Are you getting ready for your wedding? Beautiful wedding cakes - photo ideas

A beautiful wedding cake, like the bride’s dress, is one of the most important components of wedding traditions.

Original wedding cakes 2019-2020 are not a rarity today, but a mandatory attribute of a successful wedding, because the wedding cake should become the spectacular culmination of the wedding feast, which will certainly be remembered by all the guests and the newlyweds themselves.

When future spouses are preparing for their wedding, the question of which wedding cake to choose forces the couple in love to review a bunch of ideas in order to find exactly the most beautiful wedding cake that will delight and become a delicious delicacy.

Many people choose beautiful wedding cakes in a traditional design, while others want an original and unusual wedding cake 2019-2020.

Fashionable wedding cakes - new items, classic wedding cakes, unusual and creative wedding cakes of a certain wedding theme - the choice of interesting ideas for a delicious wedding delicacy is so great that each couple will choose their own exclusive confectionery.

We decided to tell you what a beautiful cake 2019-2020 can be like, offering you wonderful wedding cakes - ideas for every taste in original and unique photo examples.

Choosing a wedding dessert: the most beautiful wedding cakes 2019-2020

Today we will not tell you how to make a wedding cake by calling wedding cake recipes.

We decided to tell you what beautiful wedding cakes will look like in terms of design, focusing on trends and new wedding cakes that are now the most popular.

The bride and groom will be able to choose beautiful wedding cakes 2019-2020 with flowers, original wedding cakes with fondant and icing, classic wedding cakes with cream, multi-tiered wedding cakes and small wedding cakes, etc. Now we’ll talk about the most current options for wedding cakes.

Cakes decorated with original figures

When choosing figures for the cake, the newlyweds want to use them to convey the mood and share the events of their acquaintance. Cool figures will help create a festive atmosphere and amuse your guests.

The classic figure for the cake is the bride and groom . They usually dress in traditional outfits and hold hands, kiss or dance. But if this idea seems too boring, then there are several original options:

  • figures reflecting a common hobby: sports, tourism, fishing;
  • place of acquaintance: figures at karaoke, at dances, at the cinema;
  • the bride holds her future husband in her arms;
  • The figures of the newlyweds do not stand, but sit on the top of the cake with their legs dangling.

Original figurines of newlyweds for a wedding cake.
In the hands of the bride and groom there may be posters with parting or comic inscriptions: “The family crew is sailing,” “Together forever,” “Finally got married,” and others.

For a glamorous wedding , the cake decoration should be appropriate: in gold or silver sparkles. To these you can add figurines of newlyweds in the Gatsby style, in costumes with feathers and jewelry.

You can take your favorite characters from literature . Suitable book characters for a wedding cake include: Prince and Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Mickey Mouse and Mini.

The animal figurines look cute, in the images of which you can guess the real bride and groom. These can be dogs, bunnies, pandas, as well as birds, such as pigeons or storks.

Figurines for the wedding table in the form of characters

Beautiful wedding cakes with flowers - a fashionable trend for a wedding feast

Undoubtedly, the first on the beauty list will be beautiful wedding cakes with flowers, because a wedding cake with flowers looks very impressive, and the floral arrangement on the cake can successfully complement the overall theme of the celebration.

It has become fashionable to decorate a beautiful wedding cake with fresh flowers. These small sized wedding cakes or tiered wedding cakes decorated with flowers can otherwise be quite simple.

Most often, wedding cakes, which are decorated with floral arrangements, are covered with fondant.

A beautiful wedding cake can be decorated not only with fresh flowers, but also with flowers made from marzipan. A professional pastry chef will make a gorgeous flower arrangement no worse than a florist.

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The best cakes

If you look closely, the cake was decorated not with peas, but with chocolate hearts. Paper pink poppies and white tulips also served as decoration.

To slightly modernize the cake decorated with roses, the designers added black stripes.

The dish looks so unusual that it can be called a wallpaper cake.

Cascade of sugar poppy seeds in shades of peach with golden accents.

This elegant confectionery product is made with painted golden-colored grape leaves.

The designer was inspired by the bride's wedding dress.

The original cake in the form of a cylinder of dark color and golden sugar will not leave anyone indifferent.

A suitable table decoration for a retro style wedding.

The hand-painted floral designs on this gorgeous cake, including the taupe and gold colors, were inspired by the designer's chinaware.

This glamorous piece of confectionery art is created with a Swiss meringue base with chocolate accents on the outside.

The pastry designer took inspiration from the bride's wedding bouquet.

It took 80 hours to create such a “woody” masterpiece. The woody color was achieved through chocolate, and all the berries and flowers were created from sugar glaze, which can be eaten.

Fruit splendor: beautiful wedding cakes 2019-2020 with fruits and berries

Fruit wedding cakes 2019-2020 have also become a bright accent of the wedding celebration, because wedding cakes with fruits and berries will not only look amazing, but will also taste incredibly tender and juicy.

Original ideas for a wedding cake with berries and fruits captivate, because such a beautiful wedding cake is associated with the naturalness and generosity of Mother Nature.

There is one thing... Beautiful wedding cakes with fruits and berries can quickly lose their external characteristics due to the characteristics of the fruit used for decoration, so discuss these points with the pastry chef in advance.

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Cake ideas depending on the time of year

If the wedding will take place in the autumn , then it’s time to pay attention to the cake, made in the characteristic colors of this time of year:

  • red;
  • yellow;
  • orange;
  • Marsala;
  • brown.

To effectively decorate an original autumn-themed cake, you can use fresh flowers, mastic leaves, fresh fruits and berries: apples, pears, blackberries, cranberries or pomegranates. If you want your dessert to be a real masterpiece, you can order an exclusive autumn wedding cake from the pastry chef in the shape of one or several orange pumpkins. A professional will prepare it in such a way that it will be difficult to understand: is it a cake or real vegetables?

Photo of autumn wedding cake

For a winter wedding, the dessert is usually done in white or pastel shades, while frosting or frosting is done using blues, blues and purples. Winter wedding cake is decorated with:

  • Christmas tree toys;
  • cones;
  • spruce branches;
  • sweet beads;
  • snowflakes.

Curls imitating a frosty pattern will be an exquisite decoration for a winter wedding dessert.

A lace spring cake can be decorated in white, green and yellow colors, complementing it with openwork decor. The spring dessert will look especially beautiful You can also make a spring cake in the shape of a flowering tree against the background of a white cake.

A green summer cake is perfect for an eco-style wedding. Its surface can be decorated with apples: fresh or from marzipan, mint, light ribbon.

Spring wedding cake

Delicate wedding cakes 2019-2020 with ruffles and openwork

Lace details and ruffles in the bride’s dress also influenced trends in confectionery art, offering stunningly beautiful wedding cakes with ruffles and openwork to everyone.

Ruffles and openwork will make the wedding cake tender, sweet and tender, just like the bride’s wedding dress.

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How to calculate the weight of a wedding cake?

By the time you order the cake, you must know the exact number of guests, since its weight is calculated based on this indicator. On average, confectioners recommend a norm of 150 grams per person, but it can increase if the cakes are soaked in liqueur, filled with a thick layer of chocolate and, in addition, decorated with mastic. In this case, it is better to “allocate” 200-250 grams for each guest.

The number of tiers depends on the weight of the cake. The distribution is approximately as follows:

  • • up to 2.5 kg – 1 tier
  • • 3-4 kg – 2 tiers
  • • 5-6 kg – 3 tiers
  • • 7-8 kg – 4 tiers
  • • 9-10 kg – 5 tiers

Tiers in a cake weighing up to 7 kg can be placed on top of each other; if the weight is larger, it is recommended to use special stands.

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Photo by: Thomas Steibl | In the door of the summers wind: stylized photo shoot

Fashionable wedding cake with metallic shine

A new design feature will be wedding cakes with a glitter of silver and gold, for which the so-called gold leaf and confectionery silver are used.

Such beautiful wedding cakes with glitter of gold and silver look truly luxurious and noble, so such a wedding cake will be appropriate if you want to make your wedding memorable.

Beautiful ombre wedding cake - an original design for a wedding dessert

Having heard ombre, brides will not be mistaken if they say that the fashionable trend in coloring and manicure has reached the confectionery business.

Nevertheless, it is true. Beautiful ombre wedding cakes in original colors may not have any special decorative elements. Thanks to the gradient, such wedding cakes will look interesting a priori.

How to serve a wedding cake?

Serving a wedding cake is an art, so you need to take extra care when it comes to serving it. For example, for large and multi-tiered cakes, do not choose a stand with a foot, it is too unstable.

The classic presentation of a wedding cake looks like this: the cake is rolled out into the hall in the dark by the light of candles or pyrotechnics, to the accompaniment of live music or to your favorite composition. Here, special attention should be paid to the stand - no flat metallized sheets, which can reduce the cost of even a real work of art, only elegant stands made of high-quality materials.

The background for cutting should also be pleasant: it could be a wedding arch, a photo zone, or a specially prepared background. Find other ideas for beautiful presentation in our article.

According to tradition, the newlyweds must cut the first pieces themselves, holding the handle of a knife together, and if the cake is multi-tiered, it is recommended to start from the lower tiers. Further cutting can be entrusted to the staff of the establishment.

Give the first two pieces with warm words of gratitude to your parents instead of holding a meaningless auction.

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Author of the photo: Igor Sazonov | Wedding of Alexander and Anna

Beautiful wedding cakes 2019-2020 - new confectionery treats for weddings

When choosing a beautiful wedding cake, you must decide:

  • what shape to make the wedding cake (heart, circle, square, atypical shape);
  • Do you prefer a multi-tiered or small wedding cake (depending on the number of guests and the scale of the wedding fun);
  • what original details will decorate your unique wedding cake 2018-2019, and what the content of the wedding cake will be.

More and more often at weddings you can see beautiful wedding cakes with open (naked) rustic cake layers that strive for simplicity and naturalness, small-sized candy bar wedding cakes, as well as beautiful croquembouche wedding cakes.
Along with traditional cakes with cream, glaze and mastic, delicious wedding cakes with careless strokes of cream and painting, marbled wedding cakes, and wedding cakes with velvet coating will become competitive options.

Original wedding cakes with imitation wood, stylish wedding cakes with geometric patterns, stripes and polka dots - these and other ideas pay tribute to fashion trends in clothing, where carelessness, minimalism, abstract patterns and the same geometry are also relevant.

If a wedding cake in the traditional manner is not to your liking, you can easily order an alternative confectionery solution to a wedding cake, namely portioned cupcakes, macaroons and the above-mentioned wedding cake with brownies.

We talked about the main confectionery trends that will influence what the most beautiful wedding cakes of 2019-2020 will be, but now let's look and choose the best wedding cake idea.

We have presented not only the most original new wedding cakes, but also selected beautiful wedding cakes in a traditional manner, so that you can choose the idea of ​​a wedding confectionery masterpiece from a large number of options.

Top 5 popular creams for wedding cakes

Photo of a cream wedding cake
The formula for an ideal cake is delicious cake layers plus the most delicate cream. When choosing a dessert for a wedding, many do not know what to choose so that all guests will like it. We offer you the most popular options for cake creams, which are likely to be appreciated by everyone:

  1. Butter cream holds its shape and is great both for layering sponge cakes and as decoration (flowers using the Malaysian technique, roses). To prepare it, take butter (100g) and 4 tbsp. l. powdered sugar. The butter should be softened a little in advance and beat with a mixer, gradually adding powder. After all the powder has been added, continue beating for about 15 minutes until you get an airy cream. Often condensed milk (1/2 can) is added to this cream.
  2. Protein cream is most often used to cover the cake. It is prepared from egg whites (2 pcs.), beaten with sugar (5 tbsp.), You also need 30 ml of water and a little lemon juice.
  3. Butter cream is popular both for layering cakes (sponge cakes) and for decoration. It is very airy, light and delicate. It is prepared from whipped cream (fat content 33-35%), adding gelatin, egg, berry and fruit additives, alcohol, honey, nuts and any other ingredients to taste. The only thing is that this cream is prepared immediately before use, and can be stored in the refrigerator, but no longer than three hours.
  4. Cream Cheese ( cream cheese) is a very popular cream. It is quite easy to prepare, but it is tasty, slightly salty thanks to the cottage cheese or cream cheese. This cream also holds its shape perfectly, which is why confectioners love it so much for decorating cakes, pastries, cupcakes and mouth guards. To prepare it you need 3 ingredients: cream cheese (500 g), powdered sugar (70 g) and 33% cream (100 g).
  5. Chocolate ganache is actively used as a filling for cakes, as well as for decoration. Of course, in hot weather such a dessert can simply float, so it is not so often seen at summer weddings, but it is ideal for wedding cakes in cold weather.

Which cream to choose for the cake is a decision that depends on your wishes and taste preferences. These are not all types of creams that are used to decorate wedding cakes; there is also custard, sour cream, and Muslin cream. Also Patissiere, Charlotte buttercream, Swiss butter meringue, beloved by many pastry chefs, lemon curd and much more.

At home, using a regular pastry syringe, you can create your own unique dessert. A one-tier cream cake for a wedding in white colors can be an excellent baking solution.

You will lick your fingers... The best photo ideas for decorating wedding cakes

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