Bridal bouquet pink: bouquet in pink tones of different flowers

An indispensable wedding attribute, a stylish and integral addition to the bride’s image, is the wedding bouquet. Floral arrangements can be very different: from modest natural ones for summer ceremonies to bright and solemn ones in the winter season and at numerous luxurious celebrations. In any case, such a bouquet is designed to emphasize the solemnity of the moment, the femininity and sophistication of the bride. As a rule, traditionally girls choose white and pink flowers – the bride’s wedding bouquet of delicate pink color is ideal for classic looks and dresses.

Photo of a pink wedding bouquet of the bride

Why pink?

It is no coincidence that pink is chosen by stylists, designers and the brides themselves for wedding floral arrangements: this palette is rich in a variety of shades - from the most delicate, barely colored, to juicy and rich. Rarely do monochromatic bouquets give the desired effect: a well-composed composition usually represents a combination of different shades - such a bridal bouquet in soft pink tones looks alive and original, as if it had come out of a painting by a venerable artist.

Photo of a wedding bouquet of various pink shades

Despite the fact that pink itself is a calm, non-flashy color , many stylists, for greater tenderness and sophistication, prefer to further dilute it with white, as well as its shades (milky, ecru, ivory, etc.). The bride's white and pink bouquet does not draw all the attention to itself and is not a bright accent - it is a harmonious addition to the image, calm and balanced, giving confidence, blocking negativity and creating the appropriate mood.

Photo of a white and pink bridal bouquet for a wedding

When creating a bouquet, you should take into account the psycho-emotional rule of the pink range , symbolizing feelings, tenderness, kindness and love: pale shades reflect sincerity and sentimentality, while bright and rich ones, close to red, are sexy and symbolize ardor and passion.

Photo of a bright wedding bouquet in pink tones

Most often, the basis for wedding bouquets are roses - ideally shaped flowers that nature itself has awarded with many shades. If only roses (or any other flowers of the same type) are used when composing a bouquet, this is a mono-bouquet, but more often compositions are composed with the addition of various flowers - such a bouquet is more interesting and picturesque, and it simply does not look boring.

Photo of a wedding bouquet of different flowers

Fashionable wedding bouquets of orchids 2020-2021

The symbol of tenderness, luxury and aristocracy among flowers is the orchid. This flower is ideal for the base of an original, special wedding bouquet. In addition, such a composition will be good because orchids can have any shapes, sizes, shades and colors, which will allow you to create a bouquet that will organically fit into the overall concept of the holiday. By choosing such a sophisticated flower, you declare your elegance, sense of taste and beauty.

How to make a flower arrangement for a wedding?

The color and shape of the bouquet depend on many factors : the cut and color of the dress, the appearance of the bride herself, even the surroundings and theme of the wedding ceremony. To prevent the ceremonial bouquet from looking boring, stylists recommend not choosing buds of the same type, similar to each other like twin brothers. Combine different shades, flowers of different families, do not be afraid to create original shapes, only then will the flower arrangement look original and stylish.

Photo of a beautiful wedding bouquet for the bride

In addition to the traditional round or spherical shape of a wedding bouquet, you can choose an elongated, cascading, scepter, hemispherical and even crescent-shaped one. Recently, a floral technique for composing a composition called “glamelia” (flower bouquet) has also been found. The specific option is selected according to the body type and height of the girl and her groom, the cut of the dress and its decor; for brides in the “position”, bouquets of a more voluminous, crescent-shaped or cascading configuration are recommended.

Photo of a cascading bouquet for the bride

Let's move on to the selection of floral shades . First of all, it should be taken into account that a pink bouquet is not always a bouquet of roses: callas, tulips, gladioli, and wildflowers can be chosen as an effective alternative. A pink and purple bridal bouquet, for example, can be composed of lavender flowers, irises, tulips and even (for spring) lilac snowdrops. It is important not to overdo the use of purple shades, because against their background the bride can fade and not look very flattering, especially if she is not a scorching, spectacular brunette. A lilac-pink bouquet looks very impressive, a wedding bouquet made up of fragrant lilies, asters or special floral roses of lilac color.

Photo of a lilac-pink bouquet for the bride

A pink-blue bouquet, like any other, in addition to flowers, can contain twigs with berries, decorative leaves, pine cones, and various natural and floral decorations. A white bouquet especially needs this so as not to get lost against the background of a white wedding dress and look expressive in photographs.

Photo of a pink and blue wedding bouquet

When composing a wedding flower arrangement, it is considered good practice to take into account the seasonality of the wedding ceremony . Thus, for a summer pink bouquet, peonies or peony-shaped roses are used, effectively complemented by astilbe and hypericum berries. In winter, tones can be colder; lilac and lavender will help express this; Often such compositions are decorated with dried flowers, which allows the bouquet to look incredibly stylish.

Photo of a summer wedding bouquet

Original color combinations

The classic combination for a wedding bouquet is a tandem of white and pink or red and pink, diluted with greenery. A delicate peach-pink or rich burgundy-pink bouquet for a wedding is also chosen by many brides, depending on their own color type and the image they are creating. Thanks to the skills of modern florists, any white flowers can be painted in the most subtle and unexpected shades, and therefore the imagination when composing wedding flower arrangements is practically unlimited.

The combination of gray and pink may seem unusual - in fact, it is a very win-win, since neutral gray favorably highlights the tenderness and beauty of pink. Typically, decorative leaves of appropriate shades are used for a gray background, against which the magnificent pink flowers look especially advantageous. It is recommended to choose a gray-pink bouquet when the groom is wearing a gray suit, and the bride should complement her look with small pink and gray accessories: a brooch, a hairpin, a garter, decor on shoes, a manicure.

Photo of a gray-pink wedding bouquet

The trend in recent wedding seasons for ceremonies in pink is increasingly leaning towards original shades : instead of classic pink, smoky or dirty pink is used to decorate the wedding bouquet. Often such a composition is assembled from floral roses, to which specialists can give almost any shade, or lisianthus - lisianthus buds (another name is eustoma or Irish rose, which speaks for itself) are resistant to fading and are excellent for a wedding flower arrangement.

Photo of a wedding bouquet with lisianthus and roses

Mono-bouquets consisting of a single type of flower, or real complex masterpieces; roses and lilies, callas and delphiniums, snowdrops and hydrangeas; all sorts of options for the pink palette in combination with other colors. In any case, it is important that the wedding bouquet emphasizes the bride’s individuality , her taste and sense of style, is in harmony with her appearance and corresponds to the seasonality and theme of the wedding ceremony.

Bouquet of flowers for birthday

What flowers should I give for my birthday? Of course, those that will delight the recipient! Traditionally, delicate shades are perfect for young people, while rich and bright shades are perfect for loved ones.

Compositions made from multi-colored tulips, delicate Japanese eustomas or exotic orchids look impressive. Bright gerberas symbolize fun and joy, and chrysanthemums delight with a variety of varieties and shades. Daffodils are beautiful and charming, and lilies in large bouquets turn into a real fairy tale.

Callas can be given even to men, and especially to colleagues. In addition, gladioli, irises and carnations are considered male flowers. Even roses can be chosen with meaning. Red ones are about love, white ones are about purity and care, burgundy ones are about elegance, pink ones are about tenderness and romance, and yellow and orange ones are about happiness and fun.







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