and pieces of snow-white material will do.


You can buy candles in a church shop, because there will probably be suitable ones of good quality. They can be purchased on the day of the Sacrament, which is very convenient.

They can also be decorative, with some kind of decoration, for example, with chains, glass beads, ribbons or lace.

According to tradition, it is recommended to take the remains of the candles home after the ceremony, so that they serve as a talisman for your family and also remind you of a happy day. Most often they are stored near wedding icons - in a candlestick or cloth under glass.

These attributes are often ignited when there is trouble in the family, for example, spouses have a big quarrel or children are seriously ill. After all, candles are endowed with special power and if you turn to God when lighting them, he will definitely help you. They can also be lit during joyful events, such as a wedding anniversary or the birth of a child.


Wine is most often bought directly from a temple or chapel, because the store does not always have it.

In principle, any strong red wine will do.


They have long been considered a symbol of the love of those getting married. The husband came to the cathedral with gold jewelry, and his wife with silver. After the three-fold exchange, the bride was left with a gold ring, and the groom – with silver.

Different metals were responsible for certain things. The male attribute symbolized God and the sun, and the female attribute symbolized the church and the moon. In the modern world, most often newlyweds choose both gold jewelry, often even completely identical in appearance or with some kind of decoration, in the form of diamond chips, diamonds, engraving, and so on.

It is recommended to be more careful when choosing wedding rings, because you will have to wear them all your life without taking them off. Pretentious models may not be suitable for such an occasion, because a strict priest, seeing too bright accessories, may completely refuse you the ceremony.

Often, lovers will use their wedding jewelry at the Sacrament, since they will need to be worn on the same hand and the same finger.

Tip 7: How the ritual works

Many couples do not get married right away. They live together for some time, testing their relationship. And if they come to a mutual decision to get married in church, they set a date for the ceremony after the anniversary of their life together. But the majority of young people decide to sign and get married on the day of the painting. After registering the marriage in the registry office, they arrive at the church in order to legitimize their relationship before God. How is the wedding ceremony going in 2014? Having arrived at the temple, accompanied by guests, the newlyweds await the start of the festive liturgy.

This ritual includes two stages:

  • engagement;
  • wedding.

The Deacon comes out to the newlyweds, holding a tray with wedding rings in his hand. The priest hands the lit wedding candles into the hands of the bride and groom. He then suggests that the newlyweds exchange wedding rings three times. Before this, the priest must consecrate the rings. Three times the bride and groom move the rings on a tray to each other. This ritual is performed as a sign of unity and mutuality in marriage.

Then the most interesting part begins - the climax of the wedding sacrament. The priest marks the groom in a cross shape with the help of a crown. He brings to him the image of Christ the Savior, attached to his crown, so that he kisses him. The priest then places the crown on the groom's head. The same thing awaits the bride. But attached to her crown is the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Due to the voluminous hairstyle or tiara, the crown is not placed on the bride’s head, so it falls to the witness to hold it. This ritual lasts about 20 minutes. The ritual with crowns is a symbol of the fact that they have forever become king and queen for each other. If one of the newlyweds is getting married for the second time, the crown is not placed on the head, but is held above the shoulder. And if she is getting married for the third time, then the ceremony is performed without crowns at all. After the ceremony of laying crowns, the newlyweds are presented with a cup of wine. The priest says a prayer and illuminates this cup with a cross and presents it to the spouses. They gradually drink this cup in three doses. This ritual symbolizes a single destiny. Then the newlyweds become one. Then the priest joins the young people’s right hands and circles them three times around the lectern. This means that they will always go through life hand in hand. The newlyweds are led to the royal doors, where the groom kisses the image of the Savior. And the bride of the Mother of God. Then they must exchange places. Here the groom must kiss the image of the Mother of God, and the bride must kiss the Savior. Next, after the ceremony in front of the royal doors, the stage of kissing the Cross begins. At this stage, the groom is presented with an icon of the Savior, and the bride is given the Mother of God. Upon arrival at their home, they will have to hang them over the marriage bed.

At the end of the ceremony, many years are pronounced for the newlyweds and everyone congratulates the newlyweds. Guests can give gifts directly to the church. After the completion of the wedding sacrament, the newlyweds, together with their family and friends, go on a wedding walk.

Video: “Wedding in the Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul”

What to do before the ceremony

The very first thing you need to know is whether you will be married at all, because there are some reasons why the priest may refuse you the Sacrament. So, these are:

  • if you are blood or spiritual relatives ;
  • adherents of another faith, atheists or unbaptized ;
  • if they are very young and you are not yet 18 or, on the contrary, are too mature , a woman is over 60, and a man is over 70;
    Age is considered on an individual basis and rules are often violated. For example, if a couple has been married for a long time, then the church will bless them at any age.
  • Orthodox Christians can get married no more than three times; if you want to do it a fourth time, you will most likely be refused. The same applies to civil marriages registered in the registry office. three divorces behind you , then your chances are low;
  • Such a Sacrament is prohibited for people who have taken a vow of celibacy , clergy and the incompetent;
  • if you are not officially married , then you may also be denied the ceremony.

If none of these points apply to you, then the next step will be choosing a date and temple, as well as meeting and interviewing the priest who will conduct the ritual.

Advice. To decide on the wedding day, it is better to turn to a special calendar, because it is not held every day.

Lovers who decide to enter into a union before God must undergo spiritual preparation, namely, a few days before the ceremony, begin the Sacrament of repentance and holy communion. Refrain from intimacy and fast, giving up meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, alcohol and cigarettes.

Tip 8: In what cases is a wedding impossible?

There are certain wedding rules. If they are violated, the wedding becomes impossible.

In what cases does a wedding become impossible?

  • if one of the spouses has been married three times before;
  • if the newlyweds are relatives (up to the fourth degree);
  • if one of the young people adheres to atheism; - if one of the spouses is not baptized and does not intend to be baptized;
  • if one of the spouses belongs to a different religion and does not intend to perform baptism;
  • if one of the spouses is already married;
  • if the newlyweds have not yet registered their relationship with the state.

We invite you to watch a video from which you will receive a lot of useful information about the sacrament of wedding and how to prepare for it.

Tip 8: How much does a wedding cost?

The cost of a wedding in a church depends on the temple in which the newlyweds decided to hold the ceremony. Temples set prices differently. There are churches where the price is set indefinitely, that is, how much money the newlyweds can contribute to donate to the temple. In other cases, wedding prices vary from 500 to 2000 rubles.

Tell us in the comments about how your wedding ceremony went. What emotions did you experience during this wonderful ritual? Did you follow all the wedding rules?

Folk signs

A church wedding is an ancient ritual. For this reason, various signs have been formed among the people.

There are several superstitions regarding the bride's dress:

  • Before arriving at the temple, you should not look at yourself in a wedding dress. It is allowed to look in the mirror while wearing a dress, but without gloves, veil or other attributes. Otherwise, there may not be happiness in the family.
  • No one should try on the bride's dress before the ceremony begins.
  • If there are buttons on a wedding dress, then their number must be even, otherwise the husband may leave for someone else.
  • A pin must be placed on the inside of the groom's dress and shirt. This will protect the newlyweds from the evil eye.

If it starts to rain heavily during the ceremony, then this means a happy and long family life.

Before the ritual, the couple needs to look into the same mirror together. This will ensure a strong family life and good luck.

To prevent the bride from returning to her parents after joining the church union, when she leaves for church, the floors in her house are washed, with the exception of the threshold.

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