Cool poems for a wedding. wedding toasts and congratulations

When going to a wedding among Armenians, it is necessary to prepare in advance a sincere and sincere congratulation for the newlyweds. Well-chosen words of toast can touch, amuse or make you think about the future. To make an Armenian wedding memorable for a long time, you need to approach the choice of wishes for the bride and groom with all responsibility. If you choose the right Armenian toasts for your wedding, you will be able to convey all the positive feelings and emotions that you planned to say to your loved ones. Such wishes will become a real decoration for the celebration.


Betrothal is almost the same large-scale event as the magnificent Armenian weddings themselves, so they take its preparation seriously. An important role is played by the planted father - Kavor, who will later become the godfather of the children of the bride and groom. To begin with, all the guests gather at the house of the Armenian groom’s family - usually many relatives and friends are invited. There, those present try several dishes, after which, with gifts and treats piled on large trays, they go to the house of their betrothed.

Before the threshold, the father of the future husband and head of the new family gives him a ring, chain, bracelet or other jewelry called nshan (Armenian engagement gift). The wife of the Kavor takes the bride out, after which the groom gives her the nshan. When the solemn Armenian custom has been carried out, the newlyweds and their guests enter the house: a magnificent feast awaits them there, where a variety of dishes and drinks are served, and after that everyone dances, has fun, and holds competitions. At the end of the fun and feast, the Kavor and the father of the future spouse agree on the wedding day.

Video: real Armenian wedding toast

If you plan to surprise the guests present with a long and narrative congratulation for the groom, we recommend using the toast presented in the video below. With the help of this story you will be able to feel the full flavor of Armenian wishes addressed to close friends. Such an original toast will cause a storm of positive emotions from all guests present.

Armenian toasts can decorate any wedding feast. With the help of long and beautiful congratulations, you can surprise everyone present. But if you prefer to address the newlyweds with a few kind but meaningful words, then we suggest learning short wedding toasts in prose or poetry for this. Say congratulations from the heart, and you will surprise the young family with interesting, unusual wishes on their wedding day.

Kazakh wedding toasts

Kazakh wedding toasts amaze the listener (especially the less sophisticated one) with their scope. The duration of the speech can exceed half an hour. Some weddings even offer special awards for the shortest toast. And of course, everyone should speak out (don’t forget that in Kazakhstan weddings are rarely held for less than 100 people).

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Well, fellow relatives, I am good enough for you today.

I’ll show everyone my daughter-in-law and I won’t leave without a gift.

Here, my dear bride, your father-in-law is sitting next to you,

You see how many people he gathered at your wedding.

He rode the steppe to the edge and gathered everyone for your wedding.

What congratulations are heard at Caucasian weddings?

Caucasian weddings are still different from other national marriage ceremonies. We can say that the main difference is originality. Surprisingly, Armenians and Georgians still observe the traditions of their ancestors. Failure to comply with them is considered disrespect for one’s family and the entire nation.

Georgians always prefer national cuisine at their own ceremonies, unlike many other peoples

Please note, even in Russia no one eats soups and pies at weddings

Everyone has long switched to European cuisine. A large number of nationalities did this. But it is the Caucasians who are trying to preserve their identity as much as possible.

Before you start writing a congratulatory speech, you should think carefully about what you need to wish for:

Wishes at Caucasian weddings always come from parents and older relatives. For example, it is customary to listen to grandparents first. They speak the wisest words that they have accumulated over their entire long lives.

Dagestan congratulatory speeches

When choosing a poetic form, it will be original and interesting if you manage to come up with several lines suitable for young people.


The Caucasian people are very friendly, so at their weddings a large number of congratulations are often heard.


It is impossible to meet a person who does not know about the existence of Dagestan parables. It is this nationality that is distinguished by the fact that it knows how to compose stories beautifully and coherently.


They always contain wisdom that is passed on from generation to generation. There are both long and short versions of the parable.


Such a congratulatory speech is most effective because everyone listens to it with their mouths wide open.


It is not always possible to make long speeches at a celebration. However, you can always voice a laconic and succinct congratulation.


It will simultaneously delight both the newlyweds and the guests present at the wedding celebration.


Types of congratulations

As a rule, the series of congratulations to newlyweds has its own specific order. The parents, of course, are the first to express their wishes to the newlyweds, then warm words come from other relatives of the bride and groom, then the turn goes to other guests - friends, colleagues, co-workers.

In order for the congratulation to be memorable and interesting, it is not at all necessary to read a whole poetic ode. It could just be a few pithy and funny lines of poetry. The most original congratulation is the one spoken from the heart and in your own words.

Often, for the bride, congratulations are more tender and warm, for example, poems or heartfelt fairy tales, while they try to congratulate the groom in a fun and funny way.

Congratulations from parents

On the wedding day, the parting words of parents have special significance and meaning for the newlyweds. Since ancient times, this day meant the transition to a new stage of life, entry into adulthood, leaving the parental nest

And the sincere blessing of parents is very important. Their wedding speeches are always very sincere and touching.

Congratulations from brothers and sisters

The words of such close relatives as brothers and sisters act as a protective talisman for newlyweds

And it is very important that they come from the heart. It’s worth preparing a beautiful and warm congratulations in advance so that the emotions that run high don’t get in the way

Congratulations from friends and girlfriends

Newlyweds receive the most perky and funny congratulations from friends. It is young people who strive to show imagination and resourcefulness in their performance. Before the special event, the family of the bride and groom are completely immersed in preparation for it, and friends have time to come up with something interesting and memorable. Funny stories, toasts “on the verge of a foul”, tender women’s wishes, skits and humorous performances - diversify the celebration and make it much more fun and unusual.

Video gallery:

A wedding is the brightest and most important event for every person. To make it memorable, you need not only feasts, songs, dances, but also warm words from parents, friends, and loved ones

Wedding congratulations can be different: funny, serious, romantic or solemn. It is important for newlyweds to receive from all relatives sincere wishes for good, prosperity and happiness for their family.

Armenian wedding toast in Armenian

Sirelis, tsnundt shnorhavor!Kez isrtans tsankanum emArohchutsyun, erjankutsyunGortserum miayn hajohutsyun!Jvarutsyunner kyankumt chlinen, ete linen, kokhkovt tokh antsnen!Amena lavn u master emKez es tsankanum, im kyanki imast!

Darling, happy birthday! With all my heart I wish you health, happiness, good luck in business, so that there are no difficulties in life, and if there are, let them pass by. I wish you all the best and kindness, the meaning of my life!

Մարաքսի ափին կենացդ խմեմ,Աղոթքս ասեմ մեր Մbedding

One day, a handsome but poor young man fell in love with a beautiful but rich girl. The girl’s parents did not consent to the wedding, and then the young man turned to the gods with a request to help him in his grief. This is how the Armenian epic was born. Despite the favor of the gods, the girl's father sharpened his long, sharp dagger and went to kill the unfortunate young man. Thus was born the Armenian tragedy. Having met the young man, he pulled out a dagger, but the blade pierced the wineskin on the back of the donkey, which the young man was leading to drink with his future father-in-law. This is how Armenian martial arts were born. Don’t let a good product, the tears of the vine, go to waste! They drank wine, sat down under the blossoming almond trees and, hugging each other, sang a song. This is how Armenian folklore was born. And their neighbors saw them and conveyed the good news from mouth to mouth to the girl, who was waiting with fear for the outcome of this story. This is how Armenian radio was born.

I propose to drink so that everyone can witness today: this is how an (Armenian) family is born!



Matchmaking is an indispensable stage that precedes the wedding celebration itself. Previously, matchmaking was mandatory, but today many young people adhere to this tradition. The bottom line is that the groom must notify the parents of the future bride about his intentions. To do this, an intermediary or, as they usually call her, a matchmaker, is sent to the girl’s house. In Armenia, the mediator is called midjnord kin. She can only be a woman from the groom's family. She must be respected and have a good position in society. Even the mother of the groom can successfully cope with this role

It is very important that the matchmaker is known to the parents of the future bride

Initially, the matchmaker comes without an open proposal; she carefully and unobtrusively tries to find out the attitude of the parents of the future bride in general towards marriage, as well as towards the groom

After the so-called preliminary matchmaking, matchmakers - relatives of the future groom - are sent to the parents of the future bride. Only men participate in negotiations. The matchmakers tell the purpose of the visit and ask the future bride’s father’s permission for the marriage. The decision remains with the father, who can hint at either consent or refusal. The father does not have the right to immediately agree to the matchmakers’ proposal, because it is believed that then he wants to get his daughter married as soon as possible. Only at the second meeting does the father directly express his consent, and the terms of the engagement are immediately discussed, which is the next step before the wedding itself.

Armenian wedding traditions

For hundreds of years, the groom's fate was decided by his family. Such an important step as choosing a bride was trusted either to close relatives or to special intermediaries who were aware of all the marriageable girls in the area.

Representatives from the families of the newlyweds were also present at the negotiations about the upcoming wedding.

When searching for a future wife, not only the merits of the girl herself were taken into account, but also the well-being of the family, the dowry offered, her position in society and her reputation.

Congratulations in Armenian

Toasts at Armenian weddings are always relevant at any wedding celebration. They are beautiful, interesting, full of comparisons and metaphors.

Armenian wedding toasts can be heard not only at national weddings, but also at any other celebrations.

  1. More րրել ձեզ ձեր կյանքում այս երջանիկ օրվա առթիվ: Ցանկանում ենք ապրել երջ անւք պետք է առավել լուրջ եւ բարդ իրադարձութ յուն կատարեք, այսինքն `այս հարսանիքի գոյատեւման համար: Այո, ոչ բոլոր ն որապսակները կարողանbed են հարօր շատ ծիծաղ, ուրախություն եւ եր ջանկություն կլինի:

2. լ Մագոմեդին: cord: cordial ը ընկերների համար, ովքեր միշտ կգտնվեն փրկարարական ցանկացած դժվար պա հին:

Georgian wishes on your wedding day in Russian

Everyone knows that Georgian toasts have a special meaning. On the one hand, they are very beautiful. On the other hand, they always have several meanings. There is the first, superficial one, which is explainable and understandable immediately after reading.

And only after a few seconds you can understand how interesting the second meaning is. Fortunately, Georgian toasts are translated into all languages ​​of the world. They no longer sound so melodious, but still retain their emotional coloring and semantic load.

Congratulations at Caucasian weddings: options

Georgian toasts are colorful and different. You can choose a congratulatory speech for any occasion: be it a wedding or a birthday.

Therefore, think over the semantic content of your congratulations in advance.

Toasts about love

Love is a feeling about which a lot has been said. And it would seem that it is impossible to say anything interesting about this, but Caucasian men know how to eloquently express their feelings.

It is no coincidence that Caucasians are considered one of the most loving and romantic men. For the sake of their wives, they are ready to do things that amaze and touch at the same time.

Caucasian toast for the wedding of the newlyweds.

If you want to tell a beautiful story about love, then be sure to pay attention to Georgian toasts

First option

Far away in a Caucasian village there lived a shepherd and he fell in love with a beauty, the daughter of a rich man. However, he understood that he was not worthy of her. He set himself the goal of winning the favor of her entire family at any cost and marrying the beauty. After a while, he earned money for himself and bought a big house.

The shepherd came to the girl’s house and saw that her wedding was taking place there. He publicly declared that this was his woman and he would not leave home without her. The shepherd offered to plant apple tree branches with the groom. Whoever's apple tree blooms the next morning is worthy of marrying a charming rich woman.

In the morning, the guests discovered that the shepherd’s branch was miraculously covered in flowers, and then he married the charming bride. I would like to remind the bride and groom about this legend and show what our groom planted. (The guest takes out a blossoming branch of an apple tree.)

Second option

In a Georgian village there lived a guy and a girl. The young man was very greedy, but he loved the beautiful young lady. He went to woo her, but she refused him. This surprised the guy, and he thought about his vice. Then the guy went and bought gifts for the whole village with all his money.

The girl, seeing such a generous gesture, gave her consent. I would like to note that love is truly capable of working miracles and turning all vices into virtues.

Toasts of congratulations

The Caucasus gives us its toasts. They are smart, instructive, funny. Thanks to such a speech, you can congratulate a young couple on their wedding ceremony.

And this can be done in an original and extraordinary way.

  1. In the Caucasus, it is generally accepted that a man and a woman in harmony represent two notes. Together they can sound bright and original. But apart it turns out to be nonsense. I propose to drink so that there will always be harmony in the newly-made family and the sound of beautiful music.
  2. The woman is very similar to a rose. It is airy, tender, fragrant. Every flower has thorns and petals. Over time, unfortunately, the leaves fall off and only thorns remain. I would like to wish our bride that her leaves remain green for as long as possible and that she pleases us only with her fragrance.
  3. Georgians claim that a man who has a beautiful wife cannot be considered poor. The man who has a beautiful and intelligent wife is rich. And the one who has a beautiful, thrifty and intelligent wife is lucky and rich. Let us rejoice for our groom, who is truly rich and happy.

Armenian wedding: traditions at an Armenian wedding – BeLadies

Table of contents:

For all peoples, including Armenians, the most important and joyful holiday is the creation of a new family - a wedding. The national Armenian wedding, the traditions of which have been passed down through generations for many centuries, is a very interesting event.

The wedding is preceded by a matchmaking ceremony. The groom comes to the bride's house with music and gifts. Usually everyone is dressed in national costumes. Negotiations take place in the bride's house. During negotiations, an engagement date is set.

Traditions at the engagement of the Armenian people

  • During the engagement, the main role is played by the groom's godfather or toastmaster. He takes the bride out and places her at the table on a dais along with the groom.
  • If, by coincidence, the groom does not have a godfather, then Cavor is chosen, usually he is chosen from the most respected people on the groom’s side.
    An Armenian wedding involves traditions according to which the Kavor occupies an important position; he is responsible before God for creating a new family. Therefore, he is appointed the groom's best man, and in the future he becomes the godfather of the children in this family.
  • During the engagement, the groom puts on the bride a ring with a large stone.
    According to Armenian tradition, the ring is worn on the right hand at an engagement party, and on the left hand at a wedding. At the engagement party, the day is discussed and set when the Armenian wedding, traditions and customs unite the destinies of the newlyweds.
  • Before the wedding, the elders of both clans gather and, accompanied by quiet, calm music, give instructions to the newlyweds at a rich table.
    They are also blessed for a happy family life. Everyone around is having fun, dancing and singing.
  • A large dowry was always given for the bride.
    It could be money, gold, property of the bride's family. The ceremony of handing over the dowry was accompanied by jokes. The groom's father and priest were required to be present. But nowadays the devotee is no longer demanded, but nobly refused.

Traditions at an Armenian wedding

Weddings are usually scheduled in the fall or early winter after the end of field work. Since autumn is rich in harvest, new wine is already ready. Southern peoples have a sacred attitude towards wine. It is a participant in many rituals; in the traditions of the people, they celebrate not only the main church, personal and state holidays, but also holidays dedicated to the ripening, harvesting and production of grapes.

Elders are more likely to approve of weddings that take place during this period. Since the body is at its healthiest at this time and is ready to conceive a healthy generation. Which is also a tribute to winemaking. After all, there was a belief that those who drank young wine were filled with the strength and strength of the vine.

According to Armenian tradition, weddings usually begin to be celebrated on Thursday and end a week later. Guests of honor are usually invited personally, and everyone else is invited with the help of musicians. We tried to invite everyone, so as not to forget anyone.

The bride's guests gave gifts directly to the bride, and the groom's guests gave what the young family would need, as well as gold to the bride.

The more gold the bride is given, the richer and more noble the groom’s family is considered. Guests from the bride's side did not give gold, as this was considered bad manners. It was the man who had to ensure the well-being of even a newly formed family.

Before the wedding, the groom's father brought a one-year-old bull or lamb to prepare the feast. A red ribbon was put on the bull's horns.

Before the wedding, the number of people who would follow the bride was appointed. They were called makars. They were responsible for the smooth running of the entire wedding. The Makars were engaged in entertaining guests at the wedding. They were also the groom's bodyguards. This is how an ancient Armenian wedding was previously held, the traditions of which assumed that the girls invited to the wedding tried to steal the groom’s hat.

The Makars also prepared the groom for the wedding. Namely, they bathed, shaved and dressed the newlywed.

In ancient times, when Armenians were at enmity with other nations, makars were at weddings as bodyguards of the groom and guarded the wedding. Therefore, strong, strong young men were elected to the Makars. Their number reached 50 people.

Makars came to the bride and brought gifts from the groom. One of the most beautiful gifts was the bride's wedding dress. The dress was embroidered with threads and beads in the national style.

Gifts were also given to the mother and father of the bride, as well as to all her relatives.

Fruits and delicious treats were also brought. All gifts were brought on large trays, which were returned filled with gifts to the groom's mother. The bride was always dressed in the suit given by the groom.

Armenian wedding traditions

After the bride changed her clothes, the wedding ceremony began. The groom's relatives were supposed to be the most cheerful and the best dancers at the wedding. And with all their appearance they show that their bride is the best.

On the contrary, the bride’s guests are sad because their daughter is leaving her home.

Wedding customs in the bride's house

A tray with delicious dishes from the bride’s mother is prepared for the toastmaster, who according to Armenian tradition is also the godfather of their future children. And the bride and groom are given a tray with a tree decorated with sweets and fruits. Which is a symbol of the beginning of a happy and rich life. All these gifts are presented with cheerful dancing and songs, and the toastmaster must pay for them.

This is how a traditional Armenian wedding was held; traditions suggested that in the bride’s house they sit at tables, raise glasses and say toasts. Each toast is accompanied by a melody that suits its meaning.

Since the parents are sad about their daughter leaving her home, the music plays is sad and melodic. At the end of the feast, music plays to which the bride and groom dance. After this dance, the bride leaves her father's house.

During the dance, an Armenian wedding involved the tradition of showering the bride and groom with money. The richer the guests, the more money.

At the end of the dance, the bride's father joins the couple's hands so that their life will be happy and long and blesses them for the wedding. The celebration at the bride's house usually does not last long, since she needs to have time to return to the groom's house, where all the guests are waiting, in order to arrange a multi-day wedding.

When the bride and groom leave the house, the bride's brother blocks their path, pretending to prevent his sister from leaving their house. Then Kavor offers him a ransom. The boy does not agree for a long time and demands that the bride stay. But, in the end, the dispute is settled with a ransom and the newlyweds go to the groom’s house.

Armenian wedding: traditions in the groom’s house

There were, and some families still hold, a national wedding among Armenians in the groom's house, the traditions and rituals of which were different from the wedding in the bride's house. For example, there is an interesting custom associated with the traditional Armenian bread lavash:

  • They are met at the gate by the groom's mother
  • She places fresh pita bread on the shoulders of each of the newlyweds and gives each of them a spoonful of honey to taste.
  • Lavash symbolizes well-being among the Armenian people
  • Sweet, fresh honey means happiness and peace in the family
  • And so that their house is full of abundance, the young are showered with raisins and flowers.
  • In the groom's house, completely different music is played - loud, fiery, cheerful. To which they have fun and celebrate a young family.
  • In order for the first-born child in an Armenian family to be a boy, according to tradition, a strong baby from the groom’s family is placed on the bride’s lap during the feast.

In the modern world, an Armenian wedding is celebrated in a more civilized manner. Relatives and parents no longer put pressure on the bride and groom. Most often, the groom himself comes to pick up the bride and gives his future mother-in-law a basket of treats.

Then, to the accompaniment of cheerful music, the bride's ransom takes place, as well as the groom's friends hold various comic competitions and, together with the guests, go to the place where the official marriage is registered.

When there was no registry office yet, the newlyweds were married by a priest in the groom’s house.

There was also a special tradition - in small settlements it was customary that a marriage was registered only after the appearance of a child in the family, but if the couple was childless, then they were not registered at all. Usually this was blamed on the woman, and she never remarried. The man, on the contrary, often, even before the expiration of the period for conceiving a child, selected his next bride.

Customs of an Armenian wedding

Wedding customs are closely mixed with the customs of other neighboring peoples. One of the most striking examples is when young people dancing around the bride try to take her away, that is, steal her. If a girl does not give in, she receives gifts and money for this.

Nowadays the wedding table is not strongly tied to national traditions, according to which only what the groom and his father could get was placed on the table. National dishes, wine and Armenian cognac are still on the tables.


Previously, the wedding was celebrated without any entertainment, but nowadays, the kavor organizes various fun competitions for the guests, as well as makes toasts and, not forgetting the guests, gives them the opportunity to congratulate the newlyweds. The groom's parents are the first to honor the newlyweds, then the bride's parents congratulate them, and then relatives and honored guests give the floor.

The Armenian wedding today is experiencing globalization and is becoming more and more like a European wedding celebration.


Parents on the bride's side give valuables and jewelry, which are passed on by inheritance. Previously, according to the Armenian tradition, it was necessary to publicly open and show gifts to everyone present at the wedding; now this tradition has been lost.

But instead of opening gifts at an Armenian wedding, today there is a tradition of announcing what the guests give. It is believed that the more honorable the guest, the richer the gift from him should be. Russian weddings also take place; this is where the customs of the two nations converge.

The wedding night

Now summer has sunk everywhere, when the Armenian wedding was held, the traditions of which concerned the first wedding night. These traditions almost exactly repeat Russian customs after a wedding:

  1. The young family's bed was made by the groom's sister or close relative
  2. There shouldn't have been a single person in the newlyweds' house at night.
  3. And early in the morning the husband had to hide in the house of his relatives
  4. His wife could only see him in the evening.

Nowadays, mostly a young family spends their wedding night in their joint home and in the morning they appear together before the guests.

In the old days, much attention was paid to the virginity of the bride. So that the groom's family is sure that the child is their descendant.

The tradition of giving the mother of the bride red apples or red wine as a sign of the young wife’s integrity has also disappeared into the summer.

Customs for the groom

Also, a young lamb has not been slaughtered for a long time at the moment when the newlyweds enter the groom’s house.

The Armenians had an interesting wedding, the traditions of which went back centuries - this was the slaughter of an ox by the groom. Usually it is a bull. But they call it an ox, because they used to cultivate the land with oxen and it resembles prosperity.

The groom slaughtered the bull, proving to everyone his strength and courage. Back in the last century, an Armenian family bought a bull before their son left for the army and fattened him until the wedding.

If the bull was susceptible to disease, the family was upset, since, in their opinion, this did not promise a happy family life for their son.

Just before the wedding, the Kavor organized a kind of bachelor party with the groom swimming with his friends. Usually the guys were seated back to back and water was poured on top. The water was supposed to separate the groom from his unmarried friends.

Wedding dresses

In the house where the Kavor lived, they dressed the groom in a wedding suit. At the same time, every detail of clothing was highly praised, telling where it was bought, what material the expensive outfit for the groom was made from.

The bride was dressed by girls who were relatives of the groom; two friends and the bride's mother were also present. The above mentioned completely undressed her and dressed her in expensive outfits sent by her future husband.

Particular attention was paid to the newlywed's hairstyle; a girl's hairstyle was changed to a woman's. Two braids were braided from her thick hair. The thicker the braids were, the more valued the bride was.

And from that moment on, the girl could not appear in public without a covered head.

There is no birthday without toasts

The beautiful Mount Ararat has stood proudly and majestically for many hundreds of years. For any Armenian it is a symbol of what he means a little in front of this eternal mountain. Let us all raise our glasses in honor of today's happy birthday. Let him be, like the proud Mount Ararat, without a shadow of doubt or flaw, happy, powerful, and rich! Lives long and pleases his loved ones!

Men are the strong half of humanity. Without them there would be no cloudless happiness and universal peace in the world. But they are like little children who love to play with cool cars and airplanes. Over the years, all men grow up, but they always remain true to their tastes. And on your birthday, our dear friend, I want to wish you a lot of money, enough for expensive cars and a personal plane! Well, and patience, of course, to love your capricious beautiful doll. I raise this glass filled with strong Armenian wine to you, our glorious birthday boy!

Every man is an unapproachable rock. Every man is an impenetrable wall. His whole family stands behind him like behind a mountain and like behind a wall. So let him, our reliable protection, prosper and smile, live long and be full of strength, so that no stormy and formidable river breaks through this wall!

Let's raise these glasses in honor of a real man's birthday! He is always ready to help, and will never offend with a word; he stands with an impregnable mountain for the honor of his family and his relatives. We wish him more health and good luck on his life's journey!

You can wait your whole life for her to show trump cards. And it may happen that you only have a small suit on your hands. But even with such a card, you can successfully win if you have intelligence, insight and ingenuity. The ability to turn your shortcomings into advantages, to create something huge out of small things, and to attract luck to your side with your cheerful disposition and easy character! All these are unsurpassed qualities of our birthday boy! So let's drink to him! And let everything continue to be like this, multiply!

Armenian Happy Birthday Greetings

You were lucky to be born near the Ararat Mountains, You are a son of whom the Motherland can be proud! Today we congratulate you on your birthday, we wish you health, wisdom, and courage! Your relatives have all gathered at the table in your house, enjoy our congratulations and toasts! May our huge family always be with you, as well as your cheerful, faithful, devoted friends!

You are our rock, our pride, our son, the support of the whole family and hope, our son. In Armenia, our beloved country, you were born, then the sun rose, and the world was surprised! Let's raise our glasses of wine, say toasts, and wait for all our extended family and friends to come visit us! Be courageous, cheerful and courageous, healthy and friendly, skilled at all trades!

The great, beautiful, ancient country of Armenia, Poets, musicians, looked to you for inspiration! Today the whole big family gathered for congratulations, and the sky and the sun cannot hide the tenderness! All of Armenia wishes you spiritual wealth, You will always achieve success in life! Sincere love, mutual, strong friendship, Well, always be generous to your enemies!

A bright, kind man was born in Armenia, and we will never tire of coming to you! Let us wish you peace and forget all sorrows, grief and troubles, melancholy, so that they may be silent forever! Good luck and patience, joy and a lot of light, and great success to you in all your endeavors! Let the children bring only tenderness, and good luck to you in all your endeavors!

On Mount Ararat, and the sky is much more transparent, And at night the stars over Armenia are brighter, Today the whole family is coming to you for your birthday. They want to give gifts, read congratulations! Goodness and happiness, luck and success in everything, worldly wisdom and more in the funhouse! Courage and courage in deeds of tirelessness, Loyalty and courage, be you full of determination!

You are a proud but affectionate son of Armenia, And on this day, of course, you will be alone! Let's gather together in our large village and congratulate you on your birthday! And of course we wish you all the best! Live your whole life with a faithful friend, and don’t grieve or grieve about anything! And always be faithful to our dear Armenia!

Your birthday brought the whole family together, and I’ll share a bottle of Armenian cognac with you! I will congratulate everyone together, After all, you were born in sunny Armenia! Always be sincere and brave, fair, and don’t forget about your friends and family! I wish you, best friend, joy, Victory, success, luck always and everywhere!

In the mountains of Armenia, among flowers and near the skies, you, our boy, were born, like Hercules! Today we celebrate your birthday again, and we wish you only the best! Spring riots, passionate and faithful love, And don’t forget, call us for the birth of your son! May life always bring you only happiness and joy, and may it bring you only good surprises!

Dear boy, we didn’t even notice how much you’ve grown, but it seems like we celebrated your birthday! And in Armenia today is a holiday for everyone you know, everyone is celebrating your birthday, for the prankster! Love your family, Armenia, friends, relatives, And life will give you golden surprises! Let beautiful girls come to you, And let them find a devoted and faithful guy!

In the valley near the great Mount Ararat, you were born. My father and I remembered that day forever! You are a ray of light that flies with an eagle like a bird, How grown up before we had time to enjoy communication with you! Happy Birthday, our dear, we wish you happiness, joy and prosperity! Never be lazy, work and try, bring light to people and smile more often!

Among the mountain flowers and fast-moving rivers, a son, our dear man, was born in Armenia! Today we wish you fun, smiles, good luck, and a sea of ​​happiness, joy, wealth to boot! Glory to your homeland and human labor, And pray to God, don’t forget to ask for consolation! All of Armenia should be proud of you, son, And we will defeat all enemies and ill-wishers!

Happy birthday voice greetings

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Congratulations in Armenian

Armenian wedding toasts can be heard not only at national weddings, but also at any other celebrations.

2. լ Մագոմեդին: cord: cordial ը ընկերների համար, ովքեր միշտ կգտնվեն փրկարարական ցանկացած դժվար պա հին:

Congratulatory speeches in Armenian and Georgian are always rich and suitable for any celebration.

Toasts can be either humorous or make you cry. It's up to you to decide which option is right for your event.

Toasts in Georgian

It is in the native Georgian language that toasts sound with particular melody and beauty. If you are present at a celebration and don’t even understand what is being said, then in any case the congratulatory speeches will touch you, since they sound with special tunes and words. Georgian wedding congratulations

3. ოჯახის ცხოვრება მშფოთვარე ზღვაში. ზოგჯერ ეს არის მშვიდი და მშვიდობიანი, ლამაზი შ ევხედოთ მას და სურს ისარგებლოს დღე. და ზოგჯერ ზღვის გააფთრდა, მაშინ მე მინდა, რომ ს წრაფად დამშვიდება და დაისვენოთ. მოდით დაქორწინებული წყვილი, ოჯახის ცხოვრება ი ქნება სხვადასხვა, მაგრამ ყოველთვის ბედნიერი.

Armenian toasts in Armenian for a wedding

Sirelis, tsnundt shnorhavor!Kez isrtans tsankanum emArohchutsyun, erjankutsyunGortserum miayn hajohutsyun!Jvarutsyunner kyankumt chlinen, ete linen, kokhkovt tokh antsnen!Amena lavn u master emKez es tsankanum, im kyanki imast!

Darling, happy birthday! With all my heart I wish you health, happiness, good luck in business, so that there are no difficulties in life, and if there are, let them pass by. I wish you all the best and kindness, the meaning of my life!

Մարաքսի ափին կենացդ խմեմ,Աղոթքս ասեմ մեր Մbedding

One day, a handsome but poor young man fell in love with a beautiful but rich girl. The girl’s parents did not consent to the wedding, and then the young man turned to the gods with a request to help him in his grief. This is how the Armenian epic was born. Despite the favor of the gods, the girl's father sharpened his long, sharp dagger and went to kill the unfortunate young man. Thus was born the Armenian tragedy. Having met the young man, he pulled out a dagger, but the blade pierced the wineskin on the back of the donkey, which the young man was leading to drink with his future father-in-law. This is how Armenian martial arts were born. Don’t let a good product, the tears of the vine, go to waste! They drank wine, sat down under the blossoming almond trees and, hugging each other, sang a song. This is how Armenian folklore was born. And their neighbors saw them and conveyed the good news from mouth to mouth to the girl, who was waiting with fear for the outcome of this story. This is how Armenian radio was born.

I propose to drink so that everyone can witness today: this is how an (Armenian) family is born!


Happy birthday greetings in Armenian

Tsnundy ko es snorhavorum em, Gortserum hajohutsyun kez tsankanum em! Arohchutsyun, erjankutsyun! Erazanknert ko bolor toch katarven, Npataknerit du bolor toch hasnes! Ashkhari amena lavn ev master! The translation of this congratulation from Armenian into Russian is as follows: Happy Birthday, I wish you success in your affairs! Health and happiness! May all your dreams come true, May you achieve all your goals! The best and kindest that there is in this world!

Literally “Ttsnundt' shnorhavorum em” (Happy birthday to you)

I need a congratulation text in Armenian.

Armenian toasts for a wedding

An Armenian wedding usually takes place with great pomp and ceremony. Ancient customs and rituals are an important part of any celebration. A special place is also occupied by the words spoken by numerous guests as parting words and wishes to the newlyweds.

The belief says that the parents of love are the eyes and the heart! I raise this wine glass so that the hearts of our young people will glow and their eyes will be sharp for many, many years to come. Let's drink to the bottom for the eternal ability to love!

I want to propose a toast to the fact that this table will never become scanty, that it will break and even sag from the weight of wines and dishes, and that such cheerful, good and happy people will always sit around it as they are now!

They once asked a very smart and old man: “Why is it very difficult to turn enemies into friends, but easy to turn friends into enemies?” The sage’s simple answer made people think: “Yes, because it is easier to destroy a house than to build it, it is easier to waste coins than to earn them, and it is easier to give up love than to work on a relationship!” I propose a toast to our newlyweds for overcoming all life’s difficulties! For hard work and determination!

Armenian toasts

An ascetic woman is one who leads a solitary life in a monastery. For ascetic women!

One day a bee asked a snake: “Why, when I bite, I die, and when you bite, the bitten person dies?” The snake answered her: “Because my bite is professional.” Let's drink to the professionals in their field!

An avant-garde woman is one who goes into the bedroom ahead of her husband. For avant-garde women!

By communicating with people who are pleasant and close to us in spirit, we extend our lives, according to the ancient sages. Let's drink so that you and I will not grow old and continue to thank each other!

A supportive woman is one who bows under the weight of her virtues. Let's drink to the unyielding women who are not bent even by their own vices!

An inconsolable woman is one who cannot remain without comfort for long. For inconsolable women!

A fearless woman is one who, after 20 years of marriage, can ask her husband what he did at work. Here's to fearless women!

The son of an Armenian, a student at Moscow State University, writes a letter to his father in Yerevan: “Dad, I have already become a real student, only here all the students go by bus, and I take a taxi.” The father sends his son the answer: “Son, mom and I will sell a lot of oranges and send you some money, buy yourself a bus, be like everyone else.” Let's drink to the fact that our children do not need anything, and to the rich parents of our children!

A sinless woman is a woman whom everyone has heard about, but no one has seen. So let's drink to the women whom everyone has seen, but no one can say anything bad about them!

We want respectful attention from our interlocutors, sensitivity, support and understanding from friends, affection and satisfaction of our passionate desires from sex partners. And only to those who are happy, we ourselves are ready to give the first, second and third free of charge. So let's drink to generous love and its reciprocity!

He who walks on a straight road will not get tired. May you always find the right path!

We can earn and save a lot of money, buy whatever our heart desires. And after that, suddenly falling unrequitedly in love or becoming very ill, you understand that happiness does not lie in money and things. At any moment, a rich man may suddenly remain a poor man. Let's drink to the values ​​that are truly eternal and worth accumulating: love, knowledge and kindness!

The belief says that the parents of love are the eyes and the heart! I raise this wine glass so that the hearts of our young people will glow and their eyes will be sharp for many, many years to come. Let's drink to the bottom for the eternal ability to love!

An astral woman is one who flies off to the astral plane every time she hears a compliment, not forgetting to leave her address to the person giving the compliment. For astral women!

From our interlocutors we want respectful attention, from friends we expect sensitivity, support and understanding, from our sex partners - affection and satisfaction of our passionate desires. And only to those we love are we ready to give the first, second and third free of charge. So let's drink to generous love and its reciprocity!

The older the wine, the richer its bouquet and the more refined its taste. Let us drink to the fact that our hero of the day, like good wine, becomes more and more expensive and better over the years, accumulating a bouquet of bright memories and living with taste!

One day a German, an Englishman, a Turk, a Russian and an Armenian gathered around the table. The German raises a toast: - let's drink to German power!! everyone drinks.. Englishman: – let’s drink to English precision!! They drink this too.. Turk: – and I want to raise a toast to Turkish carpets!! Russian: – then I will raise the next toast to Russian girls!! it’s the Armenian’s turn... he, after thinking, raises a toast: - let’s drink to the Armenians who love Russian girls on Turkish carpets, with German power and English precision.

An angelic woman is one who will make an angel out of any devil. Here's to angelic women!

Two Armenians: “Did you see the girl smile at me?” - Oh, Samvel, when I saw you for the first time, I almost died laughing, yes! Let's drink to the fact that beautiful girls not only smile at us, but also share their holiday with us and immediately agree to spend an hour or two with us!

A benevolent woman is one who wants all the blessings of the world to lie at her feet. Here's to benevolent women, they have the right to do so!

We admire the beauty and grandeur of the elements and nature. So let us sincerely wish our hero of the day, the son of this Earth, all its blessings: lake-like purity of thoughts, mountain power, health, rainbow happiness and volcanic friendship and love! Let's raise our glasses!

The company commander finds an uncleaned machine gun in the pyramid. -Whose machine gun? “Kalashnikov,” the soldier answers clearly. So let's drink to army ingenuity!

Caucasian toasts for a wedding

Every word in a Caucasian toast is a gem of eloquence and wisdom. Indeed, they combine the beauty and poetry of the highlanders, as well as the best traditions of this proud people. Do you want to please the newlyweds and surprise the wedding guests? For your attention - several Caucasian toasts.

Mountain sages often repeat to grooms: “If you want happiness to visit you for a day, drink wine. If you expect happiness for two days, drink wine and eat meat. If you want to be happy all your life, then don’t just love, but respect, take care of and take into account the opinion of your wife!” Let's raise a glass to our newlywed, who made the right choice and married a woman whom one cannot help but appreciate!

Smart people say that a man is obliged to make his wife happy. What else can bring happiness to a woman, if not children? Let's drink to the fact that our newlywed brings his wife so much happiness that it would be enough for a whole kindergarten!

Caucasian wisdom says: if a good person wants to live in the same beautiful place for a month, he should sow corn there, if for a year, he should build a house, and if he wants to spend his whole life, then raise a child. Let's raise our glasses to the fact that our dear parents sowed more than one cornfield, built a beautiful house and raised such wonderful children!

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