A fun wedding competition - a hat that reads minds

How to make sure guests don't get bored at a wedding banquet? It happens that the feast goes by itself, everyone is having fun and chatting animatedly. But often relatives and friends don’t know what to do with themselves. And someone is shy and waits for the right moment to leave in English. That’s why we need an entertainment program, competitions, and games. For example, at a wedding you can organize a “hat” competition. It is sometimes called " magic " or " singing hat " . It can be conducted by the toastmaster and even the newlyweds themselves.

Is it necessary to carry out

Wedding themes can be different, and the script is adjusted to a specific one, but in rare cases, there are no competitions or games for guests at the celebration. Sometimes such entertainment is replaced by performances by professional artists or other spectacular spectacle, but in most cases the scenario still includes comic competitions and skits.

Competitions are held to brighten up the atmosphere, to take breaks between toasts, congratulations and presenting gifts. Normal live communication between guests will not be enough; they will get bored very quickly and will constantly look at the clock, waiting for the hour when they can leave without offending the newlyweds.

Even if the bride and groom do not want to hire a professional toastmaster, they can prepare and conduct competitions on their own. This activity can be entrusted to relatives or witnesses if they are comfortable in public. At the same time, guests will truly enjoy the event; they will have something to talk about, in addition to the dishes and drinks that were on the festive table.

A headdress that lifts your spirits

If you decide to hold a “Magic Hat” wedding competition, then the guests will essentially not need to do anything - the host prepares an interesting accompaniment in advance.

A hat, declared magical, is brought into the hall and placed on the head of each willing participant.

The host claims that this headdress can read thoughts, and every time it touches the head of one of the guests, a certain musical composition plays.

The track list of songs is prepared in advance and with reserve. It is necessary to make sure that a specific composition is associated with the person to whom the hat was brought. The similarity may be in appearance, character or clothing. That is why you need to prepare several spare tracks that may suit the unexpected image of some guest.

The “Magic Hat” skit does not include a competitive aspect - there will be no winners and losers, which means no one will be offended. The main idea of ​​this game is to amuse the guests. It is desirable that as many people as possible take part in it, especially those who are embarrassed or afraid to participate in active competitions.

The “Magic Hat” performance is usually staged in the second half of the evening, when the guests have already met each other and congratulated the newlyweds. The duration of the competition is determined during the process of its implementation: if the reaction of the guests is positive, you can continue, if there is less laughter and smiles, it’s time to end.

Interesting! Find out what kinds of intellectual and musical competitions there are for weddings.


The essence of this fun event is that with the help of a hat you can find out what each participant in the celebration is thinking about. The toastmaster approaches any guest and puts on him a mysterious headdress that supposedly reads thoughts . At the same time, the sound engineer plays songs pre-selected for the competition.

In order for the competition to go off with a bang, you need to think in advance about what questions the host will ask the talking hat and how it will answer. It is more convenient to play the game according to a written script. You can use the simple plots presented in this article, or you can show your imagination and come up with your own!


For the scene you won’t need to spend a lot of time choosing the right parts. As a hat that can read minds, you can choose any impressive-looking headdress. You can find suitable props at a party supply store. Possible options include one of the following:

  • Viking helmet;
  • jester's cap;
  • wizard's hat;
  • leprechaun top hat;
  • magician's hat;
  • pirate cocked hat;
  • sports fan hat;
  • cowboy hat;
  • sombrero;
  • policeman's cap.

If the wedding will take place in a specific style, then the hat can be chosen in a themed version. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy ready-made props - for a comic competition you can do everything with your own hands. If this option is not considered, then you can temporarily borrow a suitable hat from friends.

In addition to this, it is necessary to compile a separate track list for the competition in advance and record it on a flash drive. It is advisable to place the songs in a separate folder on the same medium where compositions for other competitions and dances will be collected. In this case, the DJ will not have to constantly swap flash drives.

Song options

For the competition, you need to select songs that mention the performer’s thoughts or describe someone’s appearance. As universal options, you can choose one of the following compositions.

  • “We are all women who are bitches, dear, God bless you” (Irina Allegrova – Women who are bitches).
  • “Would you like some sweet oranges?” (Zemfira - Do you want).
  • “Let’s pour it, let’s talk” (Gone with the Wind - Let’s pour it).
  • “A million, a million US dollars, life will be good” (Seryoga – Million US dollars).
  • “And we, and we, and we have a party” (Serduchka - a party).
  • “Everyone says that you can’t drink, but I say that I will” (Aquarium - Glasses).
  • “One more martini, one more martini” (Lyudmila Sokolova – One more martini).
  • “She dances until the morning, sings sha-la-la-la-la, crazy, but she’s mine” (Alexey Vorobyov - Crazy).
  • “Well, where are you girls, girls, girls, short skirts, skirts, skirts?” (Hands up - Well, where are you girls).

Expert advice! It is advisable to choose a song individually for each guest, if possible. It is precisely such compositions, associated with the participant himself, that will cause the most laughter and will be remembered by those present for a long time.

Selection of tracks

Musical numbers are prepared in advance. The melodies are chosen to be unexpected, cheerful, funny, loud, sound clear, and last no more than 30 seconds. To your taste, use either backing tracks or excerpts of songs with lyrics. Place the music tracks in order, alternating female and male melodies.

Especially for you, we have made a selection of songs that are completely ready for the competition (odd numbers for women, even numbers for men).

  1. Women are bitches
  2. We do not care
  3. You will be mine
  4. Everything will be as you want
  5. Let's pour
  6. For lovely ladies
  7. Not yet evening
  8. Casanova
  9. Mary Poppins
  10. Love girls
  11. My sunshine, get up
  12. Million US dollars
  13. Meow, meow my baby
  14. How delightful evening in Russia
  15. I got drunk, I'm drunk
  16. Memoirs
  17. Little by little
  18. Bride
  19. Love me like this
  20. Well, where are you girls?
  21. I want, I want, I want
  22. Sim-sim open up
  23. I want to get married
  24. Sultan

For newlyweds (odd numbers are for the bride, even numbers are for the groom):

  1. I fell in love with the guy
  2. Happiness suddenly
  3. Oh, that was the man
  4. Narva flowers
  5. Love is like a dream
  6. What do I have in my life?

At the end of the competition, the host invites the guests to raise their glasses to the young couple, and the groom to kiss the bride. If you follow our recommendations, the event will run smoothly and the crowd will be entertained.

Have you already taken part in the “Hat” competition? Share your impressions by leaving a comment.


The competition at the wedding “Hat that reads minds” does not require long-term accompaniment - the host just needs to say a few words to create intrigue among the guests and set them up for the right atmosphere. The text can be written in prose or poetry, and you can also tailor it to a specific theme depending on the style of the wedding.

An approximate version of the finished accompaniment to the skit: “And now, dear guests, we will hold an unusual competition, everyone can participate in it. All of you have come today to congratulate our beautiful newlyweds with all your hearts, which means there is no need to hide your own thoughts - it’s time to give them free rein. With the help of the “Magic Hat” we can find out what you are thinking about at the moment, so the bravest can start. Who wants to be first?

During the competition, it is advisable for the host to insert his comments about what the guest’s “thoughts” turned out to be in order to fuel a positive atmosphere. The main rule is that the words should not be offensive, but rather reinforce the general fun.

Interesting! There are other options for the “thoughts” of guests. For example, recorded humorous phrases, like in a breathalyzer or smart gadget. Another option is clippings from popular films; phrases from Soviet films are especially well recognized.

Recommendations for preparation

But in addition to the song repertoire, you should also adhere to the following rules when preparing and conducting the game:

  • The tracks should sound loud and the recording quality should be good;
  • The duration of the audio recording should not exceed 15-20 seconds;
  • If the guests are having fun, you can continue the competition, and if they no longer express any emotions, it’s better to end it;
  • “You need to agree with the sound engineer in advance”;
  • Tracks for women and men should be alternated";
  • If there are many guests at the event, you should choose the most prominent personalities to participate in the competition of happy and cool thoughts.

After the competition you can shout the traditional “Bitter!” and continue the celebration with other competitions.

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Additional Tips

Another good thing about the competition is that it can easily be changed to suit the theme and general mood of the wedding - you just need to adjust the track list.

For example, at a retro celebration they play songs of the last century, and folk romances are selected for the Russian style.

In addition, compositions without words are also suitable, from which only the mood can be guessed.

It’s not difficult to stage a scene; you just need to prepare well and choose the right compositions. Guests will certainly appreciate this game and laugh not only at others’ “thoughts,” but also at their own “thoughts.” Even if there is no toastmaster at the wedding, the competition can be easily held by the newlyweds or their loved ones.


This is less of a wedding competition and more of an entertainment for the guests, because there are no winners or losers here. And people don’t need to do anything - the presenter takes care of everything, the participants can only comment on the result of “mind reading”.

To conduct the competition you will need:

  • a bright, memorable hat with a rigid frame;
  • cutting of musical compositions.

The role of a hat can be a variety of headgear, but most often they use something similar to a wizard’s hat. But there may be other options:

  • club hat embroidered with sequins;
  • sombrero;
  • green Leprechaun hat;
  • court jester's cap with bells;
  • sorting hat;
  • Sherlock Holmes hunting hat;
  • pirate cocked hat;
  • bowler;
  • cowboy hat;
  • Viking helmet;
  • helmet;
  • magician's top hat

Details for the competition

Props: a hat and musical clips of various songs. Choose your headdress according to your wishes. A cowboy hat, a cocked hat, a wizard's hat, a beautiful Panama hat, an ethnic hat with horns, a jester's cap, a straw hat (photo below) - give free rein to your imagination.

When choosing a magic hat for the competition, consider the following requirements for the accessory:

  • Choose an accessory with a rigid design that will not lose its shape.
  • It is desirable that the headdress be bright and attract the attention of guests.
  • When choosing a hat, be guided by its weight - it should be light so that ladies are not afraid to wrinkle their hair.


The “Talking Hat” competition for a large wedding and a small one differ slightly.

When there are a lot of guests, it is better to call several contestants on stage. But if the holiday is held only with friends and relatives, then the host should go around everyone present.

The presenter announces an unusual competition, during which all the secret thoughts will be revealed. After this, the hat is brought to the groom's head, and the sound engineer plays one of the romantic songs. When the melody ends, the toastmaster praises the man and asks: “I wonder what the bride thinks?” Having received a positive answer, he brings the magic headdress to her, and the assistant starts the next cut.

She can also talk about feelings, but it is better if they are presented in a humorous way.

Next, the presenter approaches the parents of the newlyweds one by one and “voices” their thoughts.

It is important that there are correct comments in the pauses that will prepare guests for the musical composition. So, for the mother-in-law you should choose a funny song that hints at the relationship with your son-in-law.

After the parents, they go around to all the guests or only those who wish to attend. It is important that the sound engineer is experienced enough to quickly select music from the proposed cuts. But if there is not enough experience, then you should entrust the assistant to carry the hat around the guests while the host chooses the next composition.

It is important to ensure that guests do not get bored. Most often, people get tired and distracted by their own affairs quite quickly, which is why this competition is one of the shortest.

This video contains recommendations for holding a “Musical Hat” wedding competition:

If you want to bypass a large number of invitees, then you should greatly reduce the length of the composition for each person.

Music is an integral part of any celebration, and a wedding is no exception. But in the talking hat competition, melodies became the main characters. What songs would you add to the list?

How to fill the pauses

A little riddle: whose “thoughts” will make the wedding competition truly fun? Thoughts from the guests! We recommend choosing songs and ditties for them with the most unexpected and funny content; guests will be delighted and will remember this entertainment for a long time!

Seconds of silence during the transition from guest to guest, as well as pauses before and after the sound of the track, should be filled with jokes and interesting remarks.

Examples of such phrases could be the following:

  • Well, let's play and find out the groom's thoughts.
  • She can’t find a place for herself, what does the bride think?
  • Why is the neighbor not cheerful, hanging his head violently?
  • So, we learned everything about you, are our guests tired?
  • Somehow our father-in-law is depressed, maybe you don’t like your son-in-law?
  • Well, let’s get the blood pumping in our veins, we’re coming to you, mother-in-law!
  • What is this “hee” and “ha”? Let's ask the groom's brother.

Expert advice! Passages from songs that may embarrass or offend the participant should be avoided.

How to hold a “Mind Reading Hat” wedding competition?

How to make sure guests don't get bored at a wedding banquet? It happens that the feast goes by itself, everyone is having fun and chatting animatedly. But often relatives and friends don’t know what to do with themselves. And someone is shy and waits for the right moment to leave in English. That’s why we need an entertainment program, competitions, and games. For example, at a wedding you can organize a “hat” competition. It is sometimes called " magic " or " singing hat " . It can be conducted by the toastmaster and even the newlyweds themselves.

Wedding hat competition

A wedding is an important event, and any bride wants her guests not to be bored at the celebration, but to have fun, remembering the celebration with laughter after a while. The holiday will be remembered by guests for a long time if you organize a wedding competition “Hat” (also called “Mind Reading”), which makes an unforgettable impression and fits harmoniously into the picture of the evening. How to properly prepare an event to make it fun?

What is needed for the competition?

First of all, the hat itself. You can buy it at a clothing or souvenir store. If a friend has a cool cap or top hat, borrow it for the evening. But don't forget:

  • the hat must have a strong frame, otherwise it will quickly lose its shape;
  • a heavy headdress will ruin other ladies' newlywed hairstyles. It is better to choose something “soft and plush”;
  • Drawings, bright colors, unusual decoration (stars, ribbons, flowers) are welcome.

Unusual “talking” hat

If the wedding is themed, choose something in holiday style. A cocked hat would look good at a pirate party, and a sombrero at a Mexican party. In any case, it is better to choose something unusual: a Viking helmet, an assembler’s helmet, a jester’s cap. As far as your imagination goes.

Did you find the hat? Now we are collecting a selection of songs. These could be Soviet hits, compositions from films, pop music from the 80s and 90s. It’s better to take Russian-language hits - not everyone speaks English or French. Here are the songs that are chosen most often:

  • “It’s time, it’s time, let’s rejoice” (film “The Three Musketeers”);
  • “We wish you happiness” (VIA “Flowers”);
  • “Song about Hares” (film “The Diamond Arm”);
  • "Puzzle" (Jasmine);
  • “Greetings from the Big Hangover” (Dune);
  • “Music has connected us” (Mirage);
  • “Take me quickly” (Hands up!);
  • “Girls, love simple romantics” (Bravo);
  • “Ditties of Hedgehog Grannies” (film “Flying Ship”).

You can choose songs that your family or company loves. The only rule is not to take sad compositions. After all, a wedding is a joyful event.

Don’t take the entire song: a small but meaningful fragment of 15-20 seconds is enough

When the list is ready, write the tracks onto a flash drive and place them in the folder where the holiday music is located. To make it easy for the sound engineer to find the playlist, name the folder “Talking Hat.”

How does the “Magic Mind Reading Hat” competition work?

When is the best time to start? The best time is the beginning of the celebration, when everyone is still not relaxed enough. The toastmaster can say: “Just a minute! I found an unusual hat in the attic. She guesses the thoughts and dreams of any person. She especially loves to read the thoughts of newlyweds, their family and friends. We ask the newlyweds and their parents to come on stage.”

A girl in a “talking” hat at a wedding competition

When the contestants leave, the presenter asks the young husband: “So, let’s check. What are you thinking about?" He puts a hat on his head, music sounds. Then the same thing is repeated with the bride and relatives of the newlyweds. To prevent participants from getting bored, you can diversify the questions : “What do you wish for your son and his wife?”; “What’s your mood today?”; “What is your deepest dream?” You can improvise, or you can come up with questions in advance. If you are not very confident in yourself, it is better to prepare.

After the young people and their relatives, call bravest . The talking hat will tell about their aspirations and dreams. If there are few people at the wedding, you don’t have to take out the participants. Just select a person with your gaze and approach him. Watch the guests' reaction: if they are bored, end the competition. Announce a dance break so everyone can rest and move on to the next number.

It is better to choose those who are clearly shy and do not participate in the general fun. It will be easier for them to relax and feel at ease

“Hat” competition - Khabarovsk wedding portal - all the most interesting things about the wedding and for the wedding!

Wedding competitions

A wonderful competition that has always been a success - “Thinking Out Loud” or, as it is also called, “The Magic Hat”.

Its essence is that the presenter reads the thoughts of the guests present. A hat (or any other suitable item - horns, ears) is placed on the guest's head, and at this moment the DJ plays an excerpt from a popular song.

The competition goes off with a bang if each guest is given a special song.

On our wedding portal you can pre-listen and download a selection of cuts especially for the “Hat” competition absolutely FREE

More than two speak out loud - “Hat” competition for a wedding: we read the thoughts of the guests.

Rarely does a celebration take place without competitions in which active guests at the banquet take part. A particularly favorite entertainment among professional presenters is the “Hat” competition for weddings.

The beauty of the game is that any number of people can participate in it, and no one even has to leave their seats.

To prepare such a competition, you will need to take into account the characters of the guests, then everyone present will enjoy the entertainment.

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