Impeccable taste: how to choose the right bridal bouquet of white roses

A wedding bouquet is not just an attribute of the newlywed, it is a reflection of her individuality, a detail that can complete the complete image of the bride and create a general mood. Choosing a bouquet is one of the pleasant pre-wedding chores, which is worth paying attention to no less than choosing a wedding dress and an elegant hairstyle. A bouquet of white roses is a win-win option, because the “queen of flowers” ​​will always have a place at a special event.

Color meaning

The white rose is a symbol of pure, sincere love. Newlyweds want to preserve such feelings for the rest of their lives, so the bride chooses this particular flower. Important! The classic white rose is associated with strong relationships and respect for the beloved.
A bouquet of white roses expresses admiration and sincerity of feelings. If the groom wants to show how much he loves the bride, he presents her with an arrangement of snow-white roses.

Rose symbolism

The Queen of Flowers in symbolism is one of the most difficult signs to describe. The rose is full of direct meanings and sub-meanings: divine perfection is intertwined with sinful passion, virgin innocence with fertility, the beginning with the end. In ancient Rome, there was an opinion that prudent roses prevented excessive talkativeness, so they were necessarily woven into garlands at celebrations of the god Dionysius. And “what was said under the rose” - sub rosa was considered a message of secrets, which was confirmed by the image of the symbol in meeting rooms, hinting at secrecy and non-disclosure.

Rose thorns mean sins; initially in paradise the flower grew without them. Eve's fall was reflected in the structure of the stem. Sharp, wounding needles appeared on it. Garlands of roses represent the bliss of the Virgin Mary in heaven.

The white rose symbolizes purity and innocence. If she is depicted without thorns, then this is the Rose of the Virgin Mary, untainted by original sin. But still, in Christianity, the Virgin Mary is more often associated with a white lily than with a rose.

Red – desire, passion, sensuality, truth, joy, resurrection. She is also called a martyr, as she appeared from drops of the blood of Christ on Golgotha.

The golden rose is a sign of perfection, chosen as the emblem of the Pope.

The mixture of white and red in a bouquet is a tandem of water and fire, a fusion of opposites. It was on this opposition that the War of the White and Red Roses in England in the 15th century was built. After the unification of the opposing forces, the two-color red and white emblem of the Tudor Rose appeared.

The blue rose reflects the unattainability of dreams.

For the Arabs, the rose represents masculine beauty; for the Chinese, it is closely intertwined with the lotus and signifies prosperity and fragrance.

Options for flower arrangements

To prevent snow-white flowers from blending into the white wedding dress, large green leaves are added to them, which frame the buds. You can also pick up fresh sprigs of greenery and decorate the bouquet with bright beads, colored lace, and multi-colored iridescent rhinestones.

Amazingly beautiful mono compositions are created from white buds. If desired, they can be combined:

  • with forget-me-nots;
  • roses of other shades;
  • hypericum berries;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • irises;
  • hydrangeas.

Wedding mono bouquet

For a bouquet of white roses, a spherical shape is suitable. In this case, the stems are left short. You can create a cascading composition with a long leg. The florist will add hanging plants to the flowers, which are placed between the buds and used as a frame.

To make the bouquet more vibrant, leaves are placed between the flower heads. Such green splashes refresh the composition. A satin ribbon of a contrasting color, which is tied with the stems, looks stylish and impressive.

With pink roses

Pink shades will help create an elegant and at the same time graceful composition. To make it more festive, you can add glamelia decorated with sparkling rhinestones. A two-color bouquet is often complemented with small fern leaves.

Such ensembles are most often given a spherical shape or the appearance of a hemisphere. The petals themselves are treated with glitter spray. There is no need to be very zealous - just use a similar decor to decorate the buds located along the edges.

With freesias

A lush cascading bouquet of freesias and roses will suit a medium-length outfit and a fitted floor-length dress. Sprigs of greenery will dilute the white color and make the ensemble more interesting.

For a classic dress with crinoline, choose a composition in a basket. The young newlywed looks charming with her. Carrying the basket on your elbow is easy and leaves your hands free.

With irises

Florists often suggest that brides include bright colors in the composition, for example, by adding irises to it. They come in different colors, so choosing the right one is easy. The ensemble made up of white roses, interspersed with deep blue irises, looks especially impressive.

In summer you can include orange and yellow plants. They will set you up in a positive way. In winter, purple and violet buds are appropriate. They will set off snow-white roses and emphasize their beauty.

Advice! The spherical bouquet is tied with a satin ribbon. Mostly bush roses are chosen for it in order to get a perfectly even contour.

The elongated shape of the bouquet goes well with a narrow dress. Long green branches are added to this ensemble.

Irises symbolize immaculate love and grace. Their aroma is subtle, so it will not cause irritation.

With hypericum berries

Hypericum berries, painted in a rich red color, make an interesting ensemble with white buds, so florists willingly use them when creating wedding arrangements. The bouquet can be of any shape. This plant is suitable for a celebration decorated in a classic style or a retro wedding.

When creating a bouquet, small white spray roses or regular-sized flower buds are used. Hypericum is especially good if the color red is present in the outfit. This could be bright shoes combined with a white dress or pantsuit. A similar composition looks impressive against the background of a red dress with white inserts.

With hydrangea

Hydrangeas are used to create autumn, summer and spring bouquets. Blue, pink, lilac and purple inflorescences improve your mood. The color is chosen taking into account the bride's outfit. This plant symbolizes selfless love, devotion and modesty, so it goes well with a white rose. Hydrangea will highlight the beauty of the primary flowers and will not draw attention to itself.

The bouquet can have a traditional round shape. For tall, slender girls, a cascade is suitable - the flowers will cascade down to the hem of the wedding dress. Structured compositions in which the center rises above the rest of the plants look interesting.

With chrysanthemums

Some brides consider chrysanthemums to be cheap flowers, so they do not pay attention to them, and in vain. Chrysanthemums can complement the grace of white roses. In addition, chrysanthemum is a symbol of warm feelings, joy, eternal passion and trust, so a bouquet of these flowers is tantamount to a declaration of love.

As a rule, large white rosebuds and small chrysanthemums painted green are chosen for wedding bouquets. The shape of the bouquet is spherical. Green leaves are added to the ensemble, and the stems are tied with a green ribbon. This composition is ideal for a summer wedding.

With peonies

Peonies and roses are frequent neighbors in wedding bouquets. White plants go perfectly together. To make the composition interesting, use peonies of a brighter tone - pink, burgundy, salmon, powder.

Important! Peonies go well with both classic and bush roses.

Difficulties will arise with choosing the shape of the accessory, because there are no restrictions. Ensembles on their own stems, which are tied with a ribbon, are popular. Round bouquets are most in demand, and florists recommend spectacular tiered compositions for plus-size girls.

To keep the bouquet fresh longer, use a porta bouquet maker. With its help, a teardrop-shaped, round composition is created. Rhinestones, shells, lace, and satin ribbons are suitable as decoration.

The taped bouquet looks very interesting. To create it, you need a wire frame. Cut flowers and leaves are attached to it. The shape of such a composition depends on the preferences of the bride. It can be a cascade, a ball, a basket.

Boutonniere for the groom

This accessory is used not only to decorate the groom’s suit, but also to decorate the clothes of witnesses. The bouquet is attached to the top of a man's outfit (pocket, lapel), thus emphasizing the special status of the participants in the celebration. You can use a boutonniere to communicate a man’s status to others. For married guys, the bouquet is attached to the right, and for unmarried guys - to the left. Such decoration will help the groom look elegant, but less formal.


A blue wedding bouquet with peonies is a symbol of femininity and tenderness

It is important to purchase the right boutonniere. The accessory must:

  • match the girl’s image (same colors or same color scheme);
  • complement the young bouquet (if there are decorative berries and herbs, a boutonniere can be created only from these components);
  • match the image of the man himself (if he is wearing a blue suit, you should not buy the same boutonniere; you should look for bouquets and a neckpiece of the same color);
  • be persistent (it is better to make an accessory from seasonal flowers that will not wither by the end of the holiday).

Which girl is it suitable for?

Snow-white roses are chosen by strong-willed girls who are used to achieving everything on their own. They do not depend on anyone and rely only on themselves.

Surprisingly, this flower is also suitable for romantic young ladies who seek to find protection and support in their future husband. Consequently, girls with completely opposite character traits can choose him. It is not for nothing that the rose is considered a universal flower, since it perfectly harmonizes with different images of brides and is used when organizing weddings in any style.


Experienced florists give floral ensembles the following forms:

  1. Hemispherical composition - in this case, the flowers are placed tightly to each other;
  2. Cascade - stems can be long or short. When creating a composition of spray roses, choose the shape of a drop, then the flowers will be arranged in a chaotic manner. Falling plants look deliberately careless and unusually stylish;
  3. Floral fan - suitable for a wedding celebration in oriental style;
  4. The ball-shaped bracelet is worn on the wrist, so it does not cause any inconvenience to the girl. Her hands remain free, she feels comfortable;
  5. The muff is ideal for a winter wedding celebration. It will help protect the delicate skin of your hands from wind and frost and will fit perfectly into the overall look of the young newlywed. If a woman wears a snow-white fur coat over her dress, she will look charming.

Florists often advise brides to make arrangements in porta bouquets. This decor has many advantages:

  1. Possibility of choosing blossoming inflorescences or buds, large or spray roses. Any plants can be placed in a porta bouquet holder;
  2. Compact size - the composition will be light, it can be held in one hand, so it will not hinder movement;
  3. Durability – the ability to attach special capsules with food for plants will allow them to look fresh until the end of the holiday;
  4. The ease of creating a flower ensemble , which can be done without the help of a florist;
  5. Variability of shape - each bud is fixed separately, so the composition can easily be given an unexpected and spectacular look.

Idea! If the bride wants to prepare separate bouquets for painting and the wedding party, then one is made with a porta-bouquet holder, and the other without.

What are they made of?

Shrub roses

Small spray roses will make a charming, very delicate and sweet composition for romantic young brides. There are a large number of shades, and they can be complemented with absolutely any colors.

Advice! A bouquet with these roses is perfect for a rustic or rustic wedding.


These flowers look interesting, they are something between roses and peonies. Florists use them to make luxurious bouquets for wedding celebrations. And their delicious aroma will captivate you with its notes of citrus, berries or fruits, everything will depend on the variety.

It is appropriate to dilute this composition:

  • freesia;
  • ranunculi;
  • gypsophila;
  • jasmine;
  • eustoma;
  • lilies of the valley;
  • hydrangea;
  • or wild inflorescences.


Your composition can only contain roses. They will perfectly cope with this function and will look harmonious and impressive. These flowers seem to be created specifically for a holiday, especially for a wedding. You can complement the mono-bouquet with greenery and decorative branches.

Pictures for inspiration

Wedding decor

Decorating floral arrangements is very simple. To do this, use butterflies and hearts attached to a metal wire. They are intercepted with ribbons along with plant stems. Beads and rhinestones are attached to the leaves and buds. Individual petals are treated with glitter spray. Other options for floral decoration include:

  1. Ribbons made of translucent or matte fabric. The combination of different materials will create an interesting effect. The ribbons must be in harmony with the material from which the wedding dress is made. If the outfit is figure-hugging, you can use long strips of fabric. They will help create a feminine look. The length of the ribbons can be more than a meter. This bouquet harmonizes well with a floor-length veil and a wedding dress with a train;
  2. Lace is a popular trend. They are used to decorate the stem of a flower arrangement. This option is chosen if similar trim is present in the bride’s outfit;
  3. Harnesses are ideal for a nautical themed wedding. They wrap around plant stems;
  4. Corset - it is made of fabric and generously decorated with crystals, pearls, embroidery, and silk flowers. This is an excellent decoration for the stem of a bouquet;
  5. Embroidery on ribbons or individual strips of fabric. Most often, this decoration is used for weddings in Russian folk style. Embroidery can depict the monogram of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and in this case the decor is left as a keepsake;
  6. A spectacular brooch - it is attached to lace or ribbons. This is a current option for modern floral arrangements. You can choose jewelry with crystals or an antique item. The brooch must be combined with the newlywed’s jewelry.

Combination with the bride's outfit

A white and blue bouquet suits a snow-white look best. It is allowed to have blue details on the dress. Pale blue onions are also considered appropriate, but you should choose the lightest shade. It is complemented with a white ribbon (which is also tied to the handle of the bouquet). If the bride chose a deep blue robe, the blue wedding bouquet will “merge” with the main outfit. You need to find a bouquet of a different color.

If the young woman has wild flowers in her hands, then the snow-white robe should be decorated with blue embroidery. This decor will emphasize the youth and modesty of the newlywed. The headband and jewelry are selected in the same style as the bouquet.

Crystals are used to create a fantastic image. Under the rays they shine in different colors. Other products in “heavenly shades” (turquoise, sapphire) also look good in this look.


Many girls strive to add uniqueness and some zest to their bridal look, but classic options never go out of fashion, which is why a wedding bouquet of white roses is still popular. Ideas for inspiration - in the photo:

Florist advice

It is worth considering the advice of florists. Their basic rules:

  1. A miniature bouquet is suitable for a fragile bride. A lady with a curvaceous figure should opt for medium buds (you can’t make the look heavier). Graceful girls should pay attention to round buds or drop-shaped flowers. Overweight women should take a closer look at the lush plants that have opened.
  2. Blondes will appreciate snow-white or purple options. If the newlywed has dark hair, you should look for a composition with burgundy, blue and rich red notes.
  3. It is advisable that the manicure matches the bouquet (choose the same tones).
  4. Fragile small flowers in the palms of a girl look best in spring. Spring colors are just as delicate and light. And the bright yellow-blue paraphernalia is especially good in the summer. It is advisable to add nostalgic elements to the autumn bouquet: golden leaves, branches, seasonal flowers. The main colors of the winter look are white, dark blue, burgundy.
  5. We must not forget the “principle of three colors” (it is not recommended to combine more than three tones in one product).

The young bouquet reflects her feelings and completes the image. It is worth considering all the nuances of this accessory.

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