DIY decorations and decor for the photo zone for the New Year, interesting ideas and master classes

A wedding leaves behind a storm of positive emotions and amazing impressions. And so that this unique event does not remain only in memory for guests and newlyweds, a professional photo session is often ordered for a wedding, for which you not only need to come up with an original place for shooting, but also prepare thematic accessories.

Accessories, by the way, can be made with your own hands, creating a unique photo prop that will make the holiday shots of the newlyweds and guests creative and colorful, advises the portal.


If you want to get spectacular and amazingly bright photos from your event, use colored smoke for photo shoots. It has been used only recently, but everything has already been created to make it easy to use. This can be either a smoke torch, which is held in the hands, or smoke balls, which are set on fire at a short distance. Both options are safe and will help you create original photographs.

Photo session with an umbrella

Both in sunny, rainy or snowy weather, the photo session will turn out to be romantic and tender if you use an umbrella. Of course, the umbrella should be matched to the tone of the celebration and match your outfits. Photos with an umbrella will turn out to be cozy and family-friendly, because an umbrella unites two people into one! And rain or snow will not only not spoil the walk for lovers, but will only add sensuality to such a photo shoot.


How about doing a photo shoot on a bicycle, motorcycle, vintage car or even a boat? These props for a photo shoot are easy to rent, borrow, or borrow from friends. Vehicles open up unprecedented scope for wedding photographs. The two of you can ride a bike together, take a spectacular pose, lean on your elbows for a kiss. This props for a photo shoot, decorated to look vintage, looks very interesting. Decorate his basket with flowers, so the pictures will look more attractive.

A summer photo shoot will also look spectacular on a boat, giving you original scenes. Such shots at sunset will look especially romantic: the red sun reflected in the water, beautiful nature on the shore and you in the boat... This is all you need for excellent photographs. By the way, you don’t even have to pose. Behave naturally, hug, kiss, talk, and good photographs will appear by themselves in the hands of a skilled photographer.

A retro car and motorcycle will create an interesting setting if you arrange a photo shoot outside the bustle of the city. It could be a forest, a field, a country bumpy road. It’s as if this transport took you away from the traffic of the metropolis to a place where there is only you.


Take a warm blanket to your first family photo shoot. Wrap yourself up in it and create photographs that exude warmth and harmony. Excellent shots are obtained outdoors in both sunny and cloudy weather. Autumn and winter will only brighten up such a photo shoot!

Photo session with animals for rent

Do you want to make your walk original and your photo session unusual and surprising? Then walking with animals is for you. And we're not just talking about pets here. Rent a husky, lion, bear, tiger, fox, kangaroo, etc. for a walk. All animals are specially trained, undergo training and pose a minimal danger to others. But how extreme the shots from your photo shoot will look! Such a walk will be remembered for a long time not only by you, but also by all eyewitnesses.

Musical instruments

You can have a spectacular photo shoot if you take musical instruments with you. Do you have no musical education? Not scary. Just pose, improvise! Photos with any musical instruments look great. Of course, the most convenient option is to use small tools. These can be guitars, violins, flutes, accordions, saxophones... The choice is great, and in any case, the amazing combination of nature and music will play a wonderful role in your memorable shots.

Shop at the decor, gifts and souvenirs store

The first thing that comes to the mind of beginners is to find a store where you can buy everything at once. Alas, this does not happen. Each photo shoot is a kind of performance, for which you need to select actors anew each time. You cannot collect props for all occasions; you can only buy a certain basic set of items that you will use often.

There is hardly a single offline or online store that specializes specifically in photography settings. As a business idea it doesn't look very attractive. But there are shops selling elements of interior decor, gifts, souvenirs, unusual furniture and dishes, and souvenir weapons. Spend some time studying their catalogs and you'll probably be able to assemble your basic set of photography items depending on your chosen genre. I would recommend the Emdesign online store: there are a lot of interesting things that can add zest to a shot - lamps, exotic candlesticks, artificial flowers and much, much more.

Decorating the house for a home photo shoot for the New Year

New Year's decorations for a photo zone are a simple and exciting activity. Much depends on the budget and wishes regarding design. If money is tight, it's best to decorate just one central space. Most often this is the living room. For variety, you can make costumes and use small props.

And if the budget allows, the entire apartment can become a photo studio. It is most convenient to decorate the bedroom and living room. The style of the space influences the decorations. Scandinavian and modern are considered the most flexible. Classics are best suited to Provence.

When decorating an apartment, you need to pay attention to the decor that already exists. Naturally, you can order a ready-made background for a photo shoot, but it’s better to make it yourself. Old toys, Soviet furniture and family heirlooms are used for decoration. They create a festive atmosphere.

Decoration features

When organizing areas for a photo shoot with your own hands, you need to take into account the color scheme of future accessories. Primary shades are used as the main ones. The following are considered classic for the New Year:

  • red;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • gold;
  • silver;
  • under the tree;
  • brilliant tones.

When deciding how to decorate a room, it is worth remembering the need for an abundance of light. There should be a lot of garlands, lanterns and artificial candles. You can purchase lamps in the shape of stars, curtains with lanterns, and so on. Snow-covered false windows and doors with Christmas wreaths would be appropriate. You can add cozy furniture to your interior design.

Bright fruits and vegetables

If your wedding photo shoot is planned outdoors, when the sun is shining brightly, take along with everything you need for a picnic a basket filled with colorful fruits and vegetables. Fruits are also used in a humorous way, for example, the bride and groom make eyes from tangerines. A couple can feed each other grapes and berries. This type of photography will come in handy if you decide to organize a fruit-themed wedding. Thus, for example, you can recreate strawberry, tangerine and other bright moods by adding the corresponding fruits to the frames. This idea for photo sessions is also good for a pomegranate wedding, if the main attribute everywhere is pomegranate. For autumn photography, fruits that are traditional at this time are appropriate: pumpkins, apples. They allow you to recreate a lot of great scenes.

Balloons and kite

A photo shoot with balloons is doomed to success. A few cheerful colorful balloons or elegant plain ones will add a new dimension to your photo walk. Such props look especially impressive in the rays of the setting sun. More detailed ideas for using balloons at a wedding walk are outlined in the article at this link .

Kites are another romantic attribute. Do you remember how much joy and delight its launch brought in childhood? To this day, kites evoke childhood emotions when you raise your head and see them in the sky.

Large letters and inscriptions

This fashionable Western trend of using large letters and inscriptions for wedding photo shoots has already gained popularity in our country. Such an accessory will add personality to your shoot if they depict your initials, names, wedding date, etc. Or it will emphasize the scale and importance of the event if these are words, phrases about love, etc.

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